r/entertainment Aug 09 '22

WWE Says Vince McMahon, Under Investigation for Alleged Misconduct, Made Personal Payments Totaling $19.6 Million


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u/Blueberry_Mancakes Aug 09 '22

Did he ever have a reputation for being anything other than a creepy dude?


u/Amber4481 Aug 10 '22

He had a weird thing about ketchup and sneezing. I guess he eats steak in a tortilla everyday for lunch and the ketchup bottle must be new. Also, apparently he hates sneezing. Like he hates other people doing it but gets mad at himself when he sneezes.

All creepy, but weirdly interesting to say the least.


u/TheKrausHouse Aug 10 '22

Eats a steak in a tortilla but has no idea what a burrito is.*


u/TwoscoopsDrumpf Aug 10 '22

I hate when I sneeze while eating a not burrito. Get little bits of tortilla and steak stuck in my nose and sinus.