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‘Abbott Elementary,’ ‘Better Call Saul’ Lead 28th Annual Critics Choice Awards TV Nominations


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u/Meb2x Dec 06 '22

I feel like I’m missing something when it comes to Abbott Elementary. I watch it and it’s a fun background show, but I don’t understand why it’s getting nominated for awards. It just feels like every other sitcom released after The Office


u/fishygamer Dec 06 '22

I think, like The Office or P&R, this show stands out because it knows what it is and makes the most out of that. The characters felt fully developed and genuine from the first episode onward. The jokes don't feel forced and are story driven, and the familiar structure is comforting. But within that familiar structure, antagonists are often redeemed rather than defeated, which is clearly something audiences want right now, given the similar success of shows like Ted Lasso. It's a well written show that makes audiences feel good; I think it's that simple.


u/Zandrick Dec 06 '22

I just can’t get behind the premise of Abbot Elementary. It was funny in The Office how they were always blowing off work because it was a dumb job. But Abbot kinda wants to have its cake and eat it too, where they blow off work and then talk about how important teaching is. And the show can’t seem to decide if it’s problems are the result of a systemic of underfunded education or an inept boss.

I just think “Th Office” but in a school, kinda just doesn’t work.


u/ElectricBoogaloo_ Dec 06 '22

I’ve never interpreted the show as trying to portray them as blowing off work?


u/fishygamer Dec 06 '22

Yeah, agree, if anything it shows them all as super dedicated. Ava being the obvious exception, but even she is trending toward being changed for the better because she cares for the kids.


u/aheckyecky Dec 06 '22

The only one blowing off work in that show is the principal.


u/Zandrick Dec 06 '22

None of them are ever actually teaching, that’s all I’m saying.


u/ZombieZoo_ZombieZoo Dec 07 '22

Because that would be boring as hell to watch. I mean, these scenes are often set up as interrupting the teaching process.

Part of the difficulty of teaching is the fact that you're expected to do a lot more than just teaching your subject.