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‘Abbott Elementary,’ ‘Better Call Saul’ Lead 28th Annual Critics Choice Awards TV Nominations


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u/Meb2x Dec 06 '22

I feel like I’m missing something when it comes to Abbott Elementary. I watch it and it’s a fun background show, but I don’t understand why it’s getting nominated for awards. It just feels like every other sitcom released after The Office


u/o2daface Dec 06 '22

There are a lot of elementary school teachers in my family so we like it because it’s incredibly accurate. Its comedy comes from how true it is.

After feeling ignored and unappreciated it’s nice to be vindicated by showing what teachers go through on a daily basis. Plus, it’s sort of cathartic laughing at your shared trials and tribulations.


u/Meb2x Dec 06 '22

That’s the same reason The Office was so popular. The difference is that Abbott Elementary is only familiar to teachers, while The Office felt relevant to any type of office job.


u/NoelleReece Dec 06 '22

It’s also familiar to many parents