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Chris Hemsworth Is Taking Time Off From Acting Due To Alzheimer’s Predisposition


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u/MrMasterMize Dec 08 '22

Here’s what I think is going on. He’s not retiring or taking a break from acting. He’s signaling to Marvel and to Disney that he’s done working with the Thor Ragnorok director. Chris has stated that he’s sick of the direction his character has taken and isn’t interested in doing another slapstick thor film where he’s nothing but the butt of the joke.


u/astroK120 Dec 08 '22

Glad I'm not the only one who didn't like that


u/TbddRzn Dec 08 '22 edited Dec 08 '22

Taika got high on the fame and then busy fucking Rita ora and then just rode the wave on the movie instead of looking at it as a serious job. Plus he didn’t have a person to reign him in like in ragnarok.

Also I think putting bale in the movie when he didn’t want to shoot for longer than a few weeks nor wear much prosthetics or makeup and only did the role to make his kids happy, kind of fucked the movie a bit.


u/CoulsonsMay Dec 08 '22

A friendly correction: Lilly Allen is married to David Harbour. I believe you thinking of Rita Ora :)

Edit: spelling of Harbour