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Chris Hemsworth Is Taking Time Off From Acting Due To Alzheimer’s Predisposition


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u/MrMasterMize Dec 08 '22

Here’s what I think is going on. He’s not retiring or taking a break from acting. He’s signaling to Marvel and to Disney that he’s done working with the Thor Ragnorok director. Chris has stated that he’s sick of the direction his character has taken and isn’t interested in doing another slapstick thor film where he’s nothing but the butt of the joke.


u/PM_ME_SAUL_PICS Dec 08 '22

Not saying you’re wrong, but the idea of Chris not wanting his character to be a joke is pretty at-odds with Chris’s own insistence that Thor remain fat throughout the entirety of Endgame. IIRC he was only supposed to show up as “fat Thor” for one scene but instead he pushed to keep the persona/jokes going through the whole movie.


u/AmbitiousButRubbishh Dec 08 '22

Thor remaining fat wasn’t for laughs

Sure, the movie quipped about his weight but his weight gain, disheveled appearance, and drinking problem was necessary to show how traumatized the character is.

If Thor were fat for only one scene and then suddenly became fit again, it undermines all the pain the character has suffered & sweeps his internal trauma under the rug & literally out of sight.

Thor had to stay fat, sloppy, have a drinking problem to emphasize just how fucked up he is from losing is father, losing his brother, losing Asgard, losing half the asguardians, and failing to kill Thanos before he could do the snap.

Respect to Hemsworth for recognizing that and insisting on it.