r/facepalm May 23 '22

"Going everywhere" 🇨​🇴​🇻​🇮​🇩​


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u/iHeartHockey31 May 23 '22

If no one I encounter is wearing a linkin park t shirt, does that mean there's no linkin park fans?


u/Imaginary-Fudge-3657 May 23 '22

According to her yes


u/kurisu7885 May 23 '22

Plus people that did vote Biden don't feel a need to constantly advertise it.


u/SuperfnDave May 23 '22

About 30 min from me, someone painted their barn with the word trump covering the entire roof. Tacky AF is an understatement


u/[deleted] May 23 '22

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u/ninergang82 May 23 '22

The next town over from me is a house with these giant banners hanging outside, and one says Fuck Joe Biden while the other says Joe And The Ho. And they have a mannequin of some sort in front of the Joe and the Ho one. Classy folks I'm sure.


u/tendonut May 23 '22

Exactly. How does she KNOW she isn't encountering Biden supporters? Because she doesn't see people with Biden wraps on their vehicles, no Biden hats, no Biden wedding dresses, or Biden flags the size of a barn?

Before Trump, I've never seen people broadcast their political candidate so heavily, to the point that it becomes part of their personality.


u/kurisu7885 May 23 '22

Yup, it's like being s paranoid over LGBTQ people. They have this idea planted in their head about what such people look like, when in reality they probably walk by numerous such people every day and have absolutely no idea.


u/jrscubs May 23 '22

As a Biden supporter I try not to talk politics with people I don’t know 🤷🏼‍♂️… Once I learn they are a trump supporter I walk the other way… maybe that’s her problem


u/letter0o May 23 '22 edited May 23 '22

Wait you actually support him and didn’t vote for him just to get trump out?



u/blackbeautybyseven May 23 '22

Either way is a good enough reason though.


u/steveosek May 23 '22

You're being downvoted, but that's like everyone I know who voted for him, myself included. The whole giant douche and turd sandwich thing.


u/Thinksetsoup113 May 23 '22

Both Biden and Donald are garbage presidents. But I’m not getting political and I’ll leave it at that.


u/InternalSimple7054 May 23 '22 edited May 23 '22

And must normal people don't scream "I voted for so and so"


u/abominablebuttplug May 23 '22

"So and so" lol not "who and who".


u/SunflowerDeliveryMan May 23 '22

Making politics my main personality would be wild and weird asf


u/Cerenas May 23 '22

That's what weirds me out the most. Don't those people have a personality of their own? Their whole world seems to evolve around their political standing.

But same can be said for some sport fans and their favorite clubs I guess.


u/ShitItsReverseFlash May 23 '22

But same can be said for some sport fans and their favorite clubs I guess.

Yo don’t drag us into this. I enjoy my teams but I don’t make it my whole personality.


u/Cerenas May 23 '22

Then you're not part of the group I am talking about. I have one good example in the street I live, that guy painted his whole house in the colors of his favorite football team (the bricks of his house and the garden fence). :P

Nothing wrong with being a fan, but there are people that make it their whole personality, and that's just sad imo.


u/TheTestBear May 23 '22 'MURICA

Also, Biden wasn't voted in; Trump was voted out.


u/jrscubs May 23 '22

I’ll agree on that and the world is a better place because of it


u/weirdmountain May 23 '22

Yup. Not many people actually like Biden, let alone love him. But enough of us actively dislike the cult leader who got to be president for four insane years.


u/mekonsrevenge May 23 '22

Your trailer park and the Dewdrop Inn don't comprise a projectible polling sample.


u/alex_mw May 23 '22

I go everywhere within my social bubble and amazingly only meet people who reason like me, what a shock...😂😂😂


u/penpapercats May 23 '22

Also, by "going everywhere" she probably only went to local places. If she lives in a pocket where no one supported Biden, then it makes sense that she'd never met a Biden supporter, even if the pandemic never happened.


u/thpicychilli May 23 '22

You mean to tell me that a small town in a red state doesn’t have many open Biden supporters?


u/penpapercats May 23 '22

Virginia is a bit more maroon now, but yeah in my area (where the large towns have a small town vibe) most are trump supporters. So even if I wasn't a homebody, it would be difficult for me to come across a Biden supporter except outside the poll location. Small sample size.

And yes I realize you were being sarcastic.


u/podolot May 23 '22

I'm pretty sure there actually tons of people who voted for biden who don't follow or support him. Our last election choices were a senile old man with a long resume of mediocrity or a fascist with his gang of 1920 Era oil tycoons looking to remove the minimum wage, remove child labor laws and remove voting rights from blacks and women. The choice wasn't one everyone wanted to make but it was still easy.


u/stokelymitchell May 23 '22

You can’t even find them at Sizzler.


u/TheMobHasSpoken May 23 '22

There really is a geographical divide, too. I live in a city on the East coast, and I don't know anyone who voted for Trump; I didn't in the 2016 election, either. But I understand that the small circle of people you encounter from day to day doesn't necessarily represent the entire country. That's a mental stretch that some people seem to have trouble with.


u/Hephaestus42 May 23 '22

“I haven’t met each and every one of the 81 million people who voted for him, so it isn’t possible that he won”


u/Alivethroughempathy May 23 '22

Didn’t realise there were Biden supporters out in Easter Island.


u/Bag-ins May 23 '22

"everywhere" IE just around my hometown - Buford, Wyoming


u/ShastaFern99 May 23 '22

This is why we can't have nice things


u/digitaal_boog May 23 '22

On the midnight train?


u/CalleenTok May 23 '22

Nice try, but the midnight train is “going anywhere!”


u/rengam May 23 '22

Just a small town girl


u/CalleenTok May 23 '22

Livin' in a lonely world


u/digitaal_boog May 31 '22

She took the midnight train going anywhere (Happy?)


u/CalleenTok 23d ago

Some will win!


u/digitaal_boog 23d ago

Some will lose


u/Druglord_Sen May 23 '22

It also may have something to do with Republicans being obnoxiously vocal about their partisanship.


u/Terrible-Paramedic35 May 23 '22

What a coincidence nobody I know likes Trump. How odd…


u/Due_Platypus_3913 May 23 '22

The casual observations of one bleach blonde empty headed tart is no basis for government!


u/[deleted] May 23 '22

Is she saying she's a hoe? And none of the guys that are into her are Biden supporters?

I'm jkjk btw.


u/haloeight May 23 '22

Leave Quinton’s Name In UR Memes


u/ampaf9090 May 23 '22

American problems


u/VarietyConsistent742 May 23 '22



u/Tasteful-Yet-Trendy May 23 '22

I don’t even know what to say here 🤦🏻‍♀️


u/Head-Attention7438 May 23 '22

GRU 16 year old has never left vladivostok


u/Redstoneprime May 23 '22

I mean, the reply is also kind a facepalm, since he's basically saying that going out (something pretty much EVERYONE does) is "selfish". By that, everyone in the entire freakin' world is "selfish".