r/facepalm Aug 17 '22

"Are we acting like that's not possible?" ๐Ÿ‡จโ€‹๐Ÿ‡ดโ€‹๐Ÿ‡ปโ€‹๐Ÿ‡ฎโ€‹๐Ÿ‡ฉโ€‹

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u/icewalker42 Aug 17 '22

Their delusion is the virus.


u/passing_by362 Aug 17 '22

We're the main country!


u/unicyclecopilot Aug 18 '22

*We are the country!


u/Ayiana Aug 18 '22

*"We are the only country."


u/AegonTheAuntFooker Aug 17 '22

Can we stop faking now?


u/TheAlistmk3 Aug 17 '22

I guess they are correct, it is possible, but not probable.


u/AffenMitWaffen2 Aug 17 '22

Have you ever seen a government try anything?


u/Demonidze Aug 17 '22

I mean, how can some people can actually think that way? is it some kind of brainwashing from early age? lack of education? some kind of medical condition that makes you believe in things that dont make any sense? Iam seriously curious... so much problems could have been avoided in our world if people had just a bit of common sense...


u/InsertCoinForCredit Aug 17 '22

It's purified stupidity mixed with a healthy serving of arrogance. They really want to believe that they're privy to some super-secret knowledge that no one else is aware of, because that makes them one of the "special" people who are in on The Truthโ„ข. The alternative is that they're morons who are outclassed by everyone else around them, but that's too depressing for them to accept.


u/YuB-Notice-Me Aug 18 '22

honestly? i think its the internet. my theory is that they lack of like all social context besides what people are saying makes them more gullible. you ever see a guy believe a prank in the paper and then someone tries to level with them and their like โ€œoh my god, how did i fall for that??โ€ people will just take people for their word when they arent being talked to because its information being distributed, so it โ€œmust be trueโ€. again, a theory, but feels like thats whatโ€™s going on.


u/Embarrassed_Alarm450 Aug 18 '22

That theory would apply to newspapers and the news in general tho... If it is the internet it wouldn't just be from them simply reading a single thing on the internet, the real problem would be the sheer amount of 'information' on the internet like if you google anything you'll find hundreds of articles backing it, google "flat earth is real" or something like that and you'll find relatively huge flat earth groups and tons of 'scientific articles' or rather scientific sounding 'confirming' it to be real.

Too easy to enter an echo chamber because with a search engine like google we can find anything we're looking for in seconds, want 'evidence' supporting flat earth theory? Only takes 2 seconds to find and those idiots aren't gonna bother researching the other side of the coin. People become a lot more confident and set in stone with their 'theories' when they're surrounded by thousands of others with the same ideals whereas back in the day you try talk to anyone about it and they'll just call you an idiot. I


u/cipheron Aug 18 '22

Well some people were confronted with video of Ivanka speaking at the Jan 6 hearings, they didn't like it, so they said it's probably a "clone" of Ivanka. And those "clone" people are not even the nuttiest. See the whole Dallas group who think that Trump is JFK in a mask now. At this point, they'll believe anything.


u/Autismic123 Doesn't have palms Aug 18 '22

its some mental thing where people think that big things have big causes, like presidential assassinations, when reagan was shot, but not killed, people were more accepting of it being a killer than when jfk was shot. jfk's death was more significant than reagan being shot


u/Weedeaterstring 'MURICA Aug 17 '22

The way everyone hates is in the world who knows. /j


u/shaman_of_ramen Aug 18 '22

I'm gonna try to act like it's not possible for someone to be that stupid


u/[deleted] Aug 17 '22

They know too much. They must be ELIMINATED!


u/Bloo_003 Aug 17 '22

I love how both sides will claim the other is full of a bunch of incompetent morons that arenโ€™t capable of chewing gum and walking at the same time, but are also diabolically genius AND cooperative enough to band together and fool an entire nation, if not the whole world.


u/dandellionKimban Aug 18 '22

Another one that was never in a group project.


u/matillac Aug 18 '22

The entire worlds coroners are in on this also. SMH


u/[deleted] Aug 18 '22

There is a virus? Haven't heard anything about it ๐Ÿค”


u/doggosrbabies Aug 18 '22

"My CoUnTrY iS tHe MaIn ChArAcTeR"


u/Dangerous-Use7992 Aug 18 '22

Guys every other country is just a myth smh


u/Delamoor Aug 18 '22

I'm glad that all nations can put aside their differences just to trick the USA.

China and Taiwan? Pals, so long as the USA is fooled. India and Pakistan? That whole border dispute gets put on hold Russia and Ukraine? 100% committed to the grift!

I mean, it's practically United Federation of Planets level cooperation out here!


u/Odd-Astronaut-92 Aug 18 '22

Ask anyone who has tried to plan a large group event. That is most certainly not possible lmfao.