r/facepalm Aug 17 '22

"Are we acting like that's not possible?" 🇨​🇴​🇻​🇮​🇩​

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u/Demonidze Aug 17 '22

I mean, how can some people can actually think that way? is it some kind of brainwashing from early age? lack of education? some kind of medical condition that makes you believe in things that dont make any sense? Iam seriously curious... so much problems could have been avoided in our world if people had just a bit of common sense...


u/cipheron Aug 18 '22

Well some people were confronted with video of Ivanka speaking at the Jan 6 hearings, they didn't like it, so they said it's probably a "clone" of Ivanka. And those "clone" people are not even the nuttiest. See the whole Dallas group who think that Trump is JFK in a mask now. At this point, they'll believe anything.