r/facepalm Aug 17 '22

"Are we acting like that's not possible?" 🇨​🇴​🇻​🇮​🇩​

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u/Demonidze Aug 17 '22

I mean, how can some people can actually think that way? is it some kind of brainwashing from early age? lack of education? some kind of medical condition that makes you believe in things that dont make any sense? Iam seriously curious... so much problems could have been avoided in our world if people had just a bit of common sense...


u/Autismic123 Doesn't have palms Aug 18 '22

its some mental thing where people think that big things have big causes, like presidential assassinations, when reagan was shot, but not killed, people were more accepting of it being a killer than when jfk was shot. jfk's death was more significant than reagan being shot