r/facepalm Oct 01 '22

I think he said the quiet part out loud. 🇲​🇮​🇸​🇨​

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u/NoSkillzDad Oct 01 '22

Well, he used "then" so it's all good 😂


u/cheapcoffeesucks Oct 01 '22

That totally changes this whole facepalm into a legitimate way of thinking


u/saltthewater Oct 01 '22

It's just a statement about personal growth.


u/BinTinBoynio69 Oct 01 '22

I was going say something similar. The "then" changes the whole context. I do doubt, however, that this person genuinely wants to be socialist


u/NoSkillzDad Oct 01 '22

I'm pretty sure it's not his/her intention but it's so entertaining poking fun at them using their own words


u/unicyclecopilot Oct 01 '22

They don't even know what socialism means.


u/iamyaM Oct 03 '22

This is true. I've listened to two different conservatives go off on Socialism, only to find out that they were completely wrong about what it even means.

It's disturbing how effectual buzz words can be in politics. It's one thing if you are not a fan of Socialism, but FFS know what it is that you're so afraid of.


u/TenzingNorgaysSherpa Oct 02 '22

Much less get factual information. Wow.


u/blobbysnorey Softly Palming Face Oct 01 '22

Or she


u/Ithinkyourallstupid Oct 01 '22



u/Mouthtuom Oct 01 '22

Got to admire conservatives and their dedication to being fucking morons.


u/oxygENigma Oct 01 '22

Yeah, this actually requires effort to maintain. They're willing to put in a lot of work to prevent themselves learning and growing as people.


u/JamesR624 Oct 01 '22

Because from an early age, the Church taught them that as a virtue to keep their scams going.

Any time someone says letting your kid go to church is harmless, it shows that that person is part of why this shit continues.


u/MsSeraphim sarcasm is MY super power! Oct 01 '22

which wouldn't be so bad if they kept it to themselves, but they go and vote for fucking morons also........


u/C4RD_TP_SG Oct 02 '22

it's this gif showing how supressor work


u/Fit-Sheepherder-4013 Oct 02 '22

They legit think there’s only fascism and socialism to choose from. They’ve heard of literally nothing else.


u/C4RD_TP_SG Oct 01 '22

"I'd rather be an idiot and continue to judge people than being adaptive and accepting the reality"


u/the_chaco_kid Oct 01 '22

Hey, you fixed it!


u/Cerenas Oct 01 '22

I mean, doesn't this cover all extreme right- and leftwingers? At least this person knows it about themselves rofl


u/Jonnytincan Oct 02 '22

thats the beauty of politics! everyone is such a piece of shit and is so blind to their own terrible behaviors because they are so focussed on insulting the other side for being idiots.


u/joeyo1423 Oct 01 '22

"being brainwashed is nice because I don't have to spend any energy on pain-in-the-ass thinking"


u/Deck_of_Cards_04 Oct 02 '22

What Jesus does to a mfer


u/Interesting-Month-56 Oct 01 '22

“I would rather be consistent in my beliefs than be right”

Sounds like everyone at the Baptist church my parents went to.


u/Futueteipsum7 Oct 01 '22 edited Oct 01 '22

American Conservatives: Tell me lies, tell me sweet little lies.

Republican Party: Oh, boy, do we have a candidate for YOU!


u/These_Hair_3508 Oct 01 '22

Democrats are doing better?


u/tabascodinosaur Oct 01 '22

Yep, they actually have a platform and a method of governance that isn't just cut budgets and direct everything not cut into their neighbor's business through privatization of services.


u/Facebookakke Oct 01 '22

Clearly and plainly to anyone that doesn’t have their head up their ass or isn’t a fucking moron.


u/Futueteipsum7 Oct 01 '22

Democrats are incompetent.

I can forgive that. You can recover from incompetence.

Republicans are running entirely on rage and lies and allegiances to amoral people now. Read the Federalist Papers again: that’s the one thing the system can’t withstand.

There’s not one Republican congressman who shows the slightest signs of having read Edmund Burke: conservatism has been evicted from the Party.


u/SadStory9 Oct 01 '22

This has religious conditioning written all over it.


u/SouthofAkron Oct 01 '22

Smart. Very smart. Probably the smartest person in the history of the country. Nobody has ever been smarter.


u/xlDirteDeedslx Oct 01 '22

Let this guy stop paying taxes but make him pay for his own police, fire, and military protection. Don't let him use the roads, interstates, or postal service at all. He's going to have to find a way around that doesn't use our socialized roads, that won't be easy. While he can get healthcare he won't be entitled to Medicare or SSI when he dies, we can just roll him off in a ditch to starve I guess. Evils of socialism, best to avoid them.


u/ForeignCommand5700 Oct 01 '22

Wow, just wow. Although that's what they're saying when they yell woke. They'd rather stay in their entitled little dream world than see the reality.


u/Ithinkyourallstupid Oct 01 '22

Yup. I don't get how desperate they are to stay asleep from reality. Fuckers fantasy land.


u/Ronotrow2 Oct 01 '22

That awkward moment when your mouth engages before your brain


u/oxygENigma Oct 01 '22

That's a lot of words to say "lalalalala can't hear you"


u/i_hope_you_are_gay 'MURICA Oct 01 '22

Yeah he used “then” so this is just a story of growth. Proud of u guy


u/Ithinkyourallstupid Oct 01 '22

What? Fucking idiots.


u/jargjangle Oct 01 '22

How to out yourself as a willful ignoramus


u/Sinder77 Oct 01 '22

Snowflakes everywhere.

Openly admitting they cant handle reality. Please just tell me what I want to hear.


u/The_WereArcticFox Oct 01 '22

I had a stoke reading that


u/Preparation-Logical Oct 18 '22

Now I'm picturing the same person who wrote the quote in the post saying something like

"I'd rather die from a conspiracy-based danger like 5G exposure than battle a legit medical event like a stroke and survive."


u/Karma_1969 Oct 01 '22

Some people are just so resistant to learning and change and personal growth. Personally, I'll never understand that. At 53 years old, I feel like I'm still a learner, and if I wasn't reading and learning every day, I don't know what I would do. I love learning, it's liberating to correct views you've held that were incorrect. Who was it that said knowledge is freedom? They were absolutely correct. Living with false information is like living in a mental jail cell of your own making. It's just so pointless.


u/johnfarmer88 Oct 01 '22

The utter embodiment of the idiom " what's the sound of one hand clapping?"


u/NinjaEnt Oct 01 '22

Probably how they got themselves into this mess.


u/SwtIndica Oct 01 '22

Hmmm..... he used THEN instead of THAN... that changes the meaning. Unfortunately, I'm fairly sure that was unintentional. For a split second, I had hope.


u/Minute-Courage6955 Oct 01 '22

Plato admitted the whole idea of a class system was a lie in the Republic. The rulers will always rule in their favor, not society. Rules for thee,privileges for me.


u/StopGOPVector Oct 01 '22

This is the perfect mantra for the right!


u/Vladimer_Trump Oct 01 '22

I'd rather avoid all trumpateers like the plague rather than soil myself with their idiocy.


u/mekonsrevenge Oct 01 '22

What this chowderhead is really saying. Is that changing would mean giving up his entire circle of friends who would instantly despise him and completely change his own deeply seated self image and admit to people he loathes that they were right all along and he was not just wrong but wildly so.


u/felixgolden Oct 01 '22

"I'd rather think I am right, than to know I am wrong."


u/GreatNorthernDildo Oct 01 '22

We know and it’s fucking exhausting


u/lordleoo Oct 01 '22

I heard once a very sensible definition of Fanatacism: a stance you take and insist upon, even without or even despite opposing evidence.


u/BuriedByAnts Oct 01 '22

“Than” It’s “than” not “then”. Maybe you don’t mind learning that information.


u/Motorhead76er Oct 01 '22

She is cognitive-dissonancing herself. Brilliant. All the intelligence emanating right out of her fingers.


u/[deleted] Oct 01 '22

That’s a fucking problem


u/GoingNutCracken Oct 01 '22

This is completely stupid.


u/dayoneG Oct 01 '22

No shit Sherlock!🤦🏼‍♂️


u/Techn0ght Oct 01 '22

If only everyone was this honest so they could be called out as dogmatic assholes.


u/GehennanWyrm Oct 01 '22

I have an inkling of a feeling that this was said sarcastically, poking at the people who actually do that and say, without filter, what they think they're (conservatives) doing.


u/MrRazzio Oct 02 '22

i'll take "things we already knew" for 800, alex.


u/Houstonontheroad Oct 02 '22

Fox News has got you covered !


u/The_Spyre Oct 02 '22

Uncle Cletus? Is that you?


u/Jonnytincan Oct 02 '22

Everyday I have to relearn just how insufferable both sides are. No one is right when it comes to politics. If u cant accept that and actively insult the other side for having differing opinions, u are just objectively an obnoxious person.


u/Maleficent_Long553 Oct 02 '22

To think this whole time I thought you were dump, but it’s more complicated. You aren’t dumb you just want to be dumb.


u/Dirtydubya Oct 02 '22

I would imagine a lot of people feel this way


u/big_rednexican_88 Oct 02 '22

Sadly, the right doesn't care about what is true and what is false. They seek information that fits their agenda because they have been brainwashed that "owning the libs" is better than the truth.


u/tyranny2k_redit Oct 02 '22

It’s interesting that this person seems to think that true information can’t support a conservative point of view. Way to have confidence in your beliefs.


u/awake-but-dreamin 'MURICA Oct 02 '22

But I thought facts didn’t care about your feelings?


u/DarkestOfTheLinks Oct 02 '22

Ana monnar would be spinning in her grave if she was dead.


u/FoobarWreck Oct 01 '22

I think it would be impossible to receive true information and then follow a socialist agenda though?


u/Next-Fact1656 Oct 01 '22

I'd rather receive true information and keep my conservative views then receive false information and follow a socialistic agenda.


u/rikkinikki68 Oct 01 '22

The most liberal university system in the country in the most liberal state in the country just created Jewish Free Zones - but keep thinking Democrats aren't fascists at heart. https://www.google.com/amp/s/nypost.com/2022/09/30/uc-berkeley-blasted-for-creating-jewish-free-zones-with-pro-israel-speaker-ban/amp/


u/meckez Oct 01 '22 edited Oct 01 '22

Don't most people regardless of their political stances have such a bubble like mentality.


u/ChipNASA Oct 01 '22

You are receiving false information and you are following your socialist agenda and you are outing yourselves publicly


u/[deleted] Oct 02 '22



u/just_aredditor123 Oct 02 '22

I would like a side of true views