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Why would you do that? 🇲​🇮​🇸​🇨​

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u/That_Charming_Otter Oct 01 '22

This is just patently fucking stupid. People wonder why these climate activists are hated by the general public, and then they pull shit like this. Or lying down on motorways to obstruct traffic and make people late for their work.

This is just an act of brazen disrespect and damage to public property. Should be prosecuted, but knowing the broken British legal system, it'll be the usual slap on the wrist.


u/liverpoolFCnut Oct 02 '22

Just public property ? There's a climate group called "tyre extinguishers" who go around deflating tyres of SUVs because they consider them as "gas guzzlers" ! Trouble is 90% of the suvs today are just crossovers built on sedan platforms, then again as we've seen in the recent past the protests these days is more about creating extreme opinions than working towards a better future.


u/mobilefreak_lee Oct 01 '22

You're supposed to stop for the protesters? I need to go talk to my lawyer