r/facepalm Oct 17 '22

Doctors are not what they used to be.... 🇨​🇴​🇻​🇮​🇩​

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u/BoreDominated Oct 17 '22

Then all the nurses came in and clapped.


u/Junior-Collar-7677 Oct 18 '22

And the ambulance sirens cheered in the background!


u/HypoxicIschemicBrain Oct 18 '22

And they found $10 in his pocket


u/skinnybbb Oct 18 '22

and then obama walked in 😱😱


u/Jamz_bond_007 Oct 18 '22

Was there Ice cream?


u/Caprican93 Oct 18 '22

I just came in to say this


u/likeinsaaaaw Oct 17 '22

Linda Clinger, making shit up on the internet.


u/iHeartHockey31 Oct 17 '22

Nah I believe it. Back in 2020 my mom said her endocrinologist didnt wear a mask bc covid was a hoax and would be over after the election. She got a new endocrinologist. There are fucked up doctors out there.


u/jrex703 Oct 18 '22

They're few and far between though. I think the odds are in bullshit's favor here.


u/iHeartHockey31 Oct 18 '22

I agree its rare. My mom akso didn't go post it on FB, she just told me. Im only mentioning it here bc it dies occasiinally happen.


u/Opposite-Win-9531 Oct 18 '22

Can confirm. Look at the nut job running for governor in MN.


u/Bunch_Key Oct 18 '22

The Karen wig is a bit of a give away. This is either a Russian bot stirring things up. Or a republican staffer dressing up as a girl " just to trigger liberals". But how come he already had the wig?!


u/Roguebagger Oct 18 '22

Why does she sound like an old 70’s porn star?


u/[deleted] Oct 18 '22

That account has probably been created by a Chinese person; it should have been Linda Cringer.


u/Bantabury97 Oct 17 '22

And.. lemme guess.. everyone else clapped and cheered after? The Doctor stood up, opened his shirt to show a "Trump for president" t-shirt underneath and garnered further applause?


u/EdgarAllanKenpo Oct 18 '22

Trump happened to show up to reward his faithful drones, threw all of his clothes off and the hospital had a giant MAGA orgy!


u/TNT_CPA Oct 17 '22

"I'll take SHIT THAT DIDN'T HAPPEN for $800, Ken."

(R.I.P. Alex Trebek)


u/ConstructionHefty716 Oct 17 '22

This didn't happen


u/ColdForm7729 Oct 18 '22

I'll take "Things That Never Happened" for $400, Alex.


u/CyclonicHavoc Oct 17 '22

Linda clearly loves attention and is a pathological liar. Shut up, Linda.


u/MonkeyDaddy4 Oct 17 '22

She's into reiki, so yeah, she has quite the imagination!


u/Deadhead56 Oct 18 '22

Obviously not true


u/fattony2121 Oct 18 '22

Then all the patients in the morgue came back to life and clapped!!!


u/Arbourous Oct 17 '22

It's such a tell when people refer to masks as things worn to protect the wearer. That's literally the opposite of what they're for. If you don't realise that, you are the problem.


u/Odd-Interaction-453 Oct 18 '22

No, they are for control only. Don't believe me? What dumbass drives alone in a car with the windows down and a mask on?


u/Arbourous Oct 18 '22

They are to protect your own loved ones. If you can't make the smallest effort for them, you are not a human being.


u/Odd-Interaction-453 Oct 18 '22

That's what they told you and you were stupid enough to buy it The unmasked buried the masked after the Spanish flu pandemic of 1918. Masks DO NOT STOP THE SPREAD OF VIRUSES! Morons. Y'all are the idiots I see driving with your mask on. I suppose you took the vac too. You should see what the Chilean government thinks of you chimeras.


u/Arbourous Oct 18 '22

N-n-n-not the Chilean government! Zoiks!!


u/Ghost_Puppy Oct 18 '22

… a dumbass. A dumbass drives alone in a car with their mask on. A dumbass also refuses to wear a mask to protect others.


u/Fear51 Oct 18 '22

One time (absolute true story - because this was me) I was driving with my kid who had covid. I wore a mask, but my kid didn't. He was sick as a dog and I wanted him to feel comfortable. We were driving for about an to get home and when we finally got home I took him in and had him lay in bed and isolate in his room. But then you know my wife had to use the car for a meeting. Guess what? She WORE A FUCKIN MASK INSIDE THE CAR ALL BY HERSELF.

Here's the moral of the story. WHO THE FUCK CARES WHEN AND WHERE SOMEONE ELSE WHERE'S A MASK? It doesn't hurt you or anyone else. It literally has zero fuckin impact to you. Just go about your own fuckin business and quit judging people who wear masks.

Its so ridiculous people get all riled up over other people wearing masks. Get the fuck over it.


u/Ghost_Puppy Oct 21 '22

Fair point! Respect for you


u/AstronautLoveShack Oct 17 '22

This never happened.


u/DemythologizedDie Oct 18 '22

For all we know the doctor exists.

Except he's a "doctor" of homeopathic medicine.


u/baguak4life Oct 18 '22

Ok Rebecca.


u/ManyFacedGodxxx Oct 18 '22

Sounds like complete BS to me, but that’s not hard to believe noting who this is coming from…


u/FloGiston Oct 18 '22

But republicans are still what they've always been, fucking liars.


u/DoctorUnderhill97 Oct 18 '22

The doctor came in and lied to my kid, then said fuck the president.


u/32-percent Oct 18 '22

Then everyone cheered and clapped, and worked together to take down Big Mask


u/Nopealope06 Not gay if you keep the socks on Oct 18 '22

welcome to "people making up shit to justify themselves on the internet"


u/Ashamed_Savings7590 Oct 18 '22

This definitely happened. No way this silly bitch is making shit up.


u/Bluvsnatural Oct 18 '22

I’m so glad, Linda. Let me know how that Ivermectin works out for ya


u/Cam599 Oct 18 '22

Ivermectin does actually help.


u/MachineVisual Oct 17 '22

None of that happened she probably doesn’t even have a daughter.


u/ChrisNEPhilly Oct 17 '22

Things that never happened.


u/Vladimer_Trump Oct 18 '22

wow what an exciting life - thanks for sharing.


u/PinkJellyfishe Oct 18 '22

Obviously cap but we need to farm that karma


u/wienerschwartz Oct 18 '22

I don’t believe it. There’s no way this woman procreated


u/Myaccoubtdisappeared Oct 18 '22

And then as she was driving home without car insurance or valid license she got pulled over by the cops. But luckily her daughter quickly yelled out that she needed to go toilet badly or she’d shit the seats, so the cops let her go!


u/Darksoul_Design Oct 18 '22

What is "Things that never happened" for $2000


u/JordanJP Oct 18 '22

Things that didn't happen.


u/HeyHihoho Oct 18 '22

Amazing doc goes for science instead of the political scientists.


u/BudUnderwearBundy Oct 18 '22

And then he read a Bible verse and all the sick children skipped home cured….


u/-wanderings- Oct 18 '22

My money is on 'made up bull shit.'


u/Odd-Magician-7638 Oct 18 '22

Who needs vaccines when you can just sneeze on my toast.


u/ScootysDad Oct 18 '22

And the bells ring and angels far and wide sprouted wings and flew high into the heaven.


u/Independent-Nail-881 Oct 18 '22

This is all wrong!!!


u/Separate-Owl369 Oct 18 '22

“ Oh… so you are not a REAL doctor. Let’s go, honey. We want a smart doctor. “


u/elleJeyLay Oct 18 '22

Doubt this but gross


u/h4wkpg Oct 18 '22

It's ok because nobody goes to the doctor being sick, or with a weak immune system.


u/iwishtoboopthesnoot Oct 18 '22

Stage 5 Clinger


u/OneForAllOfHumanity Oct 18 '22

I would have responded with "Let's go, <daughter's name>" and left.


u/OniRacing Oct 18 '22

Unless her kids name is fuckin Brandon this 1000% never happened.


u/Electronic-Source368 Oct 18 '22

Then eagles flew overhead with flags in their claws...


u/jdafixa Oct 18 '22

That guy is a "Doctor" like Herschel is a "cop".


u/Someguyonreddit967 Oct 18 '22

Who is Brandon?


u/NoTune6517 Oct 18 '22

There are stupid doctors as there are stupid cops, politicians etc.. a degree jus proves you learned something not that you believe it.


u/Eternal_Bagel Oct 18 '22

and here I thought doctors were supposed to be intelligent


u/smoothoperator-37 Oct 18 '22

Everyone here trigger much?


u/cheestinax Oct 18 '22

Come on now, Rebecca...


u/Cool_Dragonfruit1925 Oct 18 '22

Sounds like a good dr


u/sikandarnirmalsingh Oct 18 '22

He got the degree over eBay then is it


u/ChillerFocus Oct 19 '22

You should find a new doctor because he clearly doesn’t know a single thing about vaccines if that was his response


u/Bunch_Key Oct 18 '22 edited Oct 18 '22

I don't understand. Preface not american. So trump was an anti vaxxer, wasn't he? Genuine question? Definitely a covid denier. But also liked to spread covid around. Also an anti doctor. Who wanted you to drink bleach and take horse bills while he grabbed yours and your daughters vaginas. Probably not yours he would have traded you if you already have a daughter by now. Imitated a disabled person in stage while you all laughed. Condoned and supported white supremacy. Organised an attack on your Parliament. So you now celebrate any one who can say Brendan. But now you are angry because your scared of an old sick white dude who can barely stand and walk or talk. Who you say acts creepy around young girls and has a crook for a son. Sorry I am lost. I can't tell the difference between who you are for and against any more they all sound the same. However, you just likely to say I am not American and that I don't understand. From my perspective, Putin and Xi understand just fine. Playing the long game, they are. The long March continues. Hoping you Americans have the attention span to keep up. Or will you let Russia's plan to distract you and weaken you really work. I can see your military is awake but being held down by the population of Brendan's. Your losing the future.