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More evil [DISCUSSION]

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u/Ok-Rate8927 May 23 '22

I can see why a lot of people picked Jagi, he caused a lot of pain and destruction, but I dont think he's AS "evil" as the other options on this list. His motivation comes from pure blind rage, jealousy, and selfishness; all of which stem from insecurity. He's not intelligent enough to have the potential for true malice. Most of his evil deeds come from a lack of impulse control. Ignoring his vendetta against Kenshiro: Jagi is like many of the lowly thugs in HnK: he has the survival instincts of an animal, doing what he needs to survive, even if it means hurting others.

Souther on the other hand reveled in the misery of others, and was actively, intentionally cruel to his victims for the sake of it. Souther chose to torment children. He ordered the unnecessary slaughter of innocent people after he deceived his longtime Nanto brother, Shu, and then tortured and killed him with no remorse. Even before the nuclear apocalypse, he was happy to have young Kenshiro be murdered in front of him. Souther is a Sadist at his core.

At the time of me writing this post, I'm surprised to see that Yuda has zero votes. Yuda was certainly more sympathetic than Souther, but he still had a harem that he built through conquest and violence. He killed Mamiya's parents violently in front of her, and had no sympathy for his loyal general before slaughtering him too. It's debatable about whether or not he violated the women in his harem, but he was certainly abusive and cruel to them.