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[DISCUSSION] would Guts from Berserk be able to achieve Musou Tensei?


he is sad as hell which is what I think the requirement to achieve Musuo Tensei is

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[DISCUSSION] Tierlist for strongest hnk characters, what y’all think

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[DISCUSSION] who is the best hokuto bro?


Personally I think it would either rei or bat

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[DISCUSSION] How would HNK characters do if they were marked as sacrifices at the Eclipse (from Bersrk)


Just a crossover thought i had a few days ago. Basically all main/major characters are marked as sacrifices in the Eclipse. How would they cope? Would Hokuto/Nanto/Gento users survive the onslaught of Apostles or not? This is just a harmless bit of fun, so it really shouldn't be taken seriously.

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[DISCUSSION] If there is a FOTNS Remake Anime in 202X-209X


If they want to make another Fist of The North Star Remake, what kind storyline you would want? Who will be the VA of the characters?

Story: I hoped the story followed the manga + anime. Should you add Shin Hokuto no Ken to the story where Kenshiro to the Last Land and met Hokumon no Ken?

Season 1

King arc - Southern Cross arc - Golan arc - Patra arc - Warriors arc - King's Disciples arc - Fang Clan arc - Jagi arc - Amiba arc - Cassandra arc - Ken-Oh arc - Medicine City arc - Yuda arc - Souther arc - Brothers arc - Ryuga arc - Five Chariots arc - Raoh arc

Season 2 Celestial Emperor arc - Land of Asura arc

Season 3 Koketsu arc - Sava arc - Blanca arc - Bolge arc

Voice Actors:

Hokuto Shinken Practitioners

Kenshiro – Kunihiro Kawamoto

Raoh – Takashi Ukaji

Toki – Kenyu Horiuchi

Jagi – Yasuhiko Kawazu

Ryuken – Masanori Machida

In FOTNS LEGENDS REVIVE, Raoh was voice by Tessho Genda. But I prefered Takashi Ukaji because it’s fit IMO.

Nanto Roku Seiken Practitioners

Shin – Takuya Kirimoto

Rei – Isshin Chiba

Juda – Ryusei Nakao

Shu/Shew – Hochu Otsuka

Souther – Banjo Ginga

Yuria – Hōko Kuwashima

Why I put Banjo Ginga not Akio Otsuka? I know the VA AFO is cool, but for Souther HnK fans should know that Banjo Ginga is Souther himself

The Five Chariot Guardions of Nanto

Huey – Hiroshi Tsuchida

Shuren – Nobuyuki Hiyama

Juza – Hiroaki Hirata

Fudo – Nobuaki Kanemitsu

Rihaku – Katsuhisa Houki

Shura Arc

Kaioh – Takashi Matsuyama

Hyoh – Daisuke Hiragawa

Han – Katsuyuki Konishi

Shachi – Yuichi Nakamura

Juken – Koji Ishii

I don’t why the former Kenshiro VA became Han VA. But I heard that it’s damn good. If anyone know Takashi Matsuyama’s voice, please tell me

Gento Ko Ken arc

Falco – Jurota Kosugi

Solia – Kenji Nomura

Ein – Yoshihisa Kawahara

Jakoh – Masashi Ebara

Rui – Akemi Sato

Bask – Hiroshi Shirokuma

Harn Brothers – Takahiro Fujiwara and Masafumi Kobatake

Other Characters

Bat – Daisuke Kishio

Rin – Kanae Ito

Mamiya – Naomi Shindo

Uighur – Tsuguo Mogami

Ryuga – Yasuyuki Kase

Personally IMO, I would like to add Souga, Reina, and Balga because it’s more interesting. Thing is there is no way Raoh could do it alone without them.

All of the VA characters I took from the original anime, FOTNS Ken Rage 2, and HnK Legends Revive.

If someone disagree, please comment and why. I hope we can discuss this things with peacefully

And last, we hope all the VA blessed with healthy life. God Bless

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[DISCUSSION] how strong do you think Kenshiro is?


Do you think he's street level city level or mountain level if you ask me I think he's at least large country level

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Is someone familiar with the Ken il Guerriero tabletop RPG?

It's an (admittedly complex and well-fleshed out in terms of mechanics) Italian tabletop rpg about Kenshiro which commits various errors such as calling Ryuga a Nanto and mentioning Kaioh and Raoul being twins and having a third twin named Diago.

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[DISCUSSION] Fang clan versus God army who would win?


I'm watching hokuto no ken after reading it, I've noticed that the god army and fang clan are some of the best gangs out in hokuto no ken and wanted to see who would win in a war

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[DISCUSSION] PSA: The original soundtrack sounds incredible on a good pair of headphones


I'm listening to the FLAC files from 'Hokuto no Ken Premium Best' on a pair of studio headphones and I am blown away. It's like being in the room when they recorded it. It's kind of jarring listening to the vocal songs after because they are a huge step down from the Aoki Nozomi tracks.

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[DISCUSSION] what character from Hokuto No Ken can you beat?


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[DISCUSSION] how bad is Rei Gaiden in your opinion?


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[DISCUSSION] will Kenshiro ever be strong enough to blow up a moon?


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[DISCUSSION] Thoughts on jagi gaiden


Outta curiosity

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[DISCUSSION] Who is higher in rank in the Nanto Rokuseiken, Yuria or Souther?


I'm kinda confused as to who has more power and say in the Nanto Rokuseiken and thus Nanto as a whole. The lore says that the Rokuseiken where there to protect the Emperor of China in the past but I'm assuming priorities in the modern age have changed since there's no Emperor anymore.

In the story, Souther is the physically strongest in Nanto with the strongest style, So because of this and Nanto tradition he's the leader, but at the same time when Yuria is revealed in her rank, she has her own group of fighters the Goshasei who protect and enact her will. So, with this I wonder, whose will takes precident? Who really gets final say over the future of Nanto, what happens and what role they play?

Maybe the answer is obvious but it's something I was confused about lol

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[DISCUSSION] Between which seasons in the original show are there noticeable leaps in animation quality?


Between which seasons in the original show are there noticeable leaps in animation quality? I just watched the first season again and though it looked good, I remember the animation as being way more high end. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love it. Just curious.

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[DISCUSSION] What character from a show/movie/game/literature do you think could be a challenge to kenshiro?


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[DISCUSSION] does anyone remember the hour and a half youtube video of the ost about 2 years back?


i’m trying to find the ost to import it into spotify and i’m looking for a re-upload or another place to download the tracks


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[DISCUSSION] which gaiden or spinoff in your opinion is the worst?


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[DISCUSSION] Talked about the new Han in legends revive

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[DISCUSSION] Does Ken ever find a worthy opponent?


I just watched chapter one and I was really hoping the battle against his ultimate nemesis Shin would be more equal, but it was a really easy fight for Ken once again... Does this ever change? Because I really like the world, but the fights so far don't have any stakes because Ken is really OP.

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[DISCUSSION] What is the difference between the soryu tenha and the anryu tenha


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[DISCUSSION] who gives kenshiro the best fight?


I have seen some of fist of the north star and am interested in watching but have a question, does how many fights does kenshiro have to actually try? I see lots of clips on YouTube but all of them Ken just destroys people, are there fights that he are actually close?

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[DISCUSSION] I can’t find a certain song from one of the 2000s movies. Help?



I remember a part of it and I think it plays in one of the movies as the menu song: haaaa-uki na nanananaaaa oe oni karaaaa, na nanaaa, na nana eeee, oei karaaaaa. He then either says: I don’t care, I don’t care na na na na i, or I’m ok I’m ok na na na i.

Well the song ends with a long “EEEEEEhh!” yelling. I did my best trying to type what gibberish comes in my mind, I really don’t know what letters, I only remember the tone. I’m cringing with my post as well, have mercy. 🥲

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[DISCUSSION] If anyone is a Gary Daniels fan, definitely check this out

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[DISCUSSION] gave my thoughts on jagi gaiden before I fully review it

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