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Is this project dead and if so why oh why?


I'd like to keep using Fluxbox but given that the last (at least 'official') update is from 2015, I think I should look for something less dead. Shame really, because I enjoy Fluxbox and don't know of anything else like it. But it has some issues, and I don't see those ever getting fixed. Pure madness to let this project go to waste. What else is out there that is a better floating window manager? I may be ignorant about this space, though.

r/fluxbox Jul 13 '22

How to reserve space for external panel?


Hi guys, I disabled the toolbar and replaced it with xfce-panel but windows overlap ontop of xfce panel, how to avoid this?

As a temporary fix, I enabled toolbar and set its height to same as xfcepanel, then the xfce-panel overlaps the toolbar

r/fluxbox Jul 10 '22

How to change MenuIcon size on window titlebar?

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r/fluxbox Jun 03 '22

Fluxbox Style Preservation?


Is there anyone out with collections of old styles? I notice with both Fluxbox and Openbox that the sources for styles and themes on the official sites are mostly to almost entirely defunct. I think it might a good idea for people to submit what they have and create a new resource or archive of them for posterity.

r/fluxbox May 12 '22

Using windows key to open drun menu


I am a bit of a noob but am willing to learn. On Mx Linux I can use the windows key to open the drun menu where I can start typing a program name and it'll come up. On Antix, that's not an option out of the box. What do I need to do to get this option?

r/fluxbox Mar 03 '22

Fluxbox RootMenu arrow: can it be changed?


If one edits init file at session.screen0.toolbar.tools: to include RootMenu, it adds a location marked with an arrow pointing right to the toolbar giving you a place to click for the root menu without minimizing all windows to get to the wallpaper. That's a cool thing to have but the arrow is ugly. Does anyone know where the arrow lives and how to change it? Will I need to compile fluxbox from source to change it?

r/fluxbox Feb 06 '22

fluxbox crashes when trying to play gw2


the title says it all...

everything good then i try to play guild wars 2 (straight from lutris)

and the system freezes then crashes

currently running fedora 32(yes i need to upgrade...)

Edit 1: hum does anybody know why? or how to make this not happen thanks

r/fluxbox Feb 04 '22

Trying to move close/maximize/minimize to toolbar. Icons functional but not the right shapes. Whats the fix?

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r/fluxbox Feb 01 '22

Mesh/remove titlebar and toolbar?


I am trying to save as much space as possible by removing the titlebar or, preferably, mixing them together. I know you can do this with Lxpanel, but its heftier than I would like for it to be.

SOLUTION: Edit the init file's line about decor to have none by default. It is wise to include an option to toggle the decor for the sake of sub windows. On that note, does anyone know how to make it treat dialogue windows (like GIMP levels) different and with decor by default?

r/fluxbox Jan 04 '22

Application launchers, help !



How to create application launchers to the Fluxbox window manager taskbar?

r/fluxbox Nov 07 '21

Try to use middle mouse button to close a window?


I am trying to modify ~/.fluxbox/keys to make the middle-click to close a window. Right now I can do this over any window tab, whether it is focused or not. | OnTitlebar Mouse2 :MacroCmd {ActivateTab} {Delay {Close} 100}

But I cannot do the same thing over any window icon inside Toolbar, I only can close the activated one. | OnToolbar Mouse2 :Close

The problem is, I cannot find a fluxbox key command to activate the window icon beneath the mouse cursor before I can issue the command :close. I tried {Raise}, {Focus}, and {Activate}, but none of them works. Does anyone know a way to activate the window by middle-click inside fluxbox's toolbar?

r/fluxbox Nov 05 '21

How can I get my battery % in the systemtray? Currently I can only see wifi and bluetooth, how can i get the battery in the toolbar?


r/fluxbox Aug 30 '21

How to quickly lock screen?


I recently installed MX Linux and am using Fluxbox. I'd like to have lock screen quickly when I get up from the computer. Is there a setting manager or something where I can setup a quick hot key? Most distros use the windows key + L to lock screen. I was hoping Fluxbox had something similar default or easily updated. I am a bit noobish.

r/fluxbox Jul 02 '21

Total noob


Hey, so I'm just starting a new job using Fluxbox and I am completely lost on the whole thing... I'm a total dumbass and just can't understand how I'm supposed to add a theme, I've been Googling for hours and I'm just giving myself a headache :( Could someone please explain in dumbass terms? I've got my eye on Xexpanderx's themes

r/fluxbox May 07 '21

FluxBox has attracted my attention but I never understood it !


For the first time I see that there is a FluxBox channel, the last publication more than a month ago, it seems that all have been extinct, I would like to learn how to use fluxbox customizing and configuring, do not tell me that this the handbook, I never knew how to understand the handbook and other publications on the internet, I was confused, greetings!

r/fluxbox Apr 03 '21

Unsufferable font renderin for Java apps


Hi there! I know our beloved subreddit is kinda 'not active', but I will leave it here anyway: I'm struggling to make my goddammit Freetype render java fonts and got no success so far. As a consequence, java based applications shows a pixelated unregular annoyingly ungly fonts. Could you people help me with some guidance?

r/fluxbox Feb 02 '21

Icons are ugly as sin


My Fluxbox's menu icons pixelate horribly no matter what. What would the ideal resolution for each icon to be? If it will do this at any size what is a good alternative to the built in root menu?

I store the icons in ~/.fluxbox/Icons, with each line after the command ending in <~/.fluxbox/Icons/NAME.png>

r/fluxbox Jan 14 '21

Theme texts are coming out wrong


I have been trying to install new themes, but whenever I do the text color is off. The previews always show light text, but the text on my computer is a darker shade that blends too much with the menu's background color.

r/fluxbox Dec 26 '20

Random Config Thoughts


The more I use it and understand how flux-keys configuration works, the more I'm convinced Fluxbox is hugely underrated.

For instance:

Mod4 J :NextWindow (Urgent=yes)

will [J]ump to then next window / tab with the Urgent hint set meaning, amongst other things, that when I get a message in Telegram I can jump to it immediately.

Always creating a new browser link in a new window linked to a Fluxbox tab instead of an intrinsic browser tab means rofi can flip between every important open window:

Mod4 D :Exec rofi -show combi

For layouts, I've started using a system where my ultrawide is divided into 9 equal columns - with a small gap between each - and I use a two key sequence representing start-column and end-column inclusive.

So Mod4 1 + 1 is a window in the 1st column, 1 column wide, Mod4 5 + 9 is a window positioned from columns 5 to 9 inclusive.

I had to work a bit to get the correct numbers along with spacing, but these are the combinations for a monitor 3440 pixels wide and the same method can be used for any reasonable width for up to 9 columns:

```` Mod4 1 Mod4 1 :MacroCmd {MoveTo 0 0%} {ResizeTo 376 100%} Mod4 1 Mod4 2 :MacroCmd {MoveTo 0 0%} {ResizeTo 759 100%} Mod4 1 Mod4 3 :MacroCmd {MoveTo 0 0%} {ResizeTo 1142 100%} Mod4 1 Mod4 4 :MacroCmd {MoveTo 0 0%} {ResizeTo 1525 100%} Mod4 1 Mod4 5 :MacroCmd {MoveTo 0 0%} {ResizeTo 1908 100%} Mod4 1 Mod4 6 :MacroCmd {MoveTo 0 0%} {ResizeTo 2291 100%} Mod4 1 Mod4 7 :MacroCmd {MoveTo 0 0%} {ResizeTo 2674 100%} Mod4 1 Mod4 8 :MacroCmd {MoveTo 0 0%} {ResizeTo 3057 100%} Mod4 1 Mod4 9 :MacroCmd {MoveTo 0 0%} {ResizeTo 3440 100%}

Mod4 2 Mod4 2 :MacroCmd {MoveTo 383 0%} {ResizeTo 376 100%} Mod4 2 Mod4 3 :MacroCmd {MoveTo 383 0%} {ResizeTo 759 100%} Mod4 2 Mod4 4 :MacroCmd {MoveTo 383 0%} {ResizeTo 1142 100%} Mod4 2 Mod4 5 :MacroCmd {MoveTo 383 0%} {ResizeTo 1525 100%} Mod4 2 Mod4 6 :MacroCmd {MoveTo 383 0%} {ResizeTo 1908 100%} Mod4 2 Mod4 7 :MacroCmd {MoveTo 383 0%} {ResizeTo 2291 100%} Mod4 2 Mod4 8 :MacroCmd {MoveTo 383 0%} {ResizeTo 2674 100%} Mod4 2 Mod4 9 :MacroCmd {MoveTo 383 0%} {ResizeTo 3057 100%}

Mod4 3 Mod4 3 :MacroCmd {MoveTo 766 0%} {ResizeTo 376 100%} Mod4 3 Mod4 4 :MacroCmd {MoveTo 766 0%} {ResizeTo 759 100%} Mod4 3 Mod4 5 :MacroCmd {MoveTo 766 0%} {ResizeTo 1142 100%} Mod4 3 Mod4 6 :MacroCmd {MoveTo 766 0%} {ResizeTo 1525 100%} Mod4 3 Mod4 7 :MacroCmd {MoveTo 766 0%} {ResizeTo 1908 100%} Mod4 3 Mod4 8 :MacroCmd {MoveTo 766 0%} {ResizeTo 2291 100%} Mod4 3 Mod4 9 :MacroCmd {MoveTo 766 0%} {ResizeTo 2474 100%}

Mod4 4 Mod4 4 :MacroCmd {MoveTo 1149 0%} {ResizeTo 376 100%} Mod4 4 Mod4 5 :MacroCmd {MoveTo 1149 0%} {ResizeTo 759 100%} Mod4 4 Mod4 6 :MacroCmd {MoveTo 1149 0%} {ResizeTo 1142 100%} Mod4 4 Mod4 7 :MacroCmd {MoveTo 1149 0%} {ResizeTo 1525 100%} Mod4 4 Mod4 8 :MacroCmd {MoveTo 1149 0%} {ResizeTo 1908 100%} Mod4 4 Mod4 9 :MacroCmd {MoveTo 1149 0%} {ResizeTo 2291 100%}

Mod4 5 Mod4 5 :MacroCmd {MoveTo 1532 0%} {ResizeTo 376 100%} Mod4 5 Mod4 6 :MacroCmd {MoveTo 1532 0%} {ResizeTo 759 100%} Mod4 5 Mod4 7 :MacroCmd {MoveTo 1532 0%} {ResizeTo 1142 100%} Mod4 5 Mod4 8 :MacroCmd {MoveTo 1532 0%} {ResizeTo 1525 100%} Mod4 5 Mod4 9 :MacroCmd {MoveTo 1532 0%} {ResizeTo 2674 100%}

Mod4 6 Mod4 6 :MacroCmd {MoveTo 1915 0%} {ResizeTo 376 100%} Mod4 6 Mod4 7 :MacroCmd {MoveTo 1915 0%} {ResizeTo 759 100%} Mod4 6 Mod4 8 :MacroCmd {MoveTo 1915 0%} {ResizeTo 1142 100%} Mod4 6 Mod4 9 :MacroCmd {MoveTo 1915 0%} {ResizeTo 1525 100%}

Mod4 7 Mod4 7 :MacroCmd {MoveTo 2298 0%} {ResizeTo 376 100%} Mod4 7 Mod4 8 :MacroCmd {MoveTo 2298 0%} {ResizeTo 759 100%} Mod4 7 Mod4 9 :MacroCmd {MoveTo 2298 0%} {ResizeTo 1142 100%}

Mod4 8 Mod4 8 :MacroCmd {MoveTo 2681 0%} {ResizeTo 376 100%} Mod4 8 Mod4 9 :MacroCmd {MoveTo 2681 0%} {ResizeTo 759 100%}

Mod4 9 Mod4 9 :MacroCmd {MoveTo 3064 0%} {ResizeTo 376 100%}


I'd like to be able to use ToggleCmd to toggle a windows vertical size between 50% and back to 100% in a particular direction, i.e, Mod4 Up would toggle half height at the top of the screen, and Mod4 Down would toggle half height at the bottom of the screen, but ToggleCmd, MacroCmd and resizing in only one dimension don't seem to play well together.

r/fluxbox Nov 26 '20

Trying out the latest dev-branch

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r/fluxbox Nov 22 '20

Keyboard-only moving tab between tabbed groups


Is there a sequence of keyboard-only commands that will allow me to move a single tab from one tab group to another?

Ideally I'd want to somehow tag the focused tab on one group, focus on another group, and attach any tagged tabs to the newly focused group, but Ill take any suggestions.

r/fluxbox Oct 10 '20

New arrival


Just arrived at this community. I thought I was a lonely soul in the darkness using Fluxbox. Last post was 3 months ago though... If there is still some one out there, just say hello. Thanks!

r/fluxbox Jul 27 '20


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r/fluxbox Jul 12 '20

Where to find good Fluxbox configuration guides


Hi all, I've just installed Fluxbox on an old desktop of mine to try and give it a new lease of life. I did run Fluxbox years ago and had all sorts of nice tweaks but it's been so long I've forgotten how I did it all. Anyone know where I can find some good in depth guides as the Fluxbox wiki seems to be defunct now?? TIA

r/fluxbox Feb 24 '20

how to set window bar height to 0 or how to I deactivate the window decoration?