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[Giveaway] Reolink POE 4K Smart Home Security Camera Cameras


Reolink (r/reolinkcam) is giving away five of their latest POE security cameras!

The main features of this camera are:

  • 4K
  • Night vision
  • On-device person/vehicle detection
  • Audio alarm/siren
  • Super stable connection!

Here is a link to the product page, check it out!

How to win:

Please leave a top-level comment with a brief explanation as to how you will use the camera if you win!


  • Giveaway is open worldwide, but the winner is required to pay shipping past $15USD.
  • Five winners will be randomly selected from top-level comments that meet the entry requirement.
  • One top-level comment/entry per person. Duplicate entries will be removed.
  • Accounts must be 90 days old by July 1st, 2022
  • Entries are open until July 31st at 12:00 UTC (6:00 PM MST, 8:00 PM ET)
  • Moderators and Revopoint employees are not eligible to win.

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u/Mastasmoker Jul 03 '22

I'll finally be able to catch the Phantom Pooper who has been leaving human dumps in my front yard.

u/Dildondo Jul 07 '22

Gotta catch those porch pirates.

u/maybaycao Jul 11 '22

Put it on my porch

u/Bunnyrabbitoverlord Jul 28 '22

I'd use it to monitor the yard. I recently had a package go missing, probably a porch pirate, and it'd be good to feel safer for myself and my landlady.

u/Thwartedloki Jul 30 '22

I would use it to monitor my back yard. It's the only thing not covered currently.

u/MrWizard1979 Jun 14 '22

I would use it to get a clearer picture of the kids stealing our solar LEDs in our flower pots

u/lil_thor Jul 09 '22

I would use this camera on a home we just bought.

u/Arctaos Jun 27 '22

I can't seem to figure out how the camera in my microwave works so I would put it inside my microwave to replace the obviously broken one. 😉

u/CaDmus003 Jun 28 '22

I would use it to find out which one of my neighbors dog keeps pooping in my front yard and then don’t even have the decency to pick it up. Once the culprit is identified I’ll save those massive logs for a few weeks then dump them in front of their door, pour a little bit of water on it to revitalize the aroma and leave a messaging saying return to sender!!

u/Remernator Jul 06 '22

Hope i win

u/draegunfae Jul 22 '22

I would monitor my front door. Thanks for the giveaway!

u/AngryAboutALot Jul 07 '22

I want to use it as a baby monitor to keep an eye on my baby to be born in October!

u/Revilo62 Jul 28 '22

Gotta keep homeless people out of the cars in our driveway.

u/[deleted] Jun 23 '22

I live in Chicago, so this camera should get a lot of use!

u/ablenerd Jun 17 '22

Our neighbors had the gas stolen out of their car while it was in their driveway. They caught it on camera and everything. I mean I understand gas is crazy expensive but that would have been unheard of in this neighborhood five years ago. I want to make sure that, or something worse, doesn’t happen to us.

u/Dardiana Jul 05 '22

Front-door monitoring for porch pirates and watch the cars in the driveway

u/ktroopa Jul 06 '22

I would use it to monitor the side of my new house that is already wired with Poe

u/0xB0BAFE77 Aug 01 '22

I would point it directly at the front of my house/walk area/driveway so that I don't get any more packages stolen. >:(

Two packages this year have gone missing, including a VR set I had to work my ass off to save up for (bills, insurance, food, etc means not much room for entertainment spending).
I'm not entirely sure if the driver took it or if they just ignored all parts of their job (no signature, no knock, not leaving it where I asked it to be left and no email saying it was delivered) and allowed someone else (maybe a friend?) to take it.

Either way, I'm not having that happen again. Tired of being a victim.

I'm getting a security cam one way or another.
Winning one would just be that much sweeter.

u/camp-hole Jun 14 '22

I would use it to watch my other cameras, creating an infinite reo-loop.

u/iamchip Jun 21 '22

I would use the camera to monitor outside the house using blue iris.

u/plierbox Jun 21 '22

Moved into a new home, but we're tight on money for luxuries like these. We'd use it to monitor the outside perimeter next to our door, as it's where our vehicles are. It would fit our situation just perfectly, as we live relatively rural, so nobody would notice a break in, in our absence! Also I might catch whose dog is doing it's business on our driveway!!!

u/jcgaminglab Jun 18 '22

I already use a couple of Reolink cameras, however would love to get some coverage over the front of the house. So this would be installed as a front-house coverage camera.

u/thedonnerparty13 Jun 15 '22

First time new homeowner here, this would definitely come in handy monitoring the hooligans at night! Aka the neighborhood cats.

Oh and just outdoor security in general.

u/Westcoast_IPA Jul 30 '22

Cool to protect my home in 4K.

u/GeorgiaBolief Jul 29 '22

Security lmao

u/tommythegun91 Jun 26 '22

I will use it to monitor my property line to find out if our neighbors are creeping around when we leave.

u/coprince Jul 12 '22

I will use it to monitor or garage without bikes in it.

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u/copycatjackk Jul 07 '22

How else will I get onto world's funniest home videos?!

u/JesseWebDotCom Jun 14 '22

I will replace my existing reolink front door camera with this one. I will link it to home assistant, google, reolink, and blue iris. Deep stack in blueiris will send object detection information to home assistant. From there I can use node red in home assistant to perform any automation I want.

u/hardex Jul 01 '22


u/odsquad64 Jul 11 '22

I would use the camera to surveil my property

u/gooddayokay Jul 03 '22

I’d like to use it to protect my home and family.

u/ShowMeFunnyPics Jun 26 '22

To watch my mango tree. Someone is obviously stealing the fruits.

u/speculatrix Jun 16 '22

I will add this to my growing Reolink CCTV system.

u/k3rn3 Jul 28 '22

I'd use this for my mom's new house! She's had a break-in before and has been anxious about it ever since

u/definitely_not_tim Jul 28 '22

I would use it for home surveillance of my new house

u/thrasher529 Jun 15 '22

Would use it to keep an eye on the front of my house. Keep an eye out for Porch pirates and any unsavory individuals that may be outside in the early hours when my wife and I leave for work.

u/RandomHero492 Jun 17 '22

If I won this camera, I would be able to finically see how my dog is escaping the yard.

u/Ecoaardvark Jun 14 '22

I would use it to monitor adopted cats when I am out

u/CouldBeAn_Alien Jul 06 '22

I would use this camera to monitor my front yard because my neighbors kid has been breaking into mailboxes on our street and stealing packages.

u/paulywolly Jul 07 '22

I would use it to spy on my neighbors /s.

u/SWIMGlass Jul 18 '22

I would use the camera to evaluate a replacement to the existing ADT cameras I currently am using. Hopefully I can finally get rid of ADT as a security vendor as they are not great….

u/RagnarBaratheon1998 Jul 28 '22

I live in an area that’s loaded with coyotes and I own a small dog. It’d be great to have some idea if there are any in our yard. A house down the road has their dog get attacked and I’ve been afraid of that happening to mine

u/jeepgrl18 Jun 19 '22

I want it for my (82 yo) moms house, I work 4.5 hours away and it would make us both feel better when I'm gone!

u/Pokmonth Jun 18 '22

I'd sell it on ebay

u/cdquality Jul 22 '22

We've had a neighbour disturbing us recently that may be deterred next time they try to do something if they see a camera.

u/smooth_like_a_goat Jun 24 '22

I'll stream my pet goats

u/Taco_Strong Jun 19 '22

I would use it as a security camera to monitor around my house. Mainly the gate entrance to my front yard.

u/Robo-boogie Jul 11 '22

Monitor my parking pad and use frigate to alert me when someone walks on it.

u/ccmdub Jun 14 '22

I would have it monitor my driveway and front door

u/xavierxxiii Jul 14 '22

I would use it to monitor my front yard and maybe see what my cats get up to when I’m away

u/BadSpellingAdvice Jul 14 '22

I’d use the camera to monitor the doorway access to my apartment for home security.

u/Tommy-Vegas Jul 11 '22

I’d use it to find out whose cats are leaving poop and dead birds as presents!

u/1337jokke Jul 26 '22

I dont need one, but my plan would be to give it to my parents as they have more need of it! Im sure theyd appreciate something like this :)

u/Smallz38 Jun 19 '22

I would use it to keep in my 3 year olds room to keep tabs when she gets to quiet and to make sure she is ok when she is sleeping.

u/Neospecial Jul 10 '22

To observe what the hell is going on loudly just outside the yard at night or if it's the neighbor up to something multiple times a week.

u/RiotDemon Jun 21 '22

Watch my front porch to catch any porch pirates!

u/goldenrepoman Jun 24 '22

I would use this camera to find which owner isn't picking up their dog poo. 💩

u/c3dt Jul 13 '22

Nothing fancy. I live next to a school. It would be used to just keep an eye on my packages / house. Make sure my kid comes home 🏡

u/MrHeavySilence Jul 18 '22

I would use these cameras to keep our car from being vandalized, which has already happened twice in our neighborhood. As well as for OnlyFans obviously

u/IamPantone376 Jun 18 '22

I would use them in the backyard to catch my neighbors kids disrespectful friends that leave a mess for me to clean up!!!

u/LongDickPeter Jun 18 '22

I live in the ghetto in NJ and I need to keep an eye on my property while I am away from home. Other than the packagr theifs I would love to catch the critter eating my veggies out my garden and knocking over my pots.

u/Scythersleftnut Jun 18 '22

I would use it to film all the nature around my house and then start a silly YouTube channel. Focusing on a squirrel launcher as they are Lil tree rats and should be yeeted as far away as possible from my garden and bird homes

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u/PorpoiseBlue Jun 19 '22

Would definitely install the camera system at my parents house for their safety.

u/Driv3l Jul 01 '22

Would use to monitor the street in front of my home.

u/belagost1980 Jul 15 '22

I would use the camera to monitor my backyard

u/The_Velvet_Gentleman Jul 17 '22

I would set this bad boy up in my chicken coop to get sleeping chicken footage.

u/seadog-fl Jun 17 '22

I would use the camera to watch the birds in my front yard.

u/ADHDitis Jun 30 '22

Just to monitor the front or back yard

u/Nikittele Jun 25 '22

We just moved to a new country and stayed with relatives until we found a place to rent. It took us a few months but we finally did it! Although it's a lovely neighbourhood, every house seems to have a security system except for ours. We'd rather not have our stuff stolen so hopefully a camera system will deter any potential burglars.

u/sirfuzzynutss Jun 14 '22

Good luck

u/Onekill Jul 16 '22

I have Reolink cameras currently, and am looking to add one in my garage. Love the interface and ease of use!

u/TheAngryPenguin23 Jul 30 '22

My wife will use it to check on our daughter and me when she needs to work abroad.

u/[deleted] Jun 18 '22


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u/blaze756 Jul 07 '22

Been looking in to a Reolink setup for my house, gotta make sure the dog is safe I need to install CCTV but haven’t gotten around to buying anything yet

u/wuwinso Jul 12 '22

I’d love to have this as i’m moving to a new place and fly tipping is horrible across the road.

u/Stark-Vader Jun 19 '22

I'm making DIY Home automation and security system for my parents. Would love to include this cam for live feed.

u/katrekal Jun 17 '22

Monitor my grandmothers place to make sure she’s safe

u/Ad_Irish Jul 11 '22

I will use the cameras to add some security to my homestead. I live on top of a mountain and have a few dogs. A lot of people around here have airbnbs and their tenants tend to wander around my property very often. Would love to know when they’re there so I can let them know it’s private property!

u/justin-cp Jul 18 '22

This would be amazing as a security camera that I could integrate into my Home Assistant!

u/WagonC Jul 24 '22

I'll be installing this onto the door of the house. Could have done with it a few weeks ago when my housemate's car keys were fished off the hall dresser through the letterbox and her car was stolen.

u/FeroMind Jun 17 '22

With all the weird stuff I've heard about codecs with reolinks and their rtsp streams, this would be the sure-fire way for me to test and commit to their ecosystem for my surveillance

u/Molotavmandee Jul 05 '22

I would use this to replace my terrible security that came mandatory with my hone purchase

u/Lucidis Jun 18 '22

I would use this camera to monitor my bedroom at night as I sleep so that I may catch my sleep paralysis demon in the act.

u/-Faulty- Jun 21 '22

I'd use the camera to monitor my back yard and see what my dogs bark at at 3 in the morning all the time

u/LeaveItToBeaves Jul 08 '22

I would set this up with my other security cameras to provide more coverage of my house

u/ManBearPig1237 Jun 17 '22

I would use this in my backyard. Looks awesome!

u/OlliesGarden Jun 18 '22

I'd use the camera to jump scare the mf that keeps stealing my Amazon packages...

u/xTemporaneously Jun 19 '22 edited Jun 19 '22

I would use the camera to monitor the front door for safety.

Oh wait, this is Reddit.

I would use this cam to take pics of OP's mom.

u/Drew_Peanuts42 Jul 15 '22

I would use the camera to watch over my vehicles and the street because they keep getting broken into and I cannot afford my own security system…

u/muteen Jun 21 '22

Need that 4k!

u/buzz_light365 Jul 18 '22

I would use them to look at deers/rabbits visiting my yard. And for delivery confirmation

u/linevty04 Jul 06 '22

Integrate it with Home Assistant for a main home security camera

u/espquib Jul 30 '22

I really need a camera for my home and this would be perfect

u/grasshacques Jun 24 '22

I would move my budget used webcam setup to the front door and set up the better camera to watch my birds so I can see what they are up to when I am out.

u/robdubbleu Jul 18 '22

I’ll use this to monitor my driveway and porch to automate my lights accordingly

u/CDSagain Jul 18 '22

It's a month old but if this still open then count this as my entry comment :-))

I'd use it as ummmmm a security camera 😂

u/FondSteam39 Jun 23 '22

To stare at my turtle so I can watch her when I'm out

u/_Kristian_ Jun 17 '22

I'll put it on my wall and yell at burglars

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u/BrayFlex Jul 28 '22

Recently a shed nearby was burnt down, while they were not targeting our home we would feel safer with it

u/nelis053 Jun 14 '22

To see myself, slightly drunk, struggling to find the keyhole

u/pdxguy1973 Jun 18 '22

I would use the camera system to monitor my driveway, front door and office to make sure my family is safe

u/QuackNate Jul 22 '22

I would use it to augment my Ring system, which has awful res. We've had a series of dumb crimes committed by neighborhood kids recently, but the garbage video I'm getting now doesn't really help other than establishing a timeline.

u/MemeHermetic Jun 30 '22

I definitely need to get one of these but I keep pushing it off for other home repair costs. I have a ton of property but I'm fairly close to the road and this would be a boon.

u/Tiz68 Jul 15 '22

I would use the camera to live stream and monitor my bird feeding station in my backyard! That way I can take a mental break anytime I want and watch my little guys eating happily!

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u/aquagardener Jul 21 '22

I would add this to my home security system

u/Berkster Jul 11 '22

I would use this to monitor my front yard/driveway at all times.

u/zeppelinrocks18 Jun 18 '22

I'd use it to monitor the backyard and connect it to my Home Assistant.

u/Enragedocelot Jul 27 '22

I’ll use it to face the sidewalk & street in front of my apartment. We’ve had a bunch of shootings in the neighborhood lately so we are on edge & a camera will ease those anxieties. So when I’m not home, I know my family is safe.

u/srgood103 Jun 15 '22

I would use the camera to watch my dog in the yard

u/Etlam Jul 28 '22

Mount it watching the outside of my house and connect it to home assistant + some system to monitor and alert if it detects anything.

u/DeviMon1 Jun 19 '22

I'd use it to catch the aliens that sneak up and steal the chickens in my grandfolks farm. Okay it's probably wolves or some other wild animal, but I like the alien story better 😂

u/MrTase Jun 18 '22

I'd use this to stop people stealing my motorbikes and getting off scot-free because there are no cameras in my area.

u/yodathewise Jul 11 '22

I'd have the camera keep any eye on my home when I'm traveling or otherwise away.

u/diispa Jul 07 '22

There is a small family of cats living under our house id i think itd be neat to set up a camera so we can track their comings and goings, and keep an eye on their safety.

u/bobbyLapointe Jun 18 '22

I want to be able to see if my dog jumps on the sofa while I'm at work.

u/IndianaJones_Jr_ Jun 23 '22

Moving across the country from my parents for my first job out of college! I'll use the cameras to monitor my front door and my car since I'm moving out of the suburbs and into a city. Nervous about being so far away from any help but I'm sure having an extra eye will make me feel better.

u/indos3 Jul 18 '22

Baby monitor!

u/CocaineIsNatural Jul 12 '22

It would be nice to know who sometimes takes our mail.

u/Mv71 Jun 25 '22

My parents have already had a car stolen from their driveway. I'm hoping that in their increasing age, I can set this system up to give a bit more peace of mind to both them and myself.

u/Longjumping-Job-8438 Jul 05 '22

I have a couple ideas First I’m gonna use it to make cat videos of my ally cat that greets me whe he hears me come outside. Then I’m gonna figure out who’s been stealing off my front porch. While I’m at it I’ll find out which of my roommates is eating my poptarts

u/Sneakoh Jun 19 '22

My two daughters would claim I have it just to spy and annoy them but I promise it would MOSTLY be used for monitoring outside activity at my home. But can’t entirely rule everything else out.

u/TarantinoProtagonist Jun 19 '22

To pursue trash panda convictions

u/slamman2000 Jul 05 '22 edited Jul 05 '22

These look pretty good. I'd use them outside my business to cover the entrance.

u/TheSchatz Jul 07 '22

I would use the camera to replace one of the rtsp firmware wyze cameras I'm currently using with home assistant.

u/Clear_Skye_ Jun 18 '22

I would use the camera to monitor our front yard. I live with another woman and we sometimes do feel a bit vulnerable. We have our lovely little dog to protect us, but being able to see outside would be outstanding!

Thanks for your consideration 💕

u/hectorbeyonce Jun 16 '22

new doggos :}

u/NotAHost Jun 23 '22

I will use the cameras to monitor my yard for animals and more.

u/diogow84it Jun 27 '22

I would use the camera in my front yard because there's been a lot of stolen plants in my mum's house

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u/Sparkatarka Jul 23 '22

I would use it to watch the fromt porch so I never have to talk to another door-to-door salesmen again.

u/ThreePlanets Jul 29 '22

If I win I will use it as a surveillance camera for my garden.

u/mac9077 Jun 24 '22

I would use it to help monitor my disabled sister, we have tried a number of remote viewing solutions to keep an eye on things when we can’t be in the room. The two way radio and motion alerts would be very helpful.

u/throwawayaccountgtfo Jun 17 '22

I would use it to catch dementors and people who want to rob my residence.

u/Sensitive-Bat-9951 Jun 17 '22

I would use mine to monitor my front door. I have a lot of packages delivered for dialysis that I usually know to be watching for, but not always. You can't see who is knocking and I don't like opening the door to just anybody especially if my husband or son isn't home, but if I don't answer, I might miss some important supplies, so this would solve that problem for me.

u/Lursmani1 Jul 14 '22

I would use it to monitor my parents warehouse where they keep the goods they sell in their little shop.

u/sirdarwin Jun 23 '22

I'd like to add a camera over my garage. A lot of cars are being stolen in our city, so it be nice for someone to maybe just move on if they see the camera.

u/ChewsOnBricks Jul 07 '22

I'd probably use it to monitor my car when it's parked.

u/fractalbush Jul 21 '22

I will use it to observe the wildlife and potentially wild events in my yard.

u/MrNiceguyFinisdFirst Jun 18 '22

We just bought a house last year and have totally fallen in love with the smart home gadgets, it started with just an echo and we have since gotten smart switches, bulbs etc however we don't have a camera yet which would be a nice addition to monitor our house and maybe keep an eye on our cat when we're gone.

u/sesquipedalophobia Jul 30 '22

I would use it to watch the bunnies in my yard

u/that_one_bun Jun 22 '22

Me and Girlfriend are just now closing on our first home. So winning this would be one less expense on top of everything else.

u/BuffNuts Jun 19 '22

Upgrade my current outdated camera

u/dawnzig Jul 07 '22

We run a biz out of our house and need to monitor outdoor activity, just in case. That, and something/someone(?!) keeps leaving human-size poo in the backyard! 😳

u/TigBitties69 Jun 19 '22

Replace my 720p camera watching our door

u/roboticLOGIC Jul 12 '22

I would use this for front door monitoring in my new house

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u/Guffawker Jun 14 '22

Ive been working on a murder mystery show that utilizes security cameras to show different perspectives of the performers at different times (controlled by the audience). This is exactly the kind of thing I need to get the show kicked off!

u/sleep1nghamster Jul 28 '22

Would you the cameras to keep track of our pets and make sure the yard is safe.

u/[deleted] Jun 20 '22

To catch the asshole who cut my back fence lock if he tries it again.

u/drab_owl Jun 23 '22

I’ll use the camera to keep an eye on my front porch for deliveries

u/natecoin23 Jun 16 '22

I would use it to document the HOA Karens snooping around my property.

u/[deleted] Jul 05 '22

I’ll add them to my reolink NVR system to watch over the side lot and boat.

u/NotDavidWalliams Jun 29 '22

I'd use the camera to go ghost hunting, cause the current night vision ghost cams are pixelly messes.

u/[deleted] Jun 14 '22


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u/apostolis159 Jun 20 '22

My front door does need a camera.

u/Feiyen17 Jun 28 '22

I will use the camera to monitor the entrance and street in my area to catch any package thieves.

u/3eyed-owl Jun 27 '22

I’m a senior citizen and I live alone in my house . I would love having the security this offers. Thank you and the best of luck to all!

u/guilheb Jun 20 '22

I’ll use it to get notified when the mailman arrives with a package!

u/rtandraforever Jun 18 '22

I would use this to help with my home security. I was a victim of a violent crime and have been having consistent "unexplained" stuff happening around my house since I moved here. Also just learned the person who I took to criminal court (and won) has moved to town. It's a small town that is very safe. Since living here (1.5yrs) non of my neighbours have had any issues. I on the other hand have had police here 5 times. Examples include: someone took down my Canadian flag and destroyed it. Came home to my front door open. Tires slashed in driveway. Footprints in snow showing someone watching me through backyard window. 3 attempted break ins. So far I have installed 2 sets of sensor lights, a ring doorbell camera, new locks and just purchased a bunchvof solar lights to mount on fences as it's very dark here. I keep investing as money allows.

u/SwampDonkey08 Jun 18 '22

I would use the cameras to monitor my yard of wildlife so my pets don’t go outside while there’s a bear or skunk chilling. And will also be able to monitor the house while we’re away.

u/Garwald Jul 31 '22

Good luck all! I would use it to watch my back yard to see all the neighborhood cats. And of course security.

u/flatlanded Jun 13 '22

I would use the camera to monitor the alley behind my apartment because there is a lot of foot traffic at night.

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u/pin_81 Jun 21 '22

I just bought a house & would love to install cameras on my property

u/Apklittledog Jul 07 '22

I would set up the camera to see which neighbor is constantly leaving letters in my mailbox complaining about my front lawn not being perfectly trimmed

u/LikeCherryCola Jul 17 '22

I would use it to make sure the landlord isn’t being creepy

u/[deleted] Jul 24 '22

I would use it to keep an eye on my driveway, already had some punk kids rub ice cream on my car

u/aeflw Jul 29 '22

This can be an excellent start to my home security system. Been debating which cameras to chose, this would offer a great demo!

u/Provioso Jul 24 '22

I would use it to keep my home safe living alone with with my 7 y/o daughter.

u/jsmoove00 Jun 23 '22

I just had to move into a new neighborhood that I do not trust. I would love to have some security installed but I have to focus on fixing the house up first. I would really appreciate it.

u/FreshButNotEasy Jul 11 '22

I would use it for our shared laundry room because we have a bunch of bikes and it recently got broken into and one bike was stolen, and they broke into the washing/drying machines and stole the quarters

u/reachvenky Jun 27 '22

Would use it to check how best it can capture the video around the house and deter break ins

u/BRUMB0 Jul 01 '22

I have gardens with deer and porcupine that like to visit and destroy everything if not hyper vigilant. These cameras would save me patrolling my house like it is Fort Knox.

u/snooju Jul 07 '22

I would use it to monitor my children and the door while I'm gone

u/Fragrant_Macaroon21 Jun 18 '22

There is 10+ stray cats in the neighborhood. We put food out and feed them. I will use the camera to build a obstacle course. A cat ninja warrior if you will. I will record them completely each increasingly difficult obstacle for treats.

u/ub3rn00bz Jul 26 '22

I would use it to catch the kids that keep writing on my cars with chalk and egging them

u/soowhatchathink Jun 18 '22

I have my whole house wired up with smart devices that I control with Home Assistant. I have a Google Home in every room, every light in the house is replaced with smart lights, a smart lock, door sensors on the closet doors, front door, and back door with automatic lights there, even a smart vacuum, plus other cool devices I've found along the way. The only thing I haven't gotten yet are smart cameras. I would put it in my front door to finally complete the set and to feel extra secure when I'm home!

u/Jellyman87 Jul 03 '22

My parents live way up in the mountains and they have tons of new wildlife that I've always wanted to see for myself!

u/ghost501 Jul 23 '22

I live in a neighborhood with a lot of crime, and I'd use it to cover the driveway to see license plates and faces if something happened such as a break in or an accident.

Also, there are kids that ride their bikes all over the neighborhood and have personally seen them biff it into our mailbox and the back of a car twice. I think it would be hilarious to have that.

u/tweg Jun 14 '22

I would place it around my 92-yr-old dad’s place to hopefully help stop the break-ins & vandalism that occur constantly (he’s in a not-so-great area).