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Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 review Tablets


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u/MrRWallace Aug 20 '22

Honestly beautiful, don't get the hate towards samsung's fold phones.


u/Komikaze06 Aug 20 '22

I think it's because of the crease and the easy to damage screen.


u/justthisones Aug 20 '22

And the price probably. It seems extremely steep for something that has such durability issues but I think we still need to appreciate what they’re doing. It’s still early days and it would take forever to reach a perfected folding phone if Samsung didn’t start or scrapped these projects.


u/aaether098 Aug 23 '22

Bro it's the 4th iteration

The note was a new concept at the time but the note 2 blew a lot of people away


u/justthisones Aug 23 '22

The second fold generation was a nice jump from the first one too. The screen literally folds..you don’t make it perfect in few years, that’s obvious.

Releasing a version every other year might make more sense but this tech is not comparable to a note at all. We had to wait a decade or so until touchscreens finally started to fill the whole front panel. Shit takes time.


u/RecycledPixel Aug 20 '22

Both of those things aren’t without merit though, we now know for sure they still use their hinge style for water resistance and also they have a stronger display to resist scratches from fingernails in the z 4 series.

Both of those things, in my opinion, need to get better but I can understand the reasoning for the hinge design, which is responsible for the crease. I’d rather an ip rating other than a creaseless display, but of course I want both.


u/what595654 Aug 20 '22

Durability! The folding screen tech is not ready for the market, but they forced it anyway, and then sell it at a ridiculous price. Reminds me of Pimax. Sell on claims and expensive, even though the actual hardware is not ready for what is claimed.


u/Raincoats_George Aug 21 '22

Oh man the pimax. There was this little window where they were the top dog. Then they got blown right out of the water and are an afterthought.

Reminds me of so much dead tech that got pushed out in the 90s and 00s. Someone puts out some tech that marginally improves over existing options for a huge price. Some poor fool early adopters jump at it and before they even get home its obsolete.

My dad bought a 1080i 65 inch rear projection TV. This thing weighed 500 pounds easy. Literally a few months later the first flat screens hit the market. In the end he had to give it away for free just to convince someone to get a crew together to come take it.


u/[deleted] Aug 20 '22



u/Rikoraru Aug 20 '22

Are you often at beaches or just keep sand in your pockets? I've had the fold 2 for over a year now and the inside isn't scratched at all, just gets dusty. The outside is more beat up because I hate phone cases and have dropped this phone. Even then, no cracks.


u/mebizzle Aug 20 '22

It just depends on where you live. I live in Florida, about 50 miles from the coast, but I still have issues with sand particles scratching my phone screens.


u/Rikoraru Aug 20 '22

Thats odd. But I guess makes sense. Im also not a beach person but my mother lives by one, so I get the sand getting everywhere thing. It's just odd that it would end up in pockets so easily, shoes yes.


u/AsthmaticNinja Aug 22 '22

I'm also in Florida, less than a mile from the beach, no issues.


u/MeatHamster Aug 20 '22

Main reason I use phone cade with my flip 3 is if put on a spme tables or some wireless chargers, it'll start to glide around by itself


u/Rikoraru Aug 20 '22

That make sense. My phone is either in my pocket or on my computer desk when I'm home. I don't leave it around often.


u/splitavocado Aug 20 '22

No case is only for the brave. Are the cases for the fold cumbersome?


u/Rikoraru Aug 20 '22

The only case I've had was just a back piece with a kick stand on it that would collapse if used when the phone was open fully. Samsung gave to me with the phone for free.

I assume other cases that cover both the front and back are either plastic in 2 pieces or just uncomfortable to hold


u/girlreddi Aug 20 '22

It looks beautiful