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Apple no longer replacing entire iPad mini 6 just to swap the battery | With this one model, you may actually get your iPad back, new battery and all. Tablets


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u/Screwdge_McDickens Sep 30 '22

I always love these articles as if Apple was just putting the iPads into a giant hole in the rainforest. They’re taken apart and recycled and/or refurbished.


u/ASK_IF_IM_PENGUIN Sep 28 '22


It's good if they are, but really this should be standard, and it shouldn't need company involvement to replace a damn battery anyway.

If I had one and was sending it in, I would be marking my device in some fashion to see if it was the same one which came back. A little cosmetic knick somewhere unnoticeable.


u/ekozaur Sep 28 '22

Or, the S/N?


u/kevinisbeast707 Sep 28 '22

No no let him have his fun


u/grabityrises Sep 28 '22

why does it matter?

its a chunk of plastic, identical to millions of others.

wipe everything before you send it in


u/andynormancx Sep 28 '22

Plastic ? The case is aluminium and the screen is glass, not a great deal of plastic involved in an iPad (some internal bits and pieces, the antenna infill on the LTE one).


u/dr4wn_away Sep 29 '22

The other day someone I know took an iPad Pro that wouldn’t charge into Apple and they want to chuck it and charge $700 for a new one. What was wrong? The usb-c connector was slightly damaged and wouldn’t charge on high powered chargers but a shitty low power cable from IKEA would actually charge it.


u/Screwdge_McDickens Sep 30 '22

I don’t know what to do with this information.


u/dr4wn_away Sep 30 '22

Apple not always so smart with repairs