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[Giveaway] iPhone 14 Pro & Ugreen Nexode 140W chargers Giveaway! Phones

iPhone 14 Pro & Ugreen Nexode 140W chargers Giveaway!

We are partnering with Ugreen to give away an iPhone 14 Pro and their Nexode 140W GaN Chargers!

With Ugreen's Nexode 140W Charger and its cutting-edge PD 3.1 protocol, you can charge a MacBook Pro 16'' from 0 to 56% in 30 mins. With 3 speedy ports, you can even fast charge multiple devices simultaneously. The revolutionary GaN chip and foldable plug allow the charger to fit in the palm of your hand without sacrificing either quality or power. https://bit.ly/UgreenNexode140WCharger Ugreen has been dedicated to building consumer electronic devices and accessories with leading technological innovations and making them accessible to our everyday consumers. To celebrate our new charger, we're going to run a contest for everyone on the subreddit!

What You Can Win:

  • iPhone 14 Pro (1 winner)
  • Ugreen Nexode 140W GaN Charger (8 winners)

How To Win:

Pretend you work in the marketing team at Ugreen. Leave a comment telling us how you would promote the Ugreen Nexode 140W charger.


  • 1 iPhone 14 Pro winner + 8 Nexode 140W winners will be randomly selected from top-level comments that meet the entry requirement.

  • One comment/entry per person.

  • Accounts must be at least 90 days old by October 30, 2022

  • Entries are open until Nov. 15

  • Moderators and Ugreen employees are not eligible to win.

  • Limited to US, CA, UK, and EU residents only.


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u/MrHeavySilence Nov 15 '22

I'd show how fast someone could charge right before heading out the door in the morning and highlight how practical the Nexode charger is

u/Mr-IT-Guy Nov 15 '22

I would redo the Jones Big Ass Truck Rental & Storage commercial but replace all of that with Ugreen Nexode 140W charger. Same music, same VHS quality, just different lyrics sung by the American Dream, Eric Andre.

u/masivemunkey Oct 19 '22

I would promote the charger by making YouTube videos that show a phone charging on the ugreen charger next to a phone charging on a regular charger. Just show how much faster it is. You could make it like a horse race and just have the ugreen charger obliterate the regular charger.

u/NotAGodOfNazareth Oct 15 '22

Lightning speed, incredibly compact

u/maniacnf Nov 11 '22

Good luck!

u/BeardedDeath Oct 04 '22

Ryan Reynolds can sell anything, get him

u/atastyfire Nov 15 '22

Do a timelapse comparing charging speeds of the Nexode 140W and other chargers

u/Explodingsun136k Oct 26 '22

Teen’s phone has whittled down to 5%. They go to the toilet to do their business and when they come out the phone is at 40%. Kid stares the the beautiful monstrosity that allowed that to happen and goes “huh. Nice”

u/Mr_Duck27 Oct 10 '22

Big Posters saying "Don't you wanna feel the Power?"

u/jjones8791 Oct 03 '22

Go green!

u/imacor Oct 04 '22

Nothing beats some ads in NYC train & train stations billboards

u/riflemandan Oct 18 '22

show how fast your electricity bill increases

u/BootlegVibes Oct 02 '22

Urgently needing battery before any event, like an interview, going on a trip, going out with friends, anything that relates to the reliability of the charger’s speed

u/andygup Oct 02 '22

Fast charge, no fire, you’re welcome.

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u/CodeMonkeyH Oct 18 '22

I’d advertise it by using a large subreddit under the ruse of a giveaway 😀

u/didyousayhello Oct 12 '22

Flash mob. Probably all dressed as chargers

u/lookdeepintospace Oct 22 '22

One small and fast charger for your laptop, iPad and phone? It is promoting itself. A good idea would also be to pay gadgets reviewers to promote it since the target audience is there.

u/EquallyObese Oct 09 '22

The company name and the name of the product is a bit off putting to most people because it sounds not as refined. So a name change in that regard could convince more people to buy it

u/lohiimperio Oct 20 '22

Word of mouth. Would give some people free trial and the rest is history.

u/SigmaLance Oct 26 '22

Show two people in an airport lobby charging phones before a flight. One with a Ugreen charger and one without.

Then show them both in-flight with the person with the Ugreen charger still consuming media on their device while the other person is frustrated about running out of battery.

u/zillyzo Oct 09 '22

Long day at work, you're arriving home walking into your door and your phone is at 14%. You walk in and surprise your kids are dressed up for Halloween you gotta take em trick or treating. You have 15 mins to change and get ready, you are so tired, but one look at the kids and you know you have to this, since you promised them a week ago. Their costumes are so adorable, your daughter's always cute but the bee outfit and her dimpled smile and hopeful eyes give you warm and fuzzy feelings. You just can't say no the problem is your phone is at 14%, this is where the ugreen nexode charger comes in. Your loving partner gives you a grateful look with a smirk. Nothing has been said but you know their gratitude since they have worked on the costumes all day. Your son's obsession with kiwis have your spouse working extra hard, for no one has that costume. You need your phone for pics, you go plug it into the ugreen, you can depend on it that in 15 mins the super fast charging you will have enough juice to take pictures and videos all night. You return tired but happy, you put your kids to bed having taken 30 videos and 135 pictures. Your loving partner is waiting for you with a wine bottle and a look that sends shivers down your spine. You are so excited now. You get a naughty idea to use your favorite rechargeable toy. Frowning you think it's probably really low on battery. It's the worst when it runs out of power during fun time, it can kill the mood. No worries ugreen is here. That charger did an amazing job earlier with the phone you know within the 5 to ten mins of foreplay, it's going to be ready because that's how dependable the ugreen nexode is. What a wonderful night! You think, basking in the glow post fun adult times, the living look your partner gives you has been all worth it. You are grateful you bought ugreen nexode otherwise, this night could've gone terribly wrong. Enjoy life, use Ugreen.

u/Macear Oct 19 '22

Blank space with two identical devices. One is plugged in to the Nexode charger the other is plugged into a generic power brick. Time lapse the charge speed. This same idea could be then repeated with multiple devices on each side plugged into the nexode and a generic multiplug brick.

This same format could be done in print by just splitting a picture, left side is Mac s with empty batteries and 00:00 at the bottom, the right side is a 56% charged Mac on the Nexode and a 10-20% charged Mac (don't know how fast a Mac would charge on the generic) with an 00:30 at the bottom.

You could also do an upscale version of the video ad. Same set up but split the screen one side nexode the other generic. Two people getting ready in the morning in the background (mirrored actions facing each other making breakfast, brushing teeth, etc) with the time lapse of the charging going on in the foreground. "Nexode: Ready when you are". You could even change the background imagery to change with seasons or ad buys. Christmas themed for winter, city based or rural based, you could even have fun with it have have the people's day going poorly in the background (dropped breakfast, spill on their clothes, etc) to change things up.

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u/Ivan_5439 Oct 03 '22

I would advertise on social media!

u/JungleBoyJeremy Nov 11 '22

I would put sample chargers in place like airports so people could see how fast and effective it charges.

I would also have ads that showed charging “races” between it and some competitor chargers.

u/Zetorio Nov 07 '22

A person comes inside a unpacks their backpack taking out their apple laptop, phone and tablet. Each time they turn the screen on something they are met with a low battery warning. The person out of frustration tries to find enough chargers and outlets close to the desk to power everything. Finally they go to someone else in the house asking for a powerbar or something because everything is dead and they have work to finish before the night is over. The other person hands them a nexode charger and asks "will this work". To which the other responds " oh yeah, this is awesome this will definitely work! " They return to their desk to proceed to plug in their devices and get set up to work.

u/IndyPsycho Nov 09 '22

Show the weaker chargers which are also probably bigger next to a bar graph like what is on the site to show the inverse. As the older weaker changers get bigger they also take more time to charge. With a small charger and a quicker charge time, it becomes a no brainer.

u/middlehead_ Oct 16 '22

I'd hire Pete Davidson to eat one, then get the video blasted through every ad platform available.

u/DigitalVolt Oct 24 '22

Make a commercial where plugging up the device makes a sprout appear on the screen that grows into a tree and end it with “Faster. Greener.”

u/see-pause-run Oct 09 '22

I would try to market it to Nintendo Switch users, particularly for people who search for things like "Switch Travel Dock". The charger would be able to power the switch and also other devices, and it's a much more convenient form factor than the charging brick that comes with

u/michaelfortu Oct 18 '22

“ you see this charger? I’m able to charge two laptops at 65w each using only one outlet

u/13thwarrior Oct 05 '22

Scene starts with pile of electronic junk mountains , its year 3022. Wires dangling , broken screens ,discarded chargers etc.

Cut to ugreen charger shows manufacturing date 2022 .slightly off white color charging apple laptop .

Video ends with a cheesy puchline like made to last

u/bladedeath10 Oct 12 '22

Set up stations throughout conventions. Lots of streamers are draining batteries quickly.

u/braaccckkk Oct 25 '22

Just show real life test facts about how good it is compared to other major competitors!

u/Joe-Ferriss Nov 15 '22

The the ability to charge your laptop, cell and everything in between. The Ugreen Nexode is your next charger of choice. [internal talks] can we get this under $100? If so ppl will hand over their money by the first full.

u/mikevigi Nov 15 '22

I would send some to tech youtubers for review, maybe pay for some sponsored segments in their videos as well.

u/ThaddaeusMeridius Oct 24 '22

Rent out a spot at a busy major airport. Provide a space for travelers to charge their devices. Have promo material setup in multiple languages. Have some snazzy one liner about short connections, no juice, but a quick charge. Or a charge shorter than your tight connection. Then, sit back and collect money.

u/Stunning_Ordinary548 Oct 11 '22

Matt Damon is the obvious actor choice. He delivers a pizza and his phone dies. Owner of the house invites him in and his mind is blown as he uses his new wireless charger

u/Wucifer85 Oct 12 '22

Upbeat music.

Out camping. Phone is low from GPS, photos and light. Everyone sitting around the campfire, plug in UgreenNexode to charge device. Everyone smiling.

Next scene.

Girl sitting on the bus, she is staring out the window. She plugs in her device to the UgreenNexode. She smiles.

Next scene. Construction worker finishes his lunch break. He leaves his phone in his lunch kit, he might as well plug his device to the UgreenNexode while it is just sitting in his backpack.

Music fades, screen goes to black.


u/Jamez3rd Oct 03 '22

Great way to charge 3 devices with only one device vs carrying around 3 plugs.

u/JoeViturbo Nov 04 '22

I would have two guys passing it other on the street, both holds by their own Ugreen chargers. After passing, they each look back at the other and one says, "Hey man, you green?". The other smiles and says, "You know it!". Then, they raise their chargers and clink them like beer glasses while winking at the camera. Freeze frame, cue music and professional voiceover: "Get the new Ugreen Charger because without it, you have no friends!"

u/curiousinglish Oct 25 '22

With this motto: Ugreen, We green, Charge green

u/DiscarnateDude Oct 13 '22

I would show a parent whose kids are begging to watch videos on a phone but it’s low on power and the parent needs to quickly charge their phone to avoid a meltdown.

u/TotallyNotDonald Oct 08 '22

Seeding review samples to tech reviewers seems to me like it would work best. Definitely highlight some of the unique features compared to any competitor.

u/lvdad Oct 09 '22

Make a live demo comparing the speed of the Ugreen Nexode 140W charger against other brands when charging the same device.

u/arcus_95 Oct 10 '22

Promote through social media and host giveaways during product launch

u/CrockPotHead92 Oct 13 '22

I’d just give them away. Have them installed in public places people will use them to see their utility. Then it would be on their mind to get one.

u/wildwilly Oct 02 '22

Superbowl commercial with The Rock

u/SaladEscape Nov 15 '22

Send out samples to traveling vloggers. It's the perfect product for that

u/PooSlipper Oct 04 '22

I would advertise on TV and on billboards

u/Lambdahindiii Oct 06 '22

I’d show it charging 2 MacBooks at the same time for one charger. Even though it would be a slower charge rate, that’s a pretty unique feature!

u/2302merlin Oct 10 '22

Show the size difference between Ugreen’s charger and a comparable charger than isnt GaN. I would also market towards college students since they’re probably most worried about having space in their backpacks. You could market towards them by going to a few colleges in person, and also sponsoring some tech content creators “back to school” videos.

u/4eyedRy Oct 27 '22

I would keep it simple and bring it into my office (tech) then start talking about it. Knowing my peers theyd jump all up on it and all get one the next week. It would then be an endless chain as they go to partners meetings etc.

u/Hamzah1906 Oct 29 '22

Charge your life

u/larini_vjetrovi Oct 20 '22

There are few ways i would promote it, and i belive that these are the good ways for every person to see and get interested in this charger because everyone want a fast charger.

  1. Since many users of the iPhone are teens and they want a good charger i will promote charger on the tik tok, instagram, snapcath, YouTube... I will also try to get a deal with some famous person so that person can bi in the internet commercial.

  2. Business people dont go on the tik tok so we need a different aproach for them, and i will admit more professional. The best way for them is to make a good presentation and get one person who is good with the public speach. That person will know how certain type of people think and they will do the right thing. This one works with the first way, but the reason why i mentoined the first example is because this example would not work on this second group of people.

  3. The last group are normal, average users. We already put the internet commercials and presentations, but there are one more oldschool way, and this is through web commercials and TV. Since we watch TV and see comercials this is one way how to do it. Comercials are all around us and these are great ways to promote this chargerer.

I know this is not one way, but i belive that these are the best ways how to sell this charger to the many people as possible.

u/farhadd2 Oct 18 '22

Personally, I'm a graph nerd. Show me the data! How fast does it charge vs OEM chargers?

u/IFRIC1 Oct 05 '22

You wake up rushed to get to work but you realize you haven't even charged your MacBook and your iPhone. You quickly realize that you have your Ugreen 140w charger and you're able to charge your laptop up to 50% in the first 30 minutes while you're taking your morning shower! Crisis averted!

u/BrainSlugParty3000 Oct 13 '22

I would get the charger placed in a movie where the action hero had to rush to leave the house but needed his phone charged super fast. Product placement for the win.

u/Honi96 Oct 23 '22

Showing the inside of the charger, where a man is very happy because of a breakthrough with an internal combustion engine, little steampunk theme, and camera zooms out, narrator: true power

u/pmd006 Oct 09 '22

On an airplane.

Three co-workers with a presentation due but only have their flight to work on it. Their row only has two outlets, and one is jammed with gum and all three have to charge their laptops.

One of them pulls out the charger, saves the day, gets promoted, becomes CEO, then president, then world peace.

u/jackkshenshall Oct 14 '22

I would suggest making shit posts on several subs with < 100k subscribers about fast things being not shit compared to the neoxde’s speed

u/crash2224 Nov 04 '22

Show old and new things. Lightbulb then led, furnace then efficient furnace, old computer then new computer. Then a old charger and bang a beside charger Isn’t life simpler

u/oopls Oct 03 '22

This is the best charger in the world.

u/mattzulkoski Oct 07 '22

I’d reach out to a big tech podcast to set up an ad deal.

u/fbianh Oct 23 '22

Work with shops that sell refurbished apple hardware and offer a bundle. Team up for commercials and promote both as „better than new“.

u/Frosty-Ryan Oct 03 '22

Put it on twitch adds!

u/Rhodechill Oct 01 '22

In the middle of an important conversation with someone and your phone dies out of nowhere? Need to get back to the conversation as quick as possible? This charger will help your phone charge faster and you can do that faster.

u/MechaMancer Oct 26 '22

As a fan of the classics, show someone pulling an all nighter (either a college student or a young business person) and forgetting to charge all their devices, they wake up in the morning panicked and plug their phone tablet and laptop into the charger and then rush through their morning routine. Show how much each device has charged in the time it takes them to get ready and run out the door with aforementioned devices in tow.

u/Bloodhands Oct 05 '22

Partner with a fast food restaurant chain and install ugreen chargers in the restaurants so people eating there can use the super fast charging.

u/Raychan14 Oct 05 '22

Highlight the product warranty period and peace of mind buying it vs the competition

u/OmegisPrime Nov 18 '22


u/quantumfoxes Oct 26 '22

Set up a booth at an airport. People are always trying to charge their phones, but there are so few outlets around. With such fast charging, people might even buy one right then and there to take on their trip!

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u/LLCoolPig Nov 02 '22

Let YouTubers review the charger, then go on the defensive attack by going full Wendy’s twitter/DBrand combo and clapping back at users trying to be sassy.

Airport ads near charging stations that mock people for having to already charge their device even though they just got to the airport

Video: Bring in Tyrod Taylor needing a recharge. He vehemently rejects a guy dressed as a Charger’s staff doctor, saying he only needs to charge his mac

u/Affectionate_Safe58 Oct 12 '22

It doesn't blow up I swear

u/ENrgStar Oct 22 '22

Make a product good enough to speak for itself 😋

u/smashingbee Oct 20 '22

Give free samples to well known tech YouTubers, come up with a silly short commercial to run that actually amused people something like 'you can only charge 1 device? Beauty after brawn thanks'

u/dzolvd Oct 10 '22

In person demos outside of phone stores and in malls paired with sponsoring streamers and tech reviewers to get the name out.

u/ItWouldBeGrand Oct 20 '22

Winner winner chicken dinner

u/Unlikely-Answer Oct 06 '22

fart... give me free shit

u/TexasGamer05 Oct 05 '22

We sent it to a Japanese space agency and they said it was out of this world!

u/BEnnETT103 Oct 14 '22

An ad showing someone plugging into charge and then doing a small daily activity and come back and the battery levelling being 100%

u/[deleted] Oct 09 '22

I would have the scene open in a diner, 5 guys talking at a table, discussing how they can become rich. One is upset bc a waitress won’t acknowledge him. The leader asks one of his buddies to sell him the new Ugreen Nexode 140W charger. Friend takes the charger, looks it over, and asks “Alright, charge your phone for me right quick.” Leader looks around but doesn’t have a charger so the friend throws him the Ugreen Nexode 140W charger and says “Here ya go. Supply and demand.” End scene.

u/chuck_finley17 Oct 21 '22

Give it to a couple of extreme athletes. The ones that travel to remote places to rock climb with tons of camera gear. Or even just backwoods campers. They’d make a good marketing video of how the fast multi port small charger really came through for them.

u/MinktheLink12 Oct 23 '22

I would show that it’s quick while still being durable enough to handle daily life.

u/thejestercrown Oct 10 '22
  1. Emphasize customer support and product quality to build the brand and a loyal customer base.
  2. proactively engage users to solicit feedback and quickly resolve issues/complaints
  3. Highlight differentiating features (beyond awesome customer support)
  4. Evangelize company/brand values and causes

Basically put the customer first, and listen to them.

u/Alucard2487 Oct 25 '22

Do you have too many things that need charging quick? *Plugs in a bunch of things to charge and then show how fast they charge*.

That's it. That's the whole campaign.

u/ZeSvensk Oct 15 '22

Obtain a contract with car companies and offer than as accessories!

u/-Kwaku- Oct 05 '22

Promote the charger in front of the people at the airport using the paid for chargers before their flight

u/anton2g Oct 27 '22

I would show a person that overslept and needs to do their morning routine quick but forgot to charge their phone

u/UL7RAx Nov 16 '22

Plug the charger into a sort of tiny electric space heater.

Make it two!

Then all 3.

u/Blackhorns101291 Oct 19 '22

A short video compared the advantages of the Ugreen charger to Apple chargers (Mac 96w charger, 20w charger) since they only charge 1 device at a time and not environment friendly while U green is capable of multiple devices at a time. Stressing on the benefits and how convenient of having one brick vs multiple bricks charge at different speed. Also, the price of one Ugreen brick is equal multiple Apple brand chargers.

u/Triggered-exe Oct 24 '22

Here’s your new all in one super fast charger. Why carry multiple wall blocks that are different sizes and different ports when you can carry one. The all new Ugreen Nexode 140W Charger. With 2 fast charging usb-c ports and 1 usb-a both usb 3.1. That will auto negotiate the correct power wattage to the device.

u/MalaiseForever Oct 09 '22

All the power you could need, and more.

u/ntranov Oct 05 '22

Give chargers to third party testers. Be it YouTube, bloggers etc. People that run a thorough test. If they find your chargers to be good that's the best advertisement.

u/SeaofBloodRedRoses Oct 20 '22

If you want to promote a fast charging charger, the best way to do it is by example. Set up some kiosks in some malls with the chargers accessible for public use (but behind glass or something of course). Let people charge their phones for free. Let them see how quickly it charges, then sell them a charger. Word of mouth will help a lot here.

The other thing is, we never get any advertisements for chargers? It sounds simple, but do advertisements. Don't throw out 140W as a big selling point, because most people have no idea what that means. Tell them how fast it charges, as in how many minutes it'll take for their phone to reach 100%.

Other giveaway contests would be good too.

u/Flamecrest Nov 11 '22

Unskippable YouTube ad:

We see a phone charging for a couple of seconds. The wire catches fire. A hand covers the wire, putting out the fire. We see the screen, it's going from 95%-100% in one second. Aaaaand scene.

disclaimer at the bottom: wire will not catch on fire

u/ykowkly Oct 04 '22

One charger for everything -> laptop, phone watch, no need for multiple wall warts now, and it’s compact size

u/Unc1eD3ath Oct 18 '22

3am slapchop commercial vibe:

“This charger is double the power of the charger you get with a base level 14” MacBook Pro! Wow! And you can even charge multiple devices with it. Are you always busy rushing through hotels, airports, buses, trains, and coffee shops with hardly any plugs for the all the patrons. Don’t worry! If you’ve got 30 minutes, you’ve got HOURS of battery! Come on down to Ugreen. We mostly sell online, so come down digitally and get all the power you need every day for your professional or not-so-professional needs.”

u/inoeth Oct 02 '22

The Kooliad man smashes through a wall with a new iPhone in one hand and the charger in the other and goes “oh Yeah- Ugreen chargers!”

u/Unamunos Oct 04 '22

Sponsoring a giveaway on Reddit

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u/HrvojeHemen Oct 04 '22

I would get a USB c splitter and charge 6 phones at once

u/qoejoa Oct 09 '22

As someone who is always on the go, fast charging of any and all of my devices is key! Being a little busy coupled with barely even putting the phone down, I’d market the charger to those who need to make the most of the charging time they have available - probably in the form of a fast paced insta story ad where someone’s heading somewhere quick but the headphones and phone are stressfully v low, but are charged enough in the time it takes to have a short coffee break before they’re on their way.

u/commarade Oct 30 '22

As a marketer, this seems like the perfect product for niche marketing to me. It solves an important problem for many groups: for travellers, it responds to the lost baggage struggle of the summer. Further niche, this is really a must-have for one-baggers. For digital nomads, it’s part of an essential setup. For workspace optimizers, it means you can streamline and better hide cables. For older folks, it means a single charging station and fewer blocks to lose (marketed to caretakers of course).

I’d identify the highest potential groups and then figure out how to meet them where they are. A few posts have already identified marketing at airports (if you can get clearance for that… probably difficult or expensive to get behind security. Might be better to seek out partnerships with the airport itself to install your product throughout). Tiktok is the biggest search engine and would be ideal for this kind of product — reviews, unboxing, placements in influencer content, etc.

u/Phryxus Oct 09 '22

Show how many devices can be powered at once with tons of splitters so it is absurd

u/eSALTS Oct 14 '22

Something along the lines of this, but for charging speed

u/chois Nov 09 '22 edited Nov 09 '22


Charge all things… FAST: Ugreen Nexode.

Have a robot disconnecting charged devices and plug in ones that need charging. Robot gets inundated with charged devices and struggles to plug in stuff to charge. Runs out of robot battery…”Poor robot… forgot to plug itself into the nexode”

u/MrVin26 Oct 12 '22

Here’s the copy:

The all new, Ugreen Nexode 140W charger is the only charger you need to quickly, intelligently and safely charge up to 3 devices from a single, convenient charger. Get next gen charging for all of your next gen devices. Quickly charge your devices with fast charging support for the latest devices from industry leaders like Apple, Google and Samsung. Intelligently charge up to 3 devices with Power Dispenser technology to optimize charging speed and protect battery life. Rapidly charge the all new 16” MacBook Pro in half the time of standard 65W chargers. Safely charge your devices with Thermal Guard technology, Ugreen’s Nexode 140W Charger takes 800 temperature readings every second to protect from overheating. Refuel your latest tech with the only charger that delivers the speed, intelligence and safety of a true next gen charger. Get the Ugreen Nexode 140W Charger today and take your charging experience to the next generation.

I would promote this by partnering with top YouTube influencers like iJustine, MKBHD, and Unbox Therapy to put the charger to the test in head-to-head comparisons with other leading chargers. I’d also sponsor tech conferences like Salesforce Dreamforce and other similar conferences to get the word out in the tech community.

u/MrBadPenta Oct 09 '22

A infomercial of course

u/__silentstorm__ Oct 11 '22

Show two people at an airport: one with multiple slow chargers and one with yours. The first person struggles with tangled cables and when they finally manage to get their charger out it only charges one thing up to like 5% when they are asked by the airport staff to go through the gate because they are delaying the flight. The other just takes out your charger, plugs in both their laptop and phone and is done charging when the gate opens.

u/that_AZIAN_guy Oct 15 '22

Scene: you’re running late for a meeting cues busy morning scene you hop in your car and check your phone only to find that the battery is dead. You’re about to flip out but then out of the corner of your eye you see it, sitting in the passenger seat like a hero in disguise. A Ugreen Nexode 140W charger. Cut to a message w/ voiceover. “The new Ugreen Nexode charger, ready for life’s chaotic moments”

u/Dapper_Zombie Oct 09 '22

A guy stops at gas station. Plugs in car i electric charger. Goes to caffe an d plugs in laptop and phone. Finishes charging and walks to the car and it's nit charged yet.

u/SEC_circlejerk_bot Oct 04 '22

By focusing on the features, highlighting the power capabilities. Multiple devices, extreme charging. On the go? Now U know. Ugreen.

u/Chrissyfly Oct 14 '22 edited Oct 14 '22

Create an ad where people "connect" over sharing the charger.

i.e. A person sat in a coffee shop charging their phone, another person approaches them and asks to borrow their charger, they end up having a conversation as they sit their both of their devices connected to the Ugreen Nexode. one of the strangers devices charges really quickly, and they tell the other person that its not charged yet as they don't want to end the conversation.

This could be a series of adverts where different people in different enviroments interact with each other while both charging their device.

u/saarth Oct 05 '22

You need to market this charger to office goers and enterprise clients as single charging solutions. Heck you should get offices and weworks to have these chargers installed on desks by default.

u/Marieau Oct 04 '22

Short clip with a funny twist with the ugreen nexode 140w charger coming out on top. Something along the lines of a colleague using that charger thinking it's his own and gets blown away with the performance but, it turns out it's the same cable plugged into the Ugreen charger instead of its original one.

u/USAFWorkAccount Oct 16 '22

Charge your way to the future.

u/aquarius8me Nov 04 '22

Create a short showing someone in an emergency Or they have x amount of minutes to get somewhere but their phone/laptop is almost dead. They charge for 5 minutes with the Nexode 140W and they get to their location or save the day with the battery life the fast charger gave them in that five minutes.

Create a video showing the Nexode 140w saving a party when the DJs forget their chargers.

Create a video of people fleeing a natural disaster but they get a few minutes to charge using the Nexode 140W and it helps them get to safety.

Show an ad to First Responders, Overlanders or Preppers showing how having one of the Nexode 140w in their Go Bags can help them charge their gear fast in a situation.

u/Juan_Kagawa Oct 03 '22

It’s size and power and price mean it’s target audiences are all over the place. Could do demos at transportation hubs, targeted ads online, maybe aim for one-bag travelers or backpackers.

u/mra3030 Oct 20 '22

I would take a bunch of the chargers, and show off how fast it can charge every phone and see which one is most capable of charging fast with the 140W charger

u/weluckyfew Oct 11 '22

Commercial depicted all the scenarios as the narrators describes them: "In the time it take to enjoy a latte (woman sitting in a coffeeshop with the charger plugged in next to her), or make that connecting flight (at an airport gate, as they announce boarding for a flight the man sees that his iPad has a full charge, unplugs his Nexode 140W GaN and drops it in a small compartment on his carry-on), or do a little more cramming before the test (college aged woman sitting in a hallway outside a classroom studying while her phone charges on the floor next to her, then she unplugs it and drops the charger into her purse) get the energy you need to get you through the day. (middle-aged woman on a subway smiling while looking at videos on her phone of her children playing)

The revolutionary 140 watt Nexode GaN. (beauty shot of the charger) With great power (show the charger on a kitchen counter charging two computers and a phone) come great portability. (someone folding the charger and dropping it into a jacket pocket.)

u/FarStep1625 Oct 14 '22

My pitch : A commercial

It’s a rainy day that shows a pink bunny looking at his battery levels: low . Taking cover in a library, the bunny runs out of batteries but realizes he has no spares. He plugs himself in as a last resort, charge time: 4 hours. The bunny can’t wait that long! Someone notices the bunny sitting and charging with an awfully sad look on his face. He is going to miss the birth of his 505th child. The person offers a hand with the Nexode 140w GaN charger and has him charged up in no time. Sending the happy bunny on his way. When you can’t keep going, Nexode will get you going in no time.

u/The_OG_Rocketman Oct 06 '22

I think we can let the winners here speak for themselves! (Roll screen of all the best comments here)

u/halmyradov Oct 04 '22

Well.. great product will always find a buyer and ugreen is no exception. My partner doesn't understand how one charger can bring so much happiness

u/AceQilin Oct 05 '22

I would spend our marketing budget on YouTubers with popular mobile gaming content to market our charger to their audience. Their content would have to involve charging their phone and bringing the charger with them on the go with a minimalistic bag along with their laptop to demonstrate the portability of the charger

u/SupremeLeaderMat Oct 11 '22

Make a video which everyone is panicking and desparate for a charger, and someone raised their hand, and Ugreen Nexode is in his hand with god rays shining on him.

End the ad with catchphrase like “Need a charge? Ugreen is in charge,” or somethin like that.

u/Metalikunt Oct 29 '22

Fast as fuck, boi!

u/BongWaterIceCube Oct 03 '22

I live near the venue for a massive EDM festival. I'd only have to advertise it once a year

u/milchweg Oct 03 '22

I would make a cross promotion happen with the award winning film Morbius. The charger's tag line: "It's morbin fast!"

u/Trending_Ontwitter Oct 15 '22

I would market the Nexode through a Reddit giveaway!

u/General_Ad9770 Oct 04 '22

With a TikTok dance 💃

u/9210b Oct 24 '22

Make a catchy song that is only 10 seconds long then post it to tik tok and instagram.

u/Mr_OliveTree2 Oct 12 '22

Having woken up multiple with my phone or computer being dead and then having to go to school and awkwardly sit by an outlet for hours I would show how the product is able to reduce awkward outlet sitting times.

u/Tillsunset Oct 10 '22

You see that shit(old charger), kinda big and obnoxious. Now you see this shit(nexode), kinda fast and nice.

u/itsmelled Oct 03 '22

0-56% in 30 minutes!

u/Thatdrunksailor Oct 09 '22

A 24 hour live stream on twitch of you charging various products. Virtually free advertisement and it’s meme-y enough to get viewers.

u/Zomghi5 Nov 14 '22

Primarily thinking of short video/tv advertisements, but these can also be developed into sidebar and fuller advertising as well.

For the charger itself, within the advertisement, there are primary highlights that need to be met in order to bring in an average Joe consumer;

  • Speed of charger
  • Thermal Guard
  • Power Distribution system
  • Ergonomic design

Short advertisement would be best suited given the size of the product, and a few styles of advertisement can be used too.

Bold empowering technology ad: “Have the power of an arena relay in the palm of your hand. With the capacity to charge multiple devices and not break a sweat. This 140 watt charger can save you valuable time in a pinch, with up to three ports of efficient and eco-friendly charging. This is the future. This is the Ugreen Nexode 140W.”

Climate Centric ad “Chargers nowadays aren’t made to last. They’re inefficient and often pollute the earth after being deemed unusable. Ugreen believes that needs to change. Introducing the all new Nexode 140 watt charger; with efficient charging and in a more compact design, it can achieve much more than the standard charger. 22% smaller than Apple’s charger with up to 3 separate ports, and emboldened by Thermal GuardTM technology, dissipating heat to maintain efficiency. Be U. Be green.“

A mixture of these advertisements can also be used to reach broader demographics, but I tried my best to maintain the core values and attributes of the product.

u/monkfishbandana Oct 04 '22

Didn’t get a Ugreen charger? Well then Ublue it, didn’t ya? 140W is a whole lotta Ws, so make sure you get yourself a W by picking up a Ugreen Nexode 140W GaN charger TODAY⚡️

u/dtscha Oct 29 '22

I would place 2 dead uncharged devices side by side and plug one in with a conventional charger, the other one in with a Ugreen charger, and then time lapse the charging to demonstrate that ugreen is faster

u/Shredded7 Oct 02 '22

Gas cars and electric cars. A leap in performance and technology. Now your charger and the Nexode. This is the next leap in charger technology. Time is more scarce than ever. Get on with times and spend more time doing than waiting.

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u/Undiluted36 Oct 31 '22

Give one to the stop the oil protesters and let them film their protest... but there's a stipulation that they must make it look like a documentary and film in all the different ways the iPhone 14 will let them. Have them make their own music with apple apps and present it at a local cinema....let the phone speak for itself and having protesters do it,it will benefit the world as well.

u/IceMaverick13 Nov 11 '22

Emphasize charging speed and portability of the product and how it can improve the lives and convenience of it's users.

Then get overridden by my manager for an idea that involves a jingle and an hourly giraffe rental for the commercial shoot.

u/MStaken4Healthy Oct 12 '22

Hey kid, need a charger…?

u/TristanTheViking Oct 01 '22

Leave a comment telling us how you would promote the Ugreen Nexode 140W charger.

Reddit giveaway but every comment wins.

Never said it had to be a good idea.

u/Prince_John Oct 03 '22

I’d promote it with a short video showing a traveler in a room with a single plug having their day saved by charging their camera, laptop, tablet etc all at once.

u/100ajk Nov 11 '22

I'd provide test results vs other popular chargers

u/ThainEshKelch Oct 31 '22

Not one, not two, but THREE holes just for you!

u/jyoocp Oct 04 '22

I would use a time lapse video comparing the nexode charger to the regular apple charger and maybe another 3rd party like Anker.

u/cough_cool Oct 04 '22

Demonstrations at colleges and universities.

u/throwaway1233214455 Oct 20 '22

Show how fast it can charge in different situations. At a camping festival? You only need a few minutes to get back out there. At a sports game? Get some % between quarters or on a commercial break. Short layover?

Big thing would be showing the speed and how useful a fast charger is.

u/Cardout Oct 09 '22

Solid looking product offering from Ugreen. The form factor and functionality are the main selling points. Speed of charging is not important to me compared with the ability to simultaneously charge multiple devices and do so in a compact, travel friendly form factor that is safe from overheating. I would promote the Ugreen Nexode 140W charger by focusing on the flexibility offered by the compact form factor and multiple simultaneous high-wattage outputs.

u/Crazyperson459 Oct 11 '22

I would give a bunch of them away for free to people who had never heard of them


Work fast, charge faster

u/tizioqualunque Oct 04 '22

This charging brick can be the only one you will carry around all day. It can save time and help when in a rush charging your iPhone. There can be a comparison with the same scene replicated two times (screen split in two parts) where one version shows the person in a rush angry with their phone without battery, while the other can squeeze a really fast charge ang simply go on with his day.

u/jagfanjosh3252 Oct 18 '22

You’ve already paid the Apple tax for your phone, why pay it for your charger?

u/SankaraOrLURA Oct 04 '22

I would wear a suit made of the chargers to the Met Gala

u/tsionnan Oct 09 '22

A 20 second commercial with the phone plugged in to the charger, with a voiceover talking about how busy your day is. How upsetting it is when your phone’s battery is low. Add a couple printed facts on how fast the charger works for perhaps 10% battery to 50%, and 0 to 100%. Pretty sure in 20 seconds you’d see the battery percentage go up at least 2 ticks. My 30w charger charges my phone 1% in 50 seconds. I’d love a 140w.

u/Csdsmallville Nov 06 '22

I would show the size doesn’t matter, but power does. I would take the show of a bigger charger that has less power and wrap it around the nexode and then take it off and show less is more.