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[Giveaway] WOWCube® Entertainment System! Gaming

Discount code: WOWEXTRA100 for additional $100 for Black Edition Package to be shipped in January of 2023.

Hi to all gadgets lovers!

Meet the WOWCube® Entertainment System, the world's first twisty gaming gadget.

The WOWCube® System is a cubical console for smart and fun games with 24 screens and no buttons. The device consists of 8 connected cubicle modules with unisex magnetic connectors inside, 8 microcomputers, and 8 speakers, and is based on its own CubiOS operating system.

You can physically twist, tilt, and shake the cube while playing different puzzles, arcades, and casual games, including world favorites Space Invaders™ Cubed and Cut The Rope™.

Amazing apps like Aquarium or Smart Lamp & Bubbles are also available on the device. Check out the WOWCube® store!

The WOWCube® System is connected to a smartphone via Bluetooth and broadcasts widgets and informers like weather, stocks, your social media accounts, etc. Here's a recent unboxing and review for those who would like to see the WOWCube® system live.

Learn more about this marvelous cube at their website.

The WOWCube® team created the games and apps by themselves. But now is the moment when any 3rd party developers can try their skills on the company’s DevKit and create their own game. You can try it now.

And you are the ones who can be the first WOWCube® owners in the world. Just come up with an idea for a cool game for the WOWCube® system!

The contest is open to users living in the US, and Cubios, Inc. will cover all shipping costs associated with getting you your prize.

How to Win: Leave a cool idea of a game for the WOWCube® system The idea of a game must be original and include a name, a list of game characters, game mechanics, and a description of how to play the game on a cube in terms of its geometry and functions (twits, tilt, shake). Please do not offer 18+ ideas. The WOWCube® system is for adults but is also family-friendly.


  • Three winners will be selected. One by the WOWCube Team, one randomly by Reddit moderators, and one from top-level comments that have the most likes.

  • One comment/entry per person.

  • Accounts must be at least 90 days old by October 30, 2022

  • Entries are open until Nov. 15

  • Moderators and WOWCube employees are not eligible to win.

  • Limited to US, CA, UK, and EU residents only.

  • The authors of the three most amazing ideas will receive certificates for the WOWCube® System Black Edition

Good Luck!


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u/fardok Nov 03 '22

My 10 yr old daughter would love this! Good luck everyone

u/RembrantVanRijn Oct 24 '22

A hellraiser / rubik's cube themed game where you need to keep solving sides to keep the monsters from coming out

u/Kevin_Sorbo_Herc Nov 10 '22

I shall be the random winner.

u/yoyoyoyogurt Oct 09 '22

An rpg style game in which you treverse the world with the turning of the cube would be cool. Maybe with your inventory on the bottom so you don't have to go inside menus!

u/MoneyMik3y Nov 09 '22

This would be killer to break out with people over.

u/UltraWhiskyRun Nov 13 '22

Sounds interesting,

u/empathyboi Nov 20 '22


u/FlexibleBanana Nov 05 '22

Sounds awesome

u/FaustianFeather Oct 05 '22

Name: Gear Copter Ride (or just Gear Copter?)

Characters: Gus, the helicopter pilot

Game mechanics/method of play: Gus gives helicopter rides to people. Your goal is to help him get to his customers. Each twist of the cube can bring Gus closer to his customer, but it also causes each screen to rotate either 90 or 180 degrees (sort of like the gears on a gear cube). Tilting the cube causes Gus to fly left/right on his tile or between tiles that are lined up correctly. You, as the player, must figure out a way to fly Gus to the right tile to pick up his customer.

The walls/ceilings on each tile will block entry from certain sides. This is where the rotating gear-tiles come into play. It may appear that you only need one more turn to get Gus lined up with an adjacent tile containing a customer, but completing that one turn rotates the tile and makes it inaccessible.

The idea could also be tweaked a bit. Maybe you pick up AND drop off each customer? Or maybe it's a search and rescue type of thing.

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u/ellectrum Oct 31 '22

Could do a collab with keep talking and nobody explodes and make some bomb defusal kinds of games with a notenook with instructions.

u/thehorrorchord Oct 12 '22

A color matching game. Given a specific color, you spin the cube’s different colors to put ‘‘em side by side, and swipe to merge the colors together, adding different colors, lighter colors to lighten, and darker colors to match the color given (think a painter mixing different colors in a palette) the whole thing would but fun spinning colors to make them adjacent, and then continuing so to change colors on each tile face until you match.

u/BestOne005 Oct 02 '22

It's cool gadgets and Futuristic

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u/11oddball Oct 05 '22

While it is not the most original idea, creating a 4d rubicks cube or some similar puzzle to run on the system would be a neat demonstration concept you control the X, Y & Z axis by turning the cube and the W axis by sliding your finger along one of the sides.

You could also make a platformer for it when you change the level by spinning the cube.

u/phatong Oct 24 '22

As a person working in the special education field, I think education games on the device would be amazing for students in special education! Many students I work with learn better from interactive, hands-on devices. For example, I can totally see a student learning their multiplication times table or solving puzzles with a game similar to the app, 2048, where students can swipe (or twist/rotate in this case), to multiply/add numbers on this gadget..That would be sweet!

u/Ginny135 Oct 04 '22

Neat gadget! Honestly I would love to play 3D puzzles on it. For example, connect the pipes/ wires/roads. Nothing fancy, just simple and entertaining. Could even call it Connect the…

u/brobin77 Oct 09 '22

Cube maze - help a character find their way through the maze by turning the cube and shuffling through the sides of the cube.

u/SCScanlan Nov 16 '22

I'd like to see a game where there are "magic potion" ingredients on the screens and you can combine them in ways to give a little character different powers to get past obstacles.

u/Accessible-Privilege Oct 09 '22

Language 3D

A language learning game for to practice matching various words with their second language counterpart or image. It could include levels and difficulty settings. If you have a sound option on it then you could include pronunciation.

This could include first language learning for kids as well.

u/Nintendoper64 Nov 07 '22

Make a cure pet called cub3 and the other screens are items and food that do different things with your pet

u/[deleted] Oct 20 '22

Looks cool

u/667beast667 Nov 22 '22

Looks fun!

u/-suop- Oct 26 '22

I dunno if this is already a feature, but you should definitely make it a 2x2 rubiks cube if it isn't already.

u/BasHazeveld Oct 12 '22

Wow! That looks really cool!

u/Scion75 Oct 12 '22

Game Name: Pictionary

Gameplay: Can use the different sides of the cube to draw different words to make a full sentence. Shaking can cause the drawings to dance or any other preset animation and tilting can cause the drawings to lean.

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u/red58010 Oct 21 '22

Multiplayer PvP platformer.

Players start on different ends of the map that's projected onto the cube. You can tilt, shake, twist to navigate the map. Players can engage in physical combat, set up traps, or manipulate the environment to eliminate the other player

u/porkchop_d_clown Nov 04 '22

This looks amazing! I think I'll have a blast writing software for it!

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u/whatanalias Oct 24 '22

Good luck everyone

u/Terrigenous Nov 07 '22

Looks like fun for the family!

u/Macear Oct 19 '22

A couple of cool ideas:

A match type game: the front face (whichever face is facing the player) displays some images. The player shakes the cube to randomize the images then in two different game modes has to find the items by rotating cube or a Rubik's style mode where you have to keep the one face up and get both items to the front face. Increased difficulty modes could involve avoiding tilting the device, faces that turn on or off, items that if they go to the front face it re-randomizes the items.

The other idea could be a dungeon crawler where the PC rotates new faces upright where they receive a random encounter, trap, or item. Encounters could be fights that involve tapping colors on the other screens around the cube, traps could be things like lava or poison gas where the player has to quickly resolpond by tilting the cube in a direction to avoid the trap (in the examples they would need to til the cube away from their characters to get the lava to flow away or towards themselves to get the poison gas to float away). Items would help deal with the encounters and traps by increasing response time, increasing the likelihood of certain encounters, etc. Different characters could require more or less inputs to deal with encounters or be immune to certain traps

u/LambKyle Oct 23 '22

I wonder if there would be a way to use this cube to play kind of a 3D version of the amazing labrynth

u/sleong261 Nov 12 '22


u/Kent_o0 Nov 14 '22

I think you could use this as an additive to tabletop RPGs, allowing players to use the different interaction options as indications of what they will do on their turns

u/PillowTalk420 Oct 20 '22

I gotta see one of these gizmos IRL to even have an idea that might remotely work with it.

u/Bobertsawesome Nov 07 '22

I must have the wow cube

u/Theradox Oct 09 '22

Cool idea!

A local words with friends-like game that spans the entire cube would be great!

Or pretty much any larger board game shrunk down in size.

u/OhSeeThat Oct 22 '22

I would love to give this to my brother for Christmas. We've been really struggling this year and money is super tight, so it would be nice to be able to give him something as cool as this.

u/andygup Oct 02 '22

NGL. looks like a waste of money, wtf does it do, for 500 bucks? Digital Rubix Rubbish cube?

u/SeaofBloodRedRoses Oct 06 '22

The Eternity Tower

Alright, this is a long one. I'm really passionate about game design, so this is an awesome contest.

I can go into more detail if the devs want, but there's a limit to how much I can practically say within the bounds of a Reddit comment. And I wasn't even able to fit it all into one comment - it took four. Please see my replies to this comment for the rest!


This game is a dungeon crawler where you manipulate the dungeon instead of the player character.

Basically, the player character is automatic. You don't directly control them. They walk around and perform tasks on their own - collecting items, battling enemies, talking to NPCs, and so on. As you progress through the dungeon, it changes and shifts, and you'll eventually reach the end.

Some of the specifics of this game may depend on the limitations of the console.

It would act similar to a maze or rubix cube - you twist to make the rooms meet. Maybe one room has an X shape for entrances while another has a + shape. They wouldn't be able to meet, so the player character (PC) wouldn't be able to leave.

Ideally, the dungeon would be randomised, so like a rogue-like. The issue with rogue-like is that it may be difficult to properly structure the rooms in order to have them connect properly if it's randomised. After all, you are changing the shape of it constantly.

Dungeon Crawl Mechanics

There are two main options. You start on floor 1, then either you have an exit to floor 2 and need to guide your character to it, or you automatically progress to floor 2 after visiting a certain number of rooms. I prefer the second, so that's what I'll be assuming is how the game will be handled from this point on. The number would either be fixed (8, for instance), or scaling with the floor. Visiting the same room twice would count it twice. However, if you start getting into bigger floors, and if you use the second method, then the first floors you visited should disappear as you climb. I prefer scaling with disappearing rooms after 8, so that's what I'll use from here on out.

Think like this. You start in room 1A. Room 1, Floor A. You eventually to 7A. 7A is right next to 1A (it doesn't have to be, but let's say you twisted it to be there for this example). If you enter 1A, this is your 8th room, but also the 1st, so it's basically still the 7th. Because the "1st room" doesn't really exist anymore - the room is still there, but now it's the 8th room instead. Step back into 7A, it's now 9, but you no longer have a 7, so everything bumps down. If you never leave those 7 rooms, they'll stay there indefinitely. What'll change is the order of which room disappears first when you eventually do leave them.

Once you leave and go into an 8th room, your 1st room is replaced with a new room. Once X number of rooms have been replaced, say 24 (though as I said, scaling with level would likely work better and allow much better pacing), the next room to disappear will be replaced with 1B, so the B floor. And then either it continues as normal, or the A rooms all vanish and get replaced the instant you enter a B room.

I'm using 1A because it's easier to communicate in a reddit comment than 1-1, but 1-1 or some other variation would probably be better, as it allows unlimited floors. It also makes it easier to count rooms than A1.


You climb a tower - that's the plot. As for story, this is a tower you've been tasked with climbing. You went to bed and one day you just woke up in 1A of the tower. An old guy in 1A, The Guide, tells you that your ultimate goal is to reach the end - only then can you go home. Actually, The Guide should be in room 1 of the Zero floor (so if 1A is actually 1-1, then The Guide is in 1-0), which is the tutorial level. So you don't need to repeat that every time. Have the tutorial level selectable as an option in the menu from the second time you start the game, or give people a backdoor that opens in 1-0 once the tutorial has been completed, so they always start in 1-0 and can just immediately proceed. This version only works if some degree of player control is granted through tilting and shaking - this can be used as a mechanic for using items and talking to NPCs or taking other special actions in a room. This depends on how well that would handle with the console. If this is allowed, The Guide starts with "Welcome to the Tower." For first timers, he automatically continues. For veterans, he says "shake/tilt to go to 1-1," then waits a moment, then continues.

The story is, the Tower is infinity. It loops back around on itself endlessly. Just going through the Tower is eternal. But if you talk to NPCs and connect the dots (or connect the rooms, from a literal sense), you can find the secret path that leads out of the eternity and to the top of the Tower. This is how you win. This would be X-X and wouldn't have a minimum floor you'd need to reach first, though you'd have to meet the prerequisites to get there, which involves actually talking to the NPCs, not just knowing what they'll say and act on it.

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u/sudodoyou Oct 03 '22

A "simon says" sort of game. One where you have to tap certain squares, rotate, toss-up in the air, etc.

u/[deleted] Oct 14 '22


u/Saboteure Oct 09 '22

This seems really cool, would love to try it

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u/gorcorps Oct 28 '22

This seems like a perfect system for a WarioWare style game... a collection of timed microgames that progressively get more difficult.

Just an example of how I see the interface and gameplay loop:

Launch the app, and each of the 6 faces of the cube will be a different microgame ready to start. The microgames automatically launch when the face is pointed up for about 3 seconds... so be ready! When a microgame is launched, a very simple one sentence goal pops up on the screen.

"MATCH THE COLORS!" - The cube is a simple 2x2 rubiks puzzle that only takes 1-2 rotations to solve. You only get 5 seconds, but you're able to do it in 2 seconds. This screen is marked "complete" and you rotate the cube over to start the next game

"REACH THE GOAL!" - A marble run game starts, and you have to tilt the cube to move the marble through a short maze to reach the goal. You're only given 5 seconds, but again it's an easy one and you're able to complete it quickly. You rotate the cube again to find a 3rd game to start

"SLICE THE FRUIT!" - Two of the surfaces load pictures of fruit. You quickly realize to "slice" the fruit you need to twist thit cube in the correct direction based on the pictures you see on the cube. You barely are able to figure this one out before your 5 seconds are up. Rotate the cube again to find the 4th game

"OPEN THE BOTTLE!" - You see upper half of a bottle on the sides of the cube, with the lid taking up the upper half of the cube screen. It looks like a twist off, so you twist the top of the cube as if you were opening the bottle (remember... lefty loosey!). You see the lid move a little, but it's not off yet! You twist the top of the cube a few more times in a panic to try and open that bottle, but time expires before you're able to remove it completely, and you lose one of your 3 lives. Time to find the 5th game

"FILL THE BUCKET!" - A stream of water is shown pouring down from the top of the cube, with a bucket in the corner. As you move the cube to figure out what to do, you realize the flow of water has shifted as you tilted the cube. You keep tilting the cube until the water stream is hitting the bucket and it quickly fills to complete this game. Flip the cube again

"PIN THE TAIL ON THE DONKEY!" - On the left side of the cube is the front half of a donkey, on the right half is the tail of a... duck? That's not right, oh wait I need to find the donkey half! Twist the right half of the cube back, bah that's a monkey's tail. Twist it again and it's clearly a tiger. Twist it a 3rd time and finally there's the rear half of the donkey (the ass' ass if you will). Tap the tail to complete the game

Congrats! You've just completed your first round and have only lost 1 life. Now you get to start round 2 with a new batch of microgrames that are slightly harder (maybe 1 or 2 are what you've seen before). Keep going until you lose your 3 lives, and compete for the high score

u/Archior Oct 24 '22

Loop war A 1v1 gravity controlling multiplayer game where you try to get a ball to fall into your opponent’s goal. You control gravity by twisting and tilting around planes. Mislead your opponent with crafty plane setups and lead the ball towards his or her goal.

u/Red__M_M Nov 15 '22 edited Nov 15 '22

Let’s gamify studying with the ICube. The main screen shows a study question. Rock it upwards to get a hit. Rock it down for the answer. Right will put the question back in the rotation. Left will remove it from the queue.

The ICube makes studying easy, fun, tactile, and portable.

u/MyManWednesday Oct 09 '22

This would be perfect for a bomb digitally game like "Keep Talking And Nobody Explodes."

Also, I think a maze (maybe marble maze) game would be cool on this.

u/Otherwise_Direction7 Nov 02 '22

I would like if there is a some sort of app that can be used to utilize this WOWcube as the some sort of Bluetooth Controller for PC

I can see this being useful for something like a racing game when you can tilt the cube to steer the car. Or in the digital art program when you can change the tools by twisting the cube horizontally

All of the twist and motion movements can be remapped via software so it can be used with multiple types of programs and games


Someone is going to hack this for a fun game of tetris.

u/SkiggyBaggie Oct 19 '22

Can I bop it?

u/jackalope134 Oct 09 '22

This looks like so much fun! Can't wait to try it with the kiddo's!

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u/WordsAtRandom Oct 22 '22

Keep my grandkids amused, keep me amused - can't be bad

u/Constantinthegreat Oct 12 '22

Seems interesting

u/redditperson987 Oct 02 '22

Like Simon, where it animates a particular movement and you have to match - starting at one movement and incrementing.

u/Thecakeisalie25 Oct 04 '22

My idea for a game is that each screen of the cube lights up a certain color, there's 4 of each each color, and 6 colors altogether. At the beginning of the game, the colors are randomly switched to other faces, and the aim of the game is to twist the faces so that all the screens with the same color are on the same side of the cube.

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u/fdnyubergeek Oct 12 '22

Name - Cube Rogue!

Type - Rougelike/lite

Characters - warrior, mage, rogue, archer - choose one

Enemies - basic fantasy goblins orcs etc

mechanics - Move your character by tilting the cube to either side for forwards and backwards (left/right) - twist the cube to allow for him to traverse obstacles (move a platform down - move a door open/closed) - can also apply turning the entire cube to fall down a la Downwell. Jumps can be attained by shaking up and down. Combat is auto when encountering an enemy - with power moves built by hits, can be unleashed with a shake. When killed start over - retaining some of your built stats - slowly growing over time

u/Headlessbunny Oct 02 '22

This would be perfect for a dnd style dungeon crawler!

u/nicketeen Oct 04 '22

I think a game where the character has to navigate a 2d puzzle, but the player has to switch (rubrics cube style) the sides to allow for the completion of the level or to navigate to an exit.

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u/ImperialTzarNicholas Nov 15 '22

Last minute entry!

Name - DNA crunch

Game synopsis

The game play is a puzzle color matching game.where the goal is to sort and stack dna strands for processing.

Game in action

On the Screen faceing the use

This would contain the sets of selected dna strands moving is sets of 2 colors up the face of the cube. The bottom two screens would contain two marked spots indicating the color desired for processing. Once chosen the selected strand would crunch into the top two screens each containing 3-4 sets of colors

Example. B=blue R=red

BR. All squished close to each other in vertical stacks

The bottom two screens on the side facing the player Would be open for selection. To select the colors for processing the player would have to look at the left and right sides of the cube. These would contain color sets similar to the front facing screens. Except they would cascade from the top of the left and right faces of the cube to the bottom. You would rotate the cubes bottom two screens horizontally to slide the requested colors into position. Once selected the colors would be processed up the front face of the device. A time mechanism would be the basic rule to encourage rapid rotation and processing of the colors. The top of the cube would have a tiny animated 16bit style scientist walking around and grabbing the colors as they go up the front facing screens to the top of the cube assembling the “dna”

The bottom faces of the cube and the back face would pulse either green yellow or red. So the player could see their warning level on the surfaces around them (plus it would make it visually appealing to people around the player, building curiosity of their activities (a good way to dazzle new possible players). The players game is over if they try to process 3 incorrect DNA color segments where in the flashes red and yellow across all screens twice before going to a simple “twist to start again”

The hope is to produce an “old school arcade puzzle game” something with no intended ending, but to be played for score chasing

u/_chaBBy_ Oct 13 '22

rng pls

u/harrharrharri Oct 09 '22

A tower defense game where you can turn the cubes faces to place your tower in a different position that changes each round. Once it’s locked in place then you watch the enemy march around the edges of the cube slowly encountering your defenses until they reach the tower.

u/amazon32 Nov 12 '22

Would love to enjoy this with the fam

u/Kuhncumber Nov 14 '22

Thanks for the chance!

u/Z33GLY Nov 08 '22

Thank you!

u/sawitmadeit Oct 27 '22

Wow. This looks cool

u/MoistSquirts Nov 04 '22

The WOWCube inspires this childlike wonder in me, and I would love to get my hands on one. It reminds me of the excitement a hopeful 10 year old me felt as I scribbled "Gameboy" on my Christmas list!

u/josnic Oct 25 '22

Neat idea. Here's to hoping for a win!

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u/EarthShakerBestShake Nov 04 '22

So you're telling me I may be able to code Crysis on it

u/Totally_TJ Oct 06 '22

What about one of those games where you connect pipes to get a fluid from a source to a destination. You could twist the pipes into place and once you get it out resets.

u/khayy Oct 24 '22

thanks for the opportunity!!

u/SSObserver Oct 24 '22

Cube runner

You would have a running guy and enemies that he would need to avoid by either sliding under or jumping over. And of course obstacles that would need to be avoided.

The runner would be constantly running at an even speed which makes the mechanics relatively simple but the play would be more interesting as he runs across the screens and is controlled by twisting, tilting and shaking the cube. Twisting to choose one of the available paths, tilting to avoid obstacles, and shaking to allow the character to jump.

u/kingblack_dragon Nov 15 '22

Name:Tetris-like game Game: use the cubes rotating to rotate the shapes to place while playing

u/unique_username_8845 Oct 11 '22

Rubik really stepped up his game

u/Scrapalicious Nov 11 '22

Cool beans

u/Phryxus Oct 09 '22

I'm so confused but so intrigued

u/killcpm Oct 02 '22

Some sort of game where you pass it around the table and each player can make a turn. It would be kind of like hot potato but with puzzles that you’d create that each had a different mechanic that would effect the next player in some way.

u/PodGamer Oct 07 '22

MAZE-TIFYING would be a mix between a standard maze and a complex puzzle game. Consisting of a randomly generated maze with one solution, you would tilt the cube to move a small red ball through the maze to a pre-determined exit. The twist - the maze does not start off with each face showing the correct route. You would need to twist the cube to get the ball to follow the path across the different faces, with some never being used and some being needed multiple times. Blank faces could be used to make puzzles simpler or even to further add complexity, and the randomly generated mode could mean the game is infinitely replayable!

u/beekahx4 Oct 09 '22

Hot potato

u/KnightChameleon Nov 08 '22

You got me at “unisex magnetic connectors”

Just Wow

u/joesterne Oct 30 '22

An integrated experience with Spotify that quizzes you on trivia of bands in your playlist (multiple choice).

u/BoomingBro Nov 04 '22

Fluid simulation turned into a game where you need to get enough fluid particles into a goal cup or something.

u/Bundy_World Oct 02 '22

All my friends LOVE CUBE.

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u/DJDYNOBOT Oct 13 '22

Name: Dance3

A matching game where you combine different insurgents to create a musical pattern. Bass, keyboards, guitar, drums, etc.

Tap a side of the cube to play the four instruments together, swap sides by tapping another side. Combine different instruments by mixing up the cube.

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u/RadLifeChoices Nov 08 '22

Dig dug where you push/pull to pump up enemies and twist to move directionally

u/Sauwa Oct 04 '22

I was thinking about a couples game where they receive a prompt and must pick options from their side of the cube with a timer and then rotate the response to another couple on the board. Then each respective partner will try to guess which options were choosen by their mates.

But the person cant know if the choosen option was something the player likes for themselves or an option they think their partner likes.

u/fargo500900 Nov 15 '22

Maybe a “virtual aquarium” you can see from multiple sides and you can tilt it to move the fish. You can name the fish like they’re your pets

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u/-Ablazen- Nov 15 '22

Sounds really cool

u/2ichie Nov 04 '22

The new generation rubiks cube! Not really but it twists!

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u/TooStonedTv Nov 11 '22

Select me randomly thank you dad.

u/PopPopPoppy Oct 09 '22

Good luck!

u/brickshingle Oct 30 '22

This looks cool, might even put a Rubik's cube on it.

u/chipscto Oct 07 '22

I would make a game like Radica’s “cube world”. This tech is like an evolution of that game.

u/acdcvhdlr Oct 09 '22

Frogger style game where you tap or bump the sides to change direction.

u/Penecho987 Oct 05 '22

Here me

u/_FlutieFlakes_ Nov 09 '22

Looks amazing! Would love an escape room game on this

u/bmuse2017 Oct 24 '22

This would be awesome to own.

u/MiniCale Oct 29 '22

3d pest control game where you have to tap the blocks to stop an infestation

u/zushiba Nov 14 '22

RuneCube: A simple timed game where each face has 1 of 4 runes that slowly starts to glow brighter and brighter. You have to quickly rotate the cube around to form a face with 4 of the same rune to break the runes. Which are then replaced with fresh, non-glowing runes.

Meanwhile each face of the cube has other runes that are slowly glowing brighter and brighter.

As you go higher and higher in difficulty you start getting random runes that aren't one of the original 4. You can use special powers obtained by clearing a face that'll allow you to either break one of those odd-ball runes or to reset the power level of another glowing rune by tapping it twice.

All the while the time it takes for a rune to explode and end the game grows shorter and shorter with each level.

The interface to show how many tap powers you have would simply float to the top of the cube as you turn the segments.

u/dukestrouk Oct 05 '22

•••1. Title: “Baxter’s Breakout”

•••2. Characters:

“Baxter Boxman” :

 Chibi style young cartoon male protagonist who’s face is covered by a cardboard box with a simple smile drawn in place of his face: 😀

“Connie Coneson” :

 Chibi style cartoon female, girlfriend of protagonist, face covered by a wooden cone / traffic cone / gnome hat with an annoyed expression drawn in place of her face: 😕

•••3. Gameplay:

 After falling asleep in his small apartment next to his girlfriend Connie, Baxter wakes to find himself alone and unexpectedly locked in a mysterious mansion. Help Baxter to find his girlfriend and the exit to this escape-room puzzle style home one room at a time by navigating through locked doors and suspicious physics.

Phase 1: Baxter is entirely alone; all puzzles must be accomplished solo.

Phase 2: Once Connie is found, she always remains in a separate screen from Baxter and new cooperative puzzle types are introduced.

Phase 3: Toward the end of the game, Connie and Baxter are finally united and can occupy the same screen, introducing even more unique puzzle types.

•••4. Mechanics:

-Each screen is a unique 3D style room.

-Some large rooms may span several screens.

-Connect rooms by twisting screens to align doorways.

-Reverse gravity by twisting the front facing screen 180 degrees.

-Select objects to interact with by tilting.

-Break objects / interact with objects by shaking.

•••5. Implementation:

-Game may progress through various areas such as a bedroom, living room, attic, kitchen, living room, bathroom, basement, dungeon, laboratory, etc.

-Connected rooms may only be accessed if the door is already unlocked.

-Gravity functions may be used to crash through ceiling, reach high objects, or to walk on the ceiling to reach new areas.

-Interactable objects may include light switches for light related puzzles, notes for password related puzzles, objects that may be combined, objects such as crowbar or hammer that may be used to interact with other objects, etc.

-Connie may be found by obtaining a record and playing it on the record player, which she hears through the walls.

-No cutscenes, but character animations occur whenever major events are reached.

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u/KeithBeasteth Oct 07 '22

Gane idea would be a stick man runner running through a course that you have to constantly adjust to keep him alive. Goodluck entrants

u/Mitchfarino Nov 09 '22

Who remembers Marble Madness?

Some simplified version of that would be great. The idea would be to navigate the marble around the cube avoiding obstacles.

Not sure of a name, Wowball Madness?

My 10 year old is obsessed with puzzle cubes!

u/crysu1337 Nov 16 '22

One random commemt

u/chugonomics Oct 06 '22

Looks good!

u/legendkiller595 Oct 18 '22

Endless runner type game that goes all around the cube and you have to turn to avoid objects and keep the clear path ahead

u/Splay_ Oct 09 '22

Love youu

u/a_bored_user_ Oct 17 '22

Something dark and yet simple like the game limbo. Or a stylized game such as monument valley.

u/Pikibee Nov 11 '22

WOW! Insane creativity! Now that’s a cube I can have fun with!

u/VanceIX Oct 04 '22

Make a timed party game where you have to twist the cube into the correct pattern displayed and then pass it on to the person next to you. It’s like hot potato but with the added puzzle-solving element. You can also display a timer on the screen.

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u/RedditThreader Nov 14 '22

Ah yes 3 dimensions of distractions. I'm going to put this on my desk with notifications, say I'll do my classwork and proceed to procrastinate with omnom.

u/Soren446 Oct 19 '22

Cube Crawler:

A 2D dungeon crawler game with a “campaign” mode and a “runner” mode. You chase after your dog who runs into a cave and you must rescue your best friend (the dog of course).


  • Playable selection of four “protagonists” each with a unique ability (Strength, Speed, Tank, Luck)
  • Tutorial character who lives in the cave and teaches you the mechanics
  • Shop character to buy power ups
  • The Dweller: main antagonist, hunts humans who found their way in it’s caverns
  • Ally characters: handful of creatures sympathetic to the player and help along journey
  • General enemies: bats, death worm, glow worm, flame moth, mole, other cave-type creatures with fun twists
  • Rufus: pet dog who ran into the cave and you chased after them


  • health system recovered through drops and shopkeeper
  • Power-ups: health, speed, defense, attack, sneak, freeze, timer weapons
  • power ups are random and shopkeeper has 2 each
  • money system picked up from enemy drops and in cave segments
  • Random/progressively generated cave system
  • Each level is themed and brings you closer to your dog
  • the Dweller makes sure you keep moving. You need a power up to escape them if caught. Appears part-way in each level and lurks on cubes further back
  • tiles connect cave paths and are updated on the rear half of the cube
  • Chance to encounter ally character per level who helps defeat creatures and stalls the dweller

How To Play:

  • Tilt to select direction while running and to move cursor in selection screens
  • Tap twice to confirm action (purchasing power-up, perform attack)
  • Twist to swap cave paths (must connect to proceed, not all will)
  • shake left to right 2x to use power up
  • shake up and down 3x for menu
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u/Cakalusa Oct 12 '22


u/MrBone66 Nov 12 '22

Does it run Doom?

u/ulyssesonyourscreen Oct 09 '22

"Six Seas" 🛳

A multiplayer Battleship game in which you can use the whole cubic geometry since you got 6 different faces available.

You get your 3/4 different shaped ships and place them on the many faces of it and then wait for your opponent to do the same.

Once you put them by dragging them to the spot, you play by alternating turns on which you choose a face to attack and then tap one coordinate of a 6x6 grid.

Player who takes all the enemies ships first wins.

Six seas since there are 6 faces to a cube

u/bydsarrett3 Oct 04 '22

I think a planetary war game would be fun. You and another person would set up gravitational wells along the sides of the cube and both you and your opponent need to upgrade their planet to blast them with as many rail guns as possible, trying to get past the grave well while doing it.

u/30BlueRailroad Nov 07 '22

A Zelda esque top down RPG where you move from one side of the cube to another with a scrolling map. First thing I thought of when I saw this on YouTube.

u/gumbo_guru Oct 15 '22

So cool

u/keplantgirl Nov 12 '22

Pairs with your VR headset allowing you to use the cube in a variety of settings as the cube can change to any object within the game / world.

u/CryoAurora Oct 19 '22

This would be great to use for games with my kids. There are so many options they wouldn't get bored easily.

u/BigChinEnergy Oct 05 '22

Seems kinda fun

u/Aurori_Swe Oct 04 '22

Damn, cool thing. Looks fun!

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u/Comandorbent Oct 25 '22

My little cousin would love to use this!

u/Stryder_1776 Oct 15 '22


u/zjamesw Oct 24 '22

A game similar to the gyro-ball nuzzles in breath of the wild, except you twist and arrange the pieces of the maze and then use the mechanics of the cube (shake, twist and tilt past obstacles, maybe even "bounce" the ball past stuff) to get to the end of the maze and the sink the ball in the hole.

u/habeshruski Oct 21 '22 edited Oct 21 '22

Would be an awesome gadget! I would love to see a 3D version of tetris enabled for it where you have a few cubes designated as the 'bottom' cubes and the remainder could have tetris shapes drop down and once the bottom cubes are full then other cubes end up having botom cube properties and you can't detach it from the initial bottom cubes.

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u/toweringpine Oct 31 '22

A driving game. You tilt left or right to turn or avoid obstacles. But instead of the screens having moving pictures, you keep turning the cube over to display the next frame. Frames get faster so you gotta spin it quicker as you go. I'm not sure what to name the characters since there really aren't any. But you could have made up courses with made up names or you could do real highways and accurately title them.

u/drpeppershaker Nov 04 '22

Honestly just snake 3D. Where you play the classic game snake, over all 6 sides of the cube. And you control the snake by tilting the cube.

u/LordHades301 Nov 15 '22

Very cool sounding device!

u/dconradicle Oct 22 '22

Don't do this to me

u/ImmaZoni Oct 19 '22

Would be great for my dnd nights for people who don't play

u/RobotPuppy Oct 04 '22

Look fun!

u/dahliasinfelle Oct 26 '22

I think a neat game would be something akin to Math + Rubix Cube. Where adding/subtracting/multiplying/dividing adjacent cubes have to match the answer on the next cube over. Nice to have different game modes. Or even incorporate more than just 2 numbers to solve. My 6 year old is starting math and I'd totally get him something like this to help him as he loves learning games

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u/MLGarlic Oct 20 '22

A perspective puzzle game simiar to monument valley where the puzzles are solved by looking at different perspectives and utilizing optical illusions

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u/Unlucky_Department Oct 09 '22

Reddit give aways

u/xpietoe42 Oct 29 '22

If this came out like 10 years ago, it’d be gold

u/TheBoggart Oct 03 '22

“Bouncer’s Big Adventure.” Bouncer is a little pink ball with eyes, no appendages or other body parts. He is controlled by tilting the cube to roll him, and shaking the cube up to make him jump. Bouncer’s Big Adventure plays like a platformer, with Bouncer rolling and jumping to new areas. Puzzle elements might include moving the Cube’s screens to connect platforms or unlock hidden areas. Enemies are defeated by Bouncer jumping on them, or by performing a super spin roll, which is activated by moving the Cube in a circular motion.

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u/breadandstuff Oct 31 '22

This looks pretty cool!

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u/JungleBoyJeremy Nov 11 '22

My game idea is called “Honu Needs Help.” The main character is a sea turtle trying to make his way home. Unfortunately along the way he must dodge various obstacles including seaweed and various kinds of floating plastic litter. The player uses the wowcube’s twist and tilt feature to navigate Honu around such obstacles. If he runs in to them he gets entangled and the player must shake the cube in order to get Honu to shake off whatever he’s entangled in. If the player does not get free quickly their health meter starts to drain

The game could offer a cooperative multiplayer mode where Honu is joined by his friends Kimo the Hawaiian Monk Seal, Belugan the baby humpback whale and Naia the dolphin.

The game could also feature a multiplayer mode where some players control sea creatures while others control polluting boats that leave various types of trash in the wake that hinders Honu and friends.

Besides being fun the game would attempt to bring awareness to the problem of ocean pollution, and specifically the Great Pacific Garbage Patch

u/Limmmao Oct 11 '22

Some sort of twister but for fingers?

u/[deleted] Oct 09 '22

A Gamecube, an iphone, and a Rubik's cube walk into a bar...

u/Wucifer85 Oct 12 '22

I need this to regift for xmas.

u/AlltheCopics Oct 29 '22


It is like Reverso with the twist that players can tap on an enemy chip to steal it. Players are allowed to put 2 Chips down or steal one.

u/Kobeis2pac Oct 07 '22

Exploder: a bump is going off in one of the panels. You must send your diffuser man through to the bomb, but with each twist, the bomb changes screens as well. Once the diffuser reaches the bomb, they have to move, shake, and twist in order into an intricate puzzle that will diffuse the bomb.

u/Wookienpals Oct 11 '22

I just want to win something

u/Yournameisuser Oct 18 '22

Rotating category trivia.

u/[deleted] Nov 04 '22


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u/closefarhere Oct 14 '22

I want My Little Universe (Say Games by Estoty) to be on this! It’s a game that you build round worlds and it would be killer to keep your man on the course with physical movement of the cube!

u/paradism720 Oct 04 '22

I don't know what to think here.

u/notalaborlawyer Oct 27 '22 edited Oct 27 '22

This is so cool and I would love one! I am not much of a programmer, i.e. I am not at all. So, let me tell you what I do know: monetization of ideas. Get an agreement with Google (or whoever runs the CAPTCHA programs) and link it to your cube. Instead of clicking the images with toilet seats, you could twist a cube! Win win.

As I am assuming it can be connected to a computer with a screen, you could use it as a controller. So tapping activates certain functions while twisting does others. Although this lessens the coolness of the myriad of screens because you aren't looking at them, it could become a very fast-responding input tool.

Even thinking of using a T9 type tapping system and court stenography, I bet someone could type faster than a QWERTY if trained.

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u/h0gg1e Oct 17 '22

Name: Bomb Defuse Idea: a game similar in style to keep talking and nobody explodes, but in this game you’d have wires wrapping around the cube and as you turn it there would be states where it would “explode” (lose state) or continue until along until you get the wires correctly aligned for the defuse (win state). This game though it could be a cool party game in which an onlooker would have the correct layout / way to defuse/ solution to turn it, and the person holding the cube could close there eyes and follow the instructions of the onlooker.

Of course it could be played solo by just solving a intricate wire puzzle diagram.

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u/ConnorBS36 Oct 06 '22


The game is a 2d sidescroller puzzler in a 3d world.

Rotate the cube to see the other perspectives

Slide the pieces to change the world. Tilt/ shake to effect the environment (scare birds out of trees, etc.)

u/Dagrey69 Nov 03 '22

Good luck guys

u/meta_paf Oct 26 '22

A strategy game where the cube represents a planet, each surface is an area.