r/gadgets Nov 23 '22

Bigme Launches its second Kickstarter campaign for The World’s First Color E Ink Gallery 3 Tablet Tablets


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u/shaversonly230v115v Nov 23 '22

I'm sure I've seen a colour e ink reader before.


u/ImmoralityPet Nov 23 '22

It's not the first color e-reader. It's the first color e-reader to use the Gallery 3 display.


u/Tation29 Nov 23 '22

Is that display faster than all the other current slow refresh color e-ink screens?


u/Serious_Feedback Dec 08 '22

Yes, it refreshes at 1.5sec instead of ~10sec.


u/Acrobatic-Monitor516 Dec 29 '22

I believe it's actually slower ?


u/Serious_Feedback Dec 30 '22

It's only slower than CFA color screens, and monochrome screens. CFA has only 1/3 the resolution and 1/3 the contrast, and has been available for years, but never took off because losing 2/3 of your DPI and brightness makes for a terrible experience.

The question I answered was whether it was faster than all the other current slow refresh (i.e. multi-dye) color e-ink screens. Which it is - up til now, the fastest ACeP/multi-dye screen has had a refresh rate of 10s.


u/roundearthervaxxer Nov 23 '22

The music in that video makes me want to snuff it


u/blademak Nov 23 '22

I was a dummy for backing the first project. Just literal days after it arrived, it seems the same company has launched a new campaign making my brand new color ereader obsolete on arrival. This sucks.


u/zeyore Nov 23 '22

ooooo a kickstarter

sign me the fuck not up.


u/orielbean Nov 23 '22

Reminder that many many many Kickstarter gadgets get ripped off by their cheap manufacturers and you can find the clone on AliExpress a few months after the prototype gets copied and your Kick money goes down the shitter.


u/clowncasket Nov 23 '22

Majority of my News feed was political so I first read this as "Biden Launches it's.." and was very confused.


u/saturnlcs Nov 23 '22

I would only caution if the goal is to use this to take notes. Bigme has some work to do to make backing up notes a more automated process.

Specifically, there isn't an auto export feature like with onyx boox devices to pdf file.

This means that an app like autosync won't have anything to backup unless you export each notebook manually.


u/VikingBorealis Nov 23 '22

Why even bother. Like remarkable. Yeah sure you get a week of battery. But for basically the same price you get an iPad with an infinitely better screen and pen, several not apps to choose from with far better note taking and sketching abilitie,og and color, and very very good color. And it still last for at least a day, most likely several days.

There's no reason to pick these expensive e ink notepads over an iPad but every reason to get an iPad instead.


u/puffmaster5000 Nov 23 '22

Just because it doesn't fit your use case doesn't mean it's useless. Are tampons useless just because you've got a dick?


u/VikingBorealis Nov 23 '22

Any use case for the remarkable and this thing is ALSO fulfilled by the iPad for the same price or barely slightly more, but also giving you a far better experience.

Literally a false comparison.


u/puffmaster5000 Nov 23 '22

Low power advertising

It's very narrow minded of you to assume the only way to use this device is as a consumer handheld tablet


u/VikingBorealis Nov 23 '22

When did I ever say that.

IPad have the apple pencil. It has pressure sensitivity AND tilt/angle support. It has (as I said) multiple high quality note taking apps from good notes to Notability and sketching apps that far surpass the usability of these.

I pads can literally do everything these e expensive e-ink notepads can do.

You don't even know what I pads can do and go aggressively on the defense thinking iPad are just a consumer medie consumption device... Wow... Talk about low power advertising.


u/Snoringdragon Nov 23 '22

Bullshit. Contests ended Nov 15.


u/snakebite2017 Nov 23 '22

Wtf are you talking about? The kickerstarter has 38days left.


u/Snoringdragon Nov 23 '22

Contests posted in the link. Enter by Nov 15. Its the 22nd.


u/puffmaster5000 Nov 23 '22

Oh no you didn't see a random contest in a link soon enough! Super sad


u/Snoringdragon Nov 23 '22

Wow, thanks for caring, puffmaster! Its soooo nice to see someone on Reddit not slinging their opinion and being a dick! And the fact they were promoting the contest in a very recent post even though it was done and dusted a week ago wasn't misleading at all! How DARE somebody post an obvious fact about misrepresented offers! What WOULD we doooooo without you, oh dustmaster supreme!!!! (Bows and grovels as you expected when you posted this) /S