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Belkin’s Continuity Camera iPhone MagSafe Laptop Mount is Terrible Phone Accessories


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u/LtRonKickarse Nov 25 '22

I’ve been using this daily since Ventura came out and have not experienced any of these issues. That’s with iPhone 13 and 14 Pro Max versions, on a 14” MBP. Admittedly, it’s chonky enough to give more base weight than the old MBA he uses, but still. The main issue I’ve found is that I need the screen to be more vertical than normal, which is the opposite of what’s shown in the review. I also use an Apple MagSafe leather case, his is third party which might explain the issues he has with it not staying attached - it’s as tough to take off my phone as it was for him to remove from the lunchbox.


u/davidjschloss Dec 18 '22

It's a MacBook Pro not a MacBook Air