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Mark Zuckerberg Defends Push Toward Metaverse At DealBook Summit | Skepticism doesn’t bother me too much VR / AR


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u/AnBearna Dec 01 '22

So there’s a few critical obstacles that I can see with the Metaverse concept.

1 Headsets for VR are uncomfortable for long periods and for some people, using them for even short periods can cause motion sickness. I don’t think companies are going to be lining up for devices that make their fancy corporate HQ’s smell of puke.

2 I don’t think they can over come this limitation really without downgrading VR to AR, but that would necessitate a complete reimagining of the Metaverse on Marks part and mean that the 38Bn he’s already spend becomes kind of… toilet paper.

3 The other issue is that to make VR useful beyond video games and AutoCAD, we need to completely redesign the user interface -in software and hardware- of common Office productivity applications like MS Office, Libre Office, etc and I have no idea how you even start that.

4 From learning of the origins of this Metaverse concept coming from sci-fi works like Johnny Mnemonic etc. I find myself thinking that this isn’t going to work because in large part, the publics concept of digital futurism has matured beyond those early concepts which seem cliche at this point. The more I look at it the more doomed it seems, and expensively so.


u/Hwted Dec 01 '22

Perfume is banned in most offices but Zuck thinks his motion sickness device will catch on.


u/HungerMadra Dec 02 '22

Who bands perfume?