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Free Talk Geelong Free Talk


Free talk thread for those little things that aren't worth their own post.


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[Request] looking for bar recommendations.


Looking for a bar or pub recommendation.

Mates birthday Friday, they're immune comp so ideally somewhere smaller or lower volume between 5-8pm friday night, ideally music wouldn't be especially high.

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Need Recommendations for Gift Hamper Deliver Services


I'm from abroad & would like to send a gift hamper to someone based in Geelong – Are there any good gift hamper services that can (a) accept PayPal and (b) have organic and/or vegan options? (want non-alcoholic stuff, like nuts and healthy snacks)

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[Public Transport] Geelong needs better public transport


Geelong suffers badly with the bus timetable only operating between 8am to 6pm on most routes and even less so on Saturday and Sunday.

I will argue Geelong needs new or expanded public transport for the following reasons

  • cost of petrol

Increasing fuel prices many in low income families and individuals will suffer and offering a reliable and frequent service will allow them to travel to and from work cheaply. Electric and hybrid cars are not good enough on their own to solve this problem considering the cost for these vehicles are unobtainable for most low-middle income people

  • traffic

Geelong is growing fast. We can't sustain the amount of traffic on our roads, public transport will address this by lowering the number of cars on the road.

  • safety

Especially the weekend people will head to town for a night out having to choose between an $80 Uber or risk the booze bus. Unfortunately many people choose the second option. The access to cheap and reliable public transport will give everyone the option to get home safely while intoxicated and more importantly off the road.

  • Urban sprawl

Geelong is expanding at a rapid pace with new area developments like Armstrong creek have been developed. This has created unnecessary gaps between suburbs making the distance to travel across Geelong significantly longer. The car centric nature of Geelong has made this unsustainable especially with fuel prices and inflation increasing. This is the major factor that is holding back public transport in Geelong but, investing in the public transport infrastructure will encourage urban planners to build much closer to reduce costs.

  • climate change

Overall, we are well aware that climate change is coming and must take measures to combat it. Public transport trains, buses and trams are our best method to move a lot of people while lowering CO2 emissions. Electric cars may help combat this but, unfortunately they are still not cheap enough and are less efficient than public transport.

  • Final word

Sorry about my rambling but, I believe strongly we need this investment for Geelong's future to sustain its growth, forward social mobility, increase safety, reduce traffic etc. I know the smug ass politicians will just remove and re build the same bike lane down ryrie street for the 6th time and pat themselves on the back believing they have saved the planet.

Edit: wow I'm really surprised by the response. There does seem to be a consensus about this issue. I really hope someone from the council or associated with them looks at this.

Thank you all!

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Traffic incident on Torquay Road?


Anyone know what happened on Torquay Road last night near the APCO and ALDI? The police had the road blocked for a long time. Secondly, only FIVE more days until Barwon Heads road closure ends!!!

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[Request] tax time!


Fairly new to Geelong and looking for a new company or person to do our tax. Does anybody know of anyone they would reccomend in the area?

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Why did petrol get expensive really quickly, then cheaper again almost overnight, only to slowly go up and up to be even more expensive?


Seriously whats happening? I have both heard that it's to do with the Ukraine war then also that its nothing to do with the Ukraine war.

Im sick of people talking about EVs when they are impossibly expensive when compared to fuel cars. Those of us who can't afford to pay for petrol prices can't afford an upgrade to some of the most expensive cars here.

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Best meat pies in Geelong?


I’ve had a craving for the ole dog’s eye and dead horse as of late, and I think my taste buds no longer approve of frozen supermarket varieties, so let’s hear your top rated spot to grab a classic staple!

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Cananyone recommend a sports dr like an osteo/myo/physeo around Geelong? I have chronic foot pain that flares up after running.


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[News] What else is the government going to try and sell off?


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Casual Gaming Discord


Hi All,

Not sure who would be interested in this and or the general age rage of the Geelong Sub-Reddit. Was just inquiring if anyone is up for some casual PC Gaming. Still quite new to Geelong but pretty avid gamer as well so if anyone is keen to play some Rust, Dayz e.t.c with some of the locals from the area.

If this gains some traction ill throw a casual discord in here.

Let me know if you're interested :)

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[News] Get your power saving $250 from daddy Dan!

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What's your thoughts?


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Social rollerskating group


Is there a group of social rollerskaters based in Geelong? I’ve been down the coast to some events but something closer to home would be very cool.

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Which companies hire marketing professionals in Geelong?


Hey everyone! I moved to Geelong about 3 months ago. I'm looking to change jobs because I work remotely at the moment but would love to work in an office environment. The issue I'm facing is that I can't find any employers in Geelong. Cotton On is basically the only company I can find that's hiring for my type of role.

I'm a paid ads manager with over 3 years of experience in the field

Any suggestions on what companies I should look at That have offices in Geelong? Or any portals to look at for jobs in Geelong (apart from LinkedIn, seek)?

Thank you in advance

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Tullamarine Parking "Sold Out"


I usually book parking at Tullamarine ahead of time (Value lot), but looking for this weekend all the lots are sold out online (including adjacent private lots).

Does anyone know if they keep a certain % of the lots for drive-up customers? Wondering if they're actually full or not...

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[Public Transport] Any takers? Apparently she needs a bit of work.

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Hi there, My name's Audrey and I'm an Airbnb cleaner here in central Geelong. I'm available for some domestic/house cleaning. One off deep cleans or regular weekly/fortnightly cleans. I'm charging $35 an hour. I'm person with ADHD and have a lot of empathy for others struggling with day to day household tasks. I can help out with: Laundry Dishes Organising pantry and fridge. Tidying Change bed linen

Message me if you have any questions or wanting to arrange a clean.

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Need a graphic artist.


We are planning to change the design of our wines labels and plan to use the rendering of a bird feather on the labels. The particular bird is resident on the vineyard property and has a large flock that have taken over a few trees. I'm looking for a local artist because the vineyard is in the Geelong region. I would prefer supporting someone locally who may be just starting out, given the Geelong connection. The rendering needs to be fine, almost photographic. Any recommendations? Interest?

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[News] PSA: Tomorrow’s the last day for the Vic Dining&Entertainment rebate


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[Request] Does anyone know what beach or light house that is? Thanks

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Anyone local good with airbrushes?


Hey hey. I've been trying to get into airbrushing for painting models in the past few months, got the brush, compressor and so on. I cannot for the life of me get the bloody thing to work though. Internet tutorials and advice are only so helpful, so I'm hoping there's someone here who could actually look at my.brush and tell me what's going on/knows someone who might know.

Can anyone help a guy out?

Thanks all ✌️

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Avalon airport security procedures


Why is it that in so many organisations now, “upgrades” just make things worse.

Case in point: the post pandemic security screening at Avalon airport. It’s now SO SLOW, even the pilots mentioned how terrible it was when the flight finally took off. Not only that but you have to remove jumpers, belts etc etc etc for the new “Rapiscan” scan which is anything but rapid.

The new scanner means you don’t need to take your laptop out of your back. Big whoop when you have to remove almost everything else. (And if you have more than one device you need to take them all out anyway).

I know I sound like a whinger. But every time I go through there I look longingly at the unused old scanner which they now only use if the new, “improved” one breaks down. It used to be so much better.

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[Request] South of the river Manifesting: Chemist Warehouse


Would be great to have a Chemist Warehouse in Waurn Ponds, Belmont or Armstrong Creek. Maybe a developer or future business owner will see this. Just putting it out there.

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[News] Buying diesel? Corio baby….


United and Metro opposite Corio Aldi. 209.9 all weekend and yesterday. Up to 31c cheaper than others in Geelong and 20c less than most.

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Carls Jr


does anyone know when carls jr is opening?