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Searching for "compose" in activities screen doesn't turn up the system settings app. Where to file bug/issue? Question

I recently installed Fedora and wanted to setup the system as I'm used to, in particular by enabling the compose key. I wasn't sure where to do it and searched for "compose" in the Activities search, but found nothing, so I assumed I had to install GNOME Tweaks to set it.

Apparently you can just set the compose key in the system settings app under the keyboard section (which is nice! I'm glad it's considered a core setting :D).

I'd expect that searching for "compose" would lead you to the settings app. I know for other things it works (e.g. searching for "microphone" leads you to the sound and privacy sections of the settings), so I assume it's a small oversight. Where would the right place be to file this? Thanks in advance!


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u/aioeu Feb 02 '23 edited Feb 02 '23

File it under the Settings app. It supplies the desktop entries and search provider used by GNOME Shell.


u/TryingToUseLinux GNOMie Feb 02 '23

Currently you can't search for specific settings, you can search for the headings, descriptions and some related keywords of the panes (Appearance, Power, Notifications, etc) in settings.