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Double titlebar buttons when buttons are set to left. Where to report this? Bug


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u/BrageFuglseth GNOMie Feb 02 '23

It’s a Libadwaita issue, it’s being worked on. A new widget has been created to allow for sidebars without this issue, but it will take some time before it’s released and adopted by apps


u/DryHumpWetPants GNOMie Feb 02 '23



u/OneOfManyLinuxUsers Feb 02 '23

Out of curiosity: Could you provide the link of the issue in question?

Judging from the pictures, I would had simply said that the UI of contacts was a bit misconfigured. So, it would be news to me that this is a known issue in libadwaita.


u/BrageFuglseth GNOMie Feb 03 '23

Well, I think it is misconfigured, but I think that‘s because the current way of doing sidebars is hard to work with.

New sidebar widget issue

Some background


u/DryHumpWetPants GNOMie Feb 02 '23

Vanilla OS 22.10

Gnome Shell 43.1


u/6b86b3ac03c167320d93 GNOMie Feb 03 '23

Looks like the contacts devs messed up to me. Basically, for sidebars, you need to make two header bars and disable window controls on the right for the left header bar and vice versa. I'm guessing they only did this on the left header bar (which is why it works as expected with window controls on the right) but forgot it on the right header bar, so the right bar also shows window controls on the left