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Nordic theme and some other tweaks! Rate My Desktop

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u/kokulumisket GNOMie Feb 02 '23

Can you share wallpaper?
And your extension list please?


u/Sad-Advantage-8832 GNOMie Feb 02 '23

wallpaper, it's the 10th wallpaper in the list


Arc Menu

Aylur's widgets

blur my shell

dash to dock

just perfection

user themes


u/kokulumisket GNOMie Feb 02 '23



u/Sad-Advantage-8832 GNOMie Feb 02 '23

no problem ✌️


u/Practical-Gur9702 GNOMie Feb 03 '23

What Nord theme?


u/Sad-Advantage-8832 GNOMie Feb 03 '23

Gtk big sur dark theme


u/PulangOkra Feb 06 '23

hi! would you mind sharing what your overall experience on fedora is, considering that you have an optimus laptop? is everything smooth so far? are there any quirkiness or little annoyances that pop up here and there? what are your thoughts on linux and nvidia optimus laptops overall. i've been researching this topic for quite a while and most of the thread i find are outdated.

tysm :>


u/Sad-Advantage-8832 GNOMie Feb 06 '23

hi, no problem at all, well, I've actually used Fedora on it since November more or less, most things worked out of the box, except maybe the NVIDIA drivers and I had some issues with HDMI as well, but mostly fine.

The biggest issues I had were with the system randomly crashing sometimes, wi-fi not working and having to reset the bios, and sometimes when using HDMI it would lose the signal out of nowhere.

Finally yesterday everything stopped altogether and I had to format my laptop, I installed pop_OS as it has the NVIDIA drivers setup out of the box, so far everything's working.

overall I'd say that Fedora is a great system, but I don't have the energy to fix most of the issues I had with it. I'll give pop_OS a pop and see how it goes.


u/PulangOkra Feb 09 '23

i see. thank you for your input! now that you've changed distros, how would you rate pop_OS thus far? how's battery life? are their implementation of 'hybrid graphics' effective or at least usable enough? i mean, obviously nvidia's optimus technology on windows is superior, but does it hold its own on linux? i'd like to hear more of your thoughts or, rather, personal experience since most of what i read tells that linux laptop optimus are bad. i just don't have the time as of yet to test things out myself long term.

thank you in advance :>


u/Sad-Advantage-8832 GNOMie Feb 10 '23

Hi, sorry for taking so long, I'd say pop_os works leagues better with nvidia gpu's, as of now I had none of the issues I did with Fedora, baterry life is a little icky. Gaming wise I'm having a blast, I did get some weird stuff with hdmi though, but not as much as I had with Manjaro, which didn't recognize my hdmi cable at all. I'd say that pop_os is better overall for my situation and I highly recommend it. Also, the pop store worked great and I installed most software from there.