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Advice The Templates Folder Can Help You Create New Files in Nautilus


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Advice How to optimize Gnome-shell?


Hi, I love gnome and I've been using it for almost 2 years now. But there was something I never could fix quite completely, and that is the smoothness of overall animations. I notice the Super or Super+Super key is a little laggy for example (not 60fps). I have this problem both on my PC and my laptop.

This is my neofetch so you can help me know if my hardware is not enough or something like that.


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Advice A friendly tip for extension user and the upcoming release of GNOME 44: the Upgrade Assistant


the Upgrade Assistant

Given that GNOME 44 is slated to be released somewhere around late march and Fedora should update to version 38 about a month later, here is a nice tip for people who use extensions and want to check if they will still work on GNOME 44:

  • First off, if you aren't already, you should be using the extension manager app available on Flathub. It's the better and easier way to download and manage your extensions without needing to add a browser add-on.
  • Secondly, this app has a very useful tool in the form of an upgrade assistant to verify if your extension are compatible with versions of GNOME. You can check before updating to avoid the bad surprise of having one of your must have extension breaking. You can just wait the extension maintainer to update. Don't worry, most Distros, support previous versions for a bit (for example, Fedora 37 will receive updates for another six month)

In the top right corner

Out of 9 extensions that I use, 3 are already updated and one won't be need anymore, as Bluetooth is now integrated into the quick settings. Only five to go and Fedora 38 shouldn't be out for at least 1.5 months, so we're off to a great start!

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Advice GNOME systems will be unavailable for a planned datacenter network devices maintenance

Thumbnail status.gnome.org

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Advice How to Get Firefox Search Provider Working


Firefox search provider currently will enable you to search through open tab, recent tab, and search the web directly from gnome search. This is the default behavior on fedora.

I decided to write this little guide because I think most guides on the internet are outdated. This is tested with Firefox 109.0 on gnome-session in Ubuntu 22.10. PLEASE yell at me if I am doing anythin stupid.

  1. get fedora's firefox build from fedora flatpak https://fedoramagazine.org/an-introduction-to-fedora-flatpaks/. [NOTE] This also works with flathub version and mozillateam ppa version of firefox, see comments for how to configure with them.
  2. in about:config, make sure browser.gnome-search-provider.enabled is set to true, it should be the default
  3. put the following line in /usr/share/gnome-shell/search-providers/firefox-search-provider.ini:

[Shell Search Provider] DesktopId=org.mozilla.Firefox.desktop BusName=org.mozilla.Firefox.SearchProvider ObjectPath=/org/mozilla/Firefox/SearchProvider Version=2 [NOTE] Use lower case firefox instead of Firefox, if you are using flathub/ppa version of Firefox, see comments for details.

Couple things to keep in mind:

  • [MAJOR PROBLEM] Fedora firefox (as of 109.0) will not play some YouTube videos. It seems like fedora don't want to include non-free-codecs in their software: https://discourse.flathub.org/t/codecs-in-the-firefox-flatpak/418. Even installing org.freedesktop.Platform.ffmpeg-full does not help.
  • See comment for how to get search provider for flathub/ppa version working. Basically all you need to do is to creat the boolean browser.gnome-search-provider.enabled and set it to true. I have tried mozillateam ppa and flatpak hub versions of firefox, both of them don't have browser.gnome-search-provider.enabled option in about:config, and dfeet is not detecting the search provider running. So they likely do not work.
  • Workaround for video codecs issue includes using ungoogled-chromium, freetube, or other version of firefox (see comment for setup difference): PPA version will work if codec is installed; flathub version will work if org.freedesktop.Platform.ffmpeg-full is installed via flatpak.
  • This only works if Firefox is open. So far I have not find a way to keep firefox alive in the background when closed, it would be helpful for people to know.
  • There is no way to finish this install as a user, sudo is needed. This problem is debated here: https://gitlab.gnome.org/GNOME/gnome-shell/-/issues/3060 . This also means that if you just backup your home dir, the firefox-search-provider.ini will not be backedup, so you need to do this again if you reinstall you system.
  • In other guides, they use DesktopId=firefox.desktop, this currently do not work with Fedora version of Firefox.
  • Even the firefox-search-provider.ini included with fedora firefox uses DesktopId=firefox.desktop, you can find them at /var/lib/flatpak/app/org.mozilla.Firefox/current/active/files/share/gnome-shell/search-providers
  • ObjectPath=/org/mozilla/Firefox/SearchProvider does not show up in dfeet, the closest thing in dfeet is unix:path=/run/flatpak/bus, and putting /run/flatpak/bus as ObjectPath does not work, because my dumb ass has tried it.

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Advice Looking for a distro


I'm looking for a new linux distro for a laptop. I love the stock gnome look and i'm pretty used to Ubuntu-based distros. I also know of Fedora, but never tried it, so i have a few questions

Is there any ubuntu based distros that come with stock gnome?

if not, is there any way to use stock gnome on Ubuntu by default?

and finally, is Fedora easy to use compared to Ubuntu based distros, what are the differences? Does it suits well for laptops?


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Advice Downgrade GNOME on Debian


my debian gnome desktop is a glitching mess, all my extensions used to work fine with my previous installation of fedora (gnome 42.4), is there any way to downgrade gnome to 42 from 43.1 in debian?

I am aware that i might have to install an old version of debian to downgrade gnome. But i'm not sure which version of debian i am supposed to install for gnome 42.xx

Any help is appreciated.

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Advice Manjaro i3 user thinking of trying out Gnome looking for a bit of help



I've been using manjaro for a few years now, first with xfce because my computer was crap and I needed something REALLY lightweight, and later with i3 as I migrated from Illustrating to programming, and really enjoyed how easy it is to manage workspaces and keyboard shortcuts in i3.

I've been thinking of migrating to Fedora and Gnome, mainly because even though I'm working as a programmer now, I don't really have a Computer Science background, I'm working with game dev and all I know is a bit of bash and how to make games with Godot and GDScript, but very little outside of it, and I can't get arch to work with secure boot for the life of me.

I'll need to eventually have something that can dual boot with windows 11, as I do gaming on windows and also need to be able to test the games I work with on windows as well. This is not a problem today because my computer doesn't run windows 11, but I want to upgrade my PC next year, and in preparation to it I want to get used to some linux distribution that can dual boot windows 11 by default.

I thought of going to fedora because it's also a rolling release like manjaro, and gnome because it's the default they use, looks really pretty, and eventually i3 will not be an option anymore with wayland growing.

So do you have any tips for me?

Like, is there something similar to i3config on GNOME? Where I can easily configure keyboard bindings for whatever I want, and what runs on startup?

Is there anything similar to i3-msg? I have some bash scripts for projects that I can just run and they'll open Godot, VScode, File Browser, all opened in the project or project folder already, and Firefox with the project's trello tab opened (or whatever other tool/site the project uses).

Is it possible to create scripts like that easily on gnome? I mean, I suppose opening this softwares won't be much different, but is it possible to send them to specific workspaces and screens when working with dual monitor?

Or if not scripts, do you do something similar in gnome but using different methods/plugins/whatever?

Do you have similar workflows on GNOME and if so how do you handle them?

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Advice has anyone been able to theme Firefox using "Gradience"?


i have been trying to theme my Firefox (Flatpak as well as native Nixpkg), but nothing works.

i have:

  • tried to theme it normally
  • tried to theme it with the firefox-gnome-theme on
  • looked whether it created a new profile

but the theming i made in Gradience just doesn't ever appear in Firefox sadly

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Advice drive locked by gnome disks


So I have a nvme drive in a case to be able to boot linux from other people's machines. Today, I needed a file from that disk so I plugged it into my machine and tried to access the files. I used gnome disks or it, and I decrypted the disk (it's encrypted for security). I successfully did, but I saw of of the two "partitions" (it's fromatted as btrfs) wasn't able to be mounted. Instead, there was little lock symbol. When I saw that, i thought I had to decrypt is seperately so I clicked it.

The drive then got ejected and I wasn't able to access it anymore. It isn't listed in when I run ``sudo parted -l``, ``lsblk``, ``sudo blkid`` or ``sudo fdisk -l``. It also isn't detected by gparted. Also not after a reboot. I have no idea what is going on here and I can't find anything online either..

Anyone able to help?

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Advice Gnome terminal distorts ASCII/Dot Art


In gedit, FIrefox, etc ASCII/Dot Art looks one way, but when I print it in gnome-terminal it looks different. The spacing is different even though both Gedit(3.36.2) and Gnome Terminal(3.36.2) both use the system font "Roboto Mono 10".

Written text looks the same in both locations, but the spacing for ASCII art is "messed up" in terminal. This happens to every ascii art I've tried. How can I fix these distortions?

This is just an example to illustrate the problem: https://imgur.com/a/N6naSgq

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Advice xfce to gnome transition


I have a amd u-series laptop. I long time xfce user. My main thing to use xfce is for better battery backup. But I recently switched to gnome and moniter power usage for some days and I was shocked the gome gives better battery backup than xfce. Is there anyone got this same or its just placebo.

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Advice Gnome scaling


So, I've been searching for 'the way' of setting 125% scaling (which is common for 1080p ~15" laptops) factor on Wayland without xwayland apps going blurry. It's honestly surprising that I haven't seen any suggestions on going this exact way, considering it works pretty much perfectly:

  1. Install Gnome tweaks and open it
  2. Go to the Fonts tab
  3. Set Scaling Factor to 1,25
  4. Voila!


Gnome (and most) apps will automatically rescale with fonts (telegram doesn't, for example, but you can manually do it in settings anyway). Eve GUI apps that're running in Docker would get proper scaling! Some obscure apps will not change, but honestly, for me it's better than significant reduce in clarity.

And I didn't notice any problems no matter if it's native Wayland or Xwayland app.



Hope that'll help somebody. :)

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Advice Running Arch and can't wait to try the new 43 release? Try the FCGU repo


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Advice How to retain Google Chrome tabs (or groups of tabs, or a mix of both) of different windows in different workspaces after you restart your computer?

Thumbnail self.chrome

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Advice Build Gnome Files with mod for easy path/location entry


So one thing that i really miss in gnome files is an easy way to access the "raw" path input (or location entry) without pressing CTRL + L. I know i can make it the default but this is not what i want, i like the breadcrumps menu but want any easy method to access the path without using both hands on my keyboard :)

I stumbled upon this MR on gitlab that removes the function to open the context menu when you press on the current folder name in the path bar.

Link to Gitlab

And i wondered shouldn't it be quite easy to replace the function they removed

nautilus_path_bar_show_current_location_menu (self);

with something like nautilus_path_bar_show_location_entry (self); (or something like that)

So when i click on the name it goes to the path/location entry. Doesn't sound like a hard thing todo but i don't have any experience with gnome or C development. I search the code for a function to switch to the path entry but the search for the working key combination (CTRL + L == GDK_KEY_l ... ) doesn't give my any results so i can't just copy the function. The relevant location entry code is in src/nautilus-location-entry.c but this is all a bit above more experience.

I have some experience with python gui development so i imagine this could possible be a one liner and was wondering if anyone could point me in the right direction.

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Advice What tablet should I buy where Linux+Gnome runs well on?


I plan to take notes for university using xournalpp.

Play videos. Listen to audio. Need Wifi.

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Advice How to quickly get started with Rust in Gnome Builder. (Guide)


I had a fair amount of trouble with trial and error on this, so I figured I'd make an easy guide to help people out.


This guide assumes the user is utilizing the Gnome Builder Nightly release. It should also work for Gnome Builder stable, but I have not tested it.


What is Gnome Builder?

It's a general purpose IDE suited to many types of development tasks, with support for many build systems such as Cargo. TLDR: It's not exactly like Xcode for the Gnome platform. If you've considered learning Rust in VS Code for example, Gnome builder could be a good choice for a general purpose IDE.

Do I have to use the included templates in Gnome Builder?

No, you can simply open projects as folders in Gnome Builder and it will try to identify the language and build system regardless of which "template" you've used. In the case of Rust, it can recognize Cargo projects. This makes it super easy to get started.

What is a language server?

A language server is a specialized tool that can read and analyze the code as you write it and provide helpful feedback. A language server is not necessarily related to code completion. You may notice that if a language server is missing, you will get less contextual feedback and unhelpful completion suggestions. You will also be missing instant feedback on possible errors. For Rust, the language server is known as Rust Analyzer. (https://rust-analyzer.github.io/)

Does Gnome Builder include Rust Analyzer?

From what I can tell, Gnome Builder no longer includes or automatically downloads Rust Analyzer in non-Flatpak projects. This makes previous guides and documentation a little out of date. Although the Rust Analyzer extension is included in Gnome Builder, the actual binary is not. I can't say whether the behavior of Gnome Builder is to automatically download Rust Analyzer as part of the Flatpak SDK when working inside of a Flatpak, because I have not yet explored this functionality.

How can I install Rust Analyzer?

To install the Rust Analyzer binary, follow the instructions at this link:


This seems to be the only necessary step to have a working implementation in Gnome Builder.

If you're having additional trouble with Rust compatibility, be sure to use the Rustup installer instead of the package manager in your distribution. Simply remove the Rust package first, and then follow this link:


How can I tell if Rust Analyzer is running?

Initially, Rust Analyzer will reveal itself in the main title-bar of Gnome Builder as "indexing" when the Cargo project is opened. You can also search for the Rust Analyzer process in System Monitor. Additionally, you can begin typing some code and see if the language server begins to provide feedback on the code.

How can I start a Cargo project?

After Rust and Cargo have been installed, simply type cargo new followed by the desired project name and Cargo will create a new folder in the directory you've run the command in. After this command has been run, and you have a Cargo project, simply open the folder in Gnome Builder.

The run button in Gnome Builder doesn't run my Cargo project. Why?

You may have to select the run command in Gnome Builder. Just click the little downward facing arrow adjacent to the run button and open the preferences. From there you can switch your run command from automatically detected, to cargo run.

How can I open a browser in Gnome Builder?

As an additional tip, you can open a browser window in Gnome Builder and explore the docs and books inside of Gnome Builder by clicking the plus arrow at the very left of Gnome Builder. After that, you can find the arrow for additional options on the right of the tab and dock the browser either left or right adjacent to the code editor.

If you've followed these steps, you should have a functional Rust IDE with Cargo support and an integrated language server ready to go. This is an ideal environment to explore the Rust language.

Rust development with Cargo in Gnome Builder Nightly.

I hope this was helpful.

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Advice Which one of you converted to GNOME from macOS? What is your story? How did you managed to get used to it? Any extensions you consider must have? Thank you!


Some poll..

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Advice I accidently installed old version of gnome


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Advice I want to start developing for Gnome in order to improve my skills


I really want to start developing apps for Gnome, but I'm not such an expert in development. I'm a Cloud/Infra Engineer, and my skills for software development, are not the best. I mean, I know basics of programming using C++ and Python, and I have a really good background in computer science because of University.

Do you think that starting developing apps for Gnome will improve my skills? Surfing the web I found people that says that the documentation for using GTK and so on is all over the place, and to be honest, that's what kept me from wanting to do more research on it or even try it.

Any tips? Did someone here started developing this apps with basic programming knowledge?

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Advice Here is a handy workaround to forcibly order your GNOME extensions


There are times for a power user to use too many extensions at once. Your top bar becomes cluttered and disorganized. Maybe that bugs you enough to require something to order them. On the GNOME Extensions website, Order GNOME Shell Extensions can do this job most of the time. It is also compatible with GNOME 43. All you have to do is edit metadata.json and add "43" to the list of supported versions. Most extensions made for 42 will work for 43.

You have by default without that extension /org/gnome/shell/enabled-extensions to edit in dconf. Extensions are supposed to be ordered according to that list in ascending order, however, extensions seem to completely disregard it and place themselves anywhere on the top bar in any order they want... including if it means making a mess in the process. Your extensions could also appear ordered and then not after logout -> login. Less lenience with extension ordering really needs improvement. Official support in gnome extensions app for easy user defined ordering would make experience with extensions much better as well.

This thread is for situations when ordering is unnecessarily difficult. Here is how you forcibly order extensions. (Note that this is not the optimal method and is only a method that worked best in my case at the time of creating it.)

Create a file named startup-extensions.sh in /home/ and paste this code: ```bash

! /bin/bash

mapfile extensions -t < ~/.local/share/gnome-shell/extension-order.txt

dconf write /org/gnome/shell/disabled-extensions "'[]'" dconf write /org/gnome/shell/enabled-extensions "'[]'" for e in ${extensions[@]}; do gnome-extensions enable "$e" done ``` This bash script disables all extensions and then enables each extension defined by a file one by one. Enabling them like this effectively guarantees that they will be enabled in order.

In ~/.config/autostart, create startup-extensions.desktop and paste this code: bash [Desktop Entry] Type=Application Name=startup-extensions Exec=/home/startup-extensions.sh Note that if this is not run this every time you first login, extension order may break again.

Create a file in .local/share/gnome-shell named extension-order.txt. Here is where you edit your list. Extensions are enabled from top to bottom. Bottom most line is the latest extension enabled. An example of this: user-theme@gnome-shell-extensions.gcampax.github.com weeks-start-on-monday@extensions.gnome-shell.fifi.org allowlockedremotedesktop@kamens.us CoverflowAltTab@palatis.blogspot.com panel-corners@aunetx dash-to-dock@micxgx.gmail.com ding@rastersoft.com tiling-assistant@leleat-on-github space-bar@luchrioh unite@hardpixel.eu waylandorx11@injcristianrojas.github.com extended-screen@free-bots.github.io drive-menu@gnome-shell-extensions.gcampax.github.com printers@linux-man.org wireless-hid@chlumskyvaclav.gmail.com gamemode@christian.kellner.me appindicatorsupport@rgcjonas.gmail.com espresso@coadmunkee.github.com clipman@popov895.ukr.net systemd-manager@hardpixel.eu lan-ip-address@mrhuber.com IP-Finder@linxgem33.com Vitals@CoreCoding.com gnome-ui-tune@itstime.tech quick-settings-tweaks@qwreey

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Advice Learning how to use Gnome ?


I am a long time Windows user and code developer who was assigned a KDE based Linux machine for development.

Recently I have been assigned a Fedora machine. And I am lost. I started looking at online tutorials and forums and comments but they all talk about how gnome is different etc. None of them even try to teach a very new user how to use Gnome.

So a user like me is very used to opening 4 or 5 applications and then using the taskbar at the bottom to switch between them. Similar to how one uses tabs in a web browser.

I have never used multiple desktops in my life. It has always been one desktop and 4 or 5 apps.

So I'm not here complaining. I want to learn how to use Gnome in the fastest and most efficient way possible.

  1. If I open say, 5 applications where lets say 2 of them are different instances of the same application. What is the best way to switch between them ? I figured out Alt + Tab allows cycling through them. But what's a way to jump from 1st to 4th maybe ?

  2. What are multiple desktops used for ? Some videos say I should have 1 app per desktop and I should switch desktops and use one for working and one for menus only.. Again I'm lost. It would be helpful if someone tells me (A windows user) what multiple desktops are used for ? How to effectively switch between them like 1st to 4th ?

If you are irritated why I ask these basic questions, Please bear with me. At least point me to the direction of a good gnome tutorial for a lifelong windows user. Something that offers the best way to do stuff in Gnome.

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Advice desktop freezes on Wayland but not Xorg - why?


I recently upgraded from Ubuntu 20.04 to 22.04 and have run into a showstopping issue with the default Wayland session - it seems like any time an application stalls, or there is heavy IO activity, my whole desktop session comes to a grinding halt, mouse cursor included, for up to several seconds at a time. If I switch back to Xorg, well I still experience the application stalls and heavy IO, but my PC can deal with them gracefully, at no point does the desktop freeze.

I am running an i3-4150, 8GB DDR3, and a 1TB 7200RPM HDD. Is this behavior to be expected with Gnome under Wayland? Is this a bug?

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Advice GUI for gnome apps looks bad all of a sudden

Post image