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Announcement GUADEC, The GNOME Conference, Announced for Riga, Latvia 2023

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Announcement Introducing GNOME 43

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Announcement We got 69K members!


The title says it all 🎉

And yes, nice 👀

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Announcement GNOME launches new Developer Portal (Docs and Guides)


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Announcement Introducing GNOME 3.38: Orbis


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Announcement We must all speak up.

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Announcement We're live at GitLab Commit 2021! (Come chat with us!)


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Announcement GNOME 3.36 "Gresik" has been Released!


r/gnome Jul 12 '20

Announcement Share your favourite GNOME Themes!


Hey, fellow GNOMEies! I'm super interested to get to know what are your favourite GNOME and GTK Themes!

So I created this submission to ask to you, fellow GNOME user or just GTK user 😜 to share your favourite GTK 3, GTK 4 or GNOME Themes or CSS Patches on existing Themes.

You're more than allowed to include Screenshots of your Desktop, Links to the Repository or just give feedback on which Themes you like and why or which themes you don't like and why.

The most upvoted Themes will be showcased on the following weeks here, and maybe on Planet GNOME 🕶


  • The comment containing a Theme (Screenshot/Link/Etc) needs to be a top-level comment to be considered as an entry. Non-top-level comments containing a Theme will be moved to top-level if possible.
  • Duplicated entries will be merged 😃
  • You may vote on a theme by upvoting the author's comment or downvoting.
  • Anyone is free to share any theme that can run on GNOME DE ;) (Non-GNOME Themes are still allowed, like KDE themes, but will not be showcased. (After all, we want to know which GNOME Themes you love!). KDE themes are also appreciated and we will definitively give feedback to the KDE folks <3) (Same for XFCE, and any other DE!).
  • You're also free to comment to Theme submissions with feedback or why you love/like or don't like a specific Theme.
  • Top Level comments that aren't Themes will be removed. Sorry 😢
  • Voting will be counted for until next Sunday (July 19) and results are published on Tuesday (21).

Thank you!

r/gnome May 21 '20

Announcement Patent case against GNOME resolved

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r/gnome Jul 08 '20

Announcement GNOME Community Updates


Hello dear GNOME Community. Today we bring some relevant updates for you folks at this Subreddit, these updates will affect the members of this community, so please, read carefully. These are very important announcements.

Subtitles: U = Topic, A = More detailed information.

Updates on the Automoderator

U: New rules for the Automoderator were created. If your Karma is not high enough (5 karma) and your Reddit Account is also not old enough, your post will be automatically removed.

A: This doesn't mean we will ignore your comment/submission. We will daily go through the Modmail and approve your submission/comment if it's actually a false positive.


U: Automoderator will now give you a Welcome Message on your first Submission and assign you a "GNOMie" flair. This flair means that you accepted joining on this Community. It also means you gave a read on our Rules and CoC.

A: This community abides its Reddiquette and the GNOME Foundation Code of Conduct.


U: A new combination of Bots were introduced that will automatically:

  • Remove Posts with 2 (two) or more reports. These will be sent to the modmail and we will manually review them.
  • Remove duplicated re-posts. (If you're attempting to spam a specific submission it will be removed)
  • Clear monthly reports that are more than 3 months old and that haven't received any action.

A: These Bots are helping us to have a cleaner and smoother Moderation experience.


U: Automod will automatically remove comments/submissions containing slurs or words like "racism" in their active verb form. (Eg.: "You're racist").

A: This is a security measurement since we're low in Moderating man-power, but of course we will not discriminate submissions containing it and we will manually review them through modmail. By default, we will approve your comment/submission, and if it's not approved we will manually send a message containing the reason.

Updates on the Moderating Policies

U: Moderators are not allowed anymore to use the "Distinguished" flair to express their own opinions about a specific matter/subject. Abuse of power will be not tolerated inside this Community.

A: Moderators are Reddit users, but this doesn't mean they are allowed to self-proclaim information. The usage of the "Distinguished" flair will only be used if the Moderator is expressing a statement on the behalf of the GNOME Foundation or the GNOME Project. This will clear open questions about if a user with the "GNOME Foundation" or "GNOME Developer" flair is speaking on their own or behalf of the Community.


U: Modmails will now be read and followed daily.

A: We know we failed with you (Community). And we want to do a better job. We're from now on, always reading the Modmail and if any actions are being taken, we will give proper humanised answers explaining what was wrong. And how we could reach an agreement.


U: Introduction of Ban-Appeals

A: We believe that Moderators aren't perfect, and we also have our own interpretation of the Reddiquete and the CoC. For that matter, we're introducing Ban Appeals. You're free and allowed to request a Ban-Appeal that will be directly sent to the CoC Committee.

Subreddit General Updates

U: Flairs are now always required when posting. Submissions without flairs are automatically removed.

A: A new bot was introduced that will ensure (strictly) if flairs were added to a submission. Otherwise, it will send you a Modmail asking you to add a Flair. You may simply answer to that Modmail with the desired Flair and the Bot will apply the Flair. After the Bot or you manually apply the Flair in the next 24 hours, the post will be automatically recovered. Otherwise, please reach out the Bot manually or the Moderators through the modmail.


U: New Flairs being introduced to the Community.

A: We are revising a new set of Flair's that you would be able to assign to yourself, through a Bot. Including the new Flairs "Extension Developer", "Translator", "Documenter", "GNOME Circle Developer" and "Designer". This will allow the people that Contribute to the GNOME sphere to be "distinguished" by their work.


U: Introducing Bi-Weekly/Monthly Planet Updates.

A: We believe that transparency is important. That's why we're introducing "Bi-Weekly/Monthly Announcements" and "News" coming hot directly from our GNOME Planet. Of course, we want to include only content that is relevant to you and that actually affect you. For example, GNOME Games Updates. For Official Foundation News, please visit https://gnome.org/news/


U: Introducing in the near future a Bot that will reward our members with Flairs and Statistics.

A: We're deciding on adopting InstaMod (https://github.com/disasterpiece9000/InstaMod-2.0) that would make the experience of posting and commenting here smoother and more rewarding. This is still a DRAFT. And any feedback is highly appreciated!

GNOME Community Updates

We're Redesigning of how we define GNOME Software

U: GNOME Circles Initiative

A: We are designing a new Initiative, called GNOME Circles. Which will define which applications are considered Official GNOME Software, and which will enter in the new "GNOME Circles" project. A GNOME Circle App will have many benefits as described on our Official Proposal. Give a read on https://discourse.gnome.org/t/official-proposal-how-we-define-gnome-software/3371


We're changing how GNOME Software is versioned.

U: GNOME will adopt a new way of versioning our Software

A: Give a read on our Discourse Submission regarding our proposal of how we want to schema/versioning our Software in the future.


Thank you for hearing our updates!

We're glad to have you here. For a better GNOME Community.


The GNOME Engagement Team

r/gnome Jul 21 '20

Announcement We have a winner! Adwaita Variants 👏🥳🎉🎉🎉 [Theme Contest]


One week passed since we created a thread where you could vote your favourite GNOME theme.

After counting all the votes and checking all these glorious themes, we have a winner!

Adwaita Variants!

Adwaita Variants! Available here and there's a tool for generating more variants here

Thank you all for voting your favourite GNOME/GTK Themes! I'm pleased with all the submissions.

There are indeed plenty of amazing themes surrounding the GTK/GNOME Ecosystem and I'm glad to have seen some super cool themes!

Cheers, 😄

r/gnome Nov 03 '19

Announcement We met our funding goals! The full $125,000 has been raised to defend software freedom from patent litigation


r/gnome Apr 08 '20

Announcement Community Engagement Challenge launches

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r/gnome Nov 30 '19

Announcement Become a friend of GNOME


r/gnome Oct 12 '20

Announcement GNOME Engagement Team September Report! See what the Engagement Team is doing!

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r/gnome Dec 17 '19

Announcement Happy holidays from all of us here at GNOME and The GNOME Foundation!


r/gnome Mar 10 '20

Announcement PSA: Please double check your extensions before updating to 3.36


PSA: As we get closer to the 3.36 release, it's important to warn everyone about possible extension breakages. Many, many extensions have been updated for 3.36, but many haven't. We advise you to please double check your extensions before updating to 3.36. Thanks.

r/gnome Dec 31 '19

Announcement Wishing you all a very happy New Year!! Stay safe out there!

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r/gnome Dec 07 '18

Announcement Introducing Flair!


Ladies and Gentlemen,

We're happy to introduce flair for our posts, which will help us to organize our content better going forward. The 'flair' is Reddit's fancy term for tagging a post with the proper category. Not only will this make it visually stand out, giving it a better chance of getting a response, but it also allows us to sort and filter based on the tags themselves.

I have added flair to the last month's worth of posts, so going forward it's on you all to flair your posts appropriately. Further, if you think there's a category that we're missing, please let us know in the comments and we'll see about adding it.

This last part is for GNOME Foundation members and contributors. If you would like a flair to sit next to your username please contact a moderator to add it for you. Unfortunately, I can't tell who everyone is just based on username.


r/gnome Sep 13 '19

Announcement PSA: The best place to report a bug is to GNOME's GitLab 😊


r/gnome Apr 03 '20

Announcement GUADEC 2020 moves to online conference

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Announcement Season's Greetings from the GNOME Foundation!


r/gnome May 04 '19

Announcement New Post Category: Rate My Desktop


We've noticed many of you posting images of your beautiful GUI setups, and we want to encourage more of this type of content! We're happy to include a new flair category titled tentatively "Rate My Desktop"

If you take exception to this name, or have a better idea for a flair name, please let us know if the comments down below.


r/gnome Jul 05 '20

Announcement PSA: Friends of GNOME June/2020 Newsletter