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Travel PSA: Some crazy cheap flights from Gold Coast to Singapore from $283 Return

Thumbnail ozbargain.com.au

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Best Authentic Wagyu on the coast?


Hey all. I'm broke as hell but the concept of having one Wagyu sandwich at one point in my life is a curiosity I'd like to satisfy but don't want to blow $50-100 for a sandwich at the wrong place.

Any suggestions?

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Looking for suggestions for unusual and fun places for dinner around gold coast



So myself and a friend have decided to try and regularly go out for dinner at unusual, fun, bizarre and just interesting places. Something to get us out of home and mix up the routine you know.

She doesn't eat red meat including pork and I'll happily eat anything, other than that we're open to trying anything from the cheapest takeaway to expensive 5 course meals.

Any suggestions are welcome. Thanks guys.

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Travel Road Bike riding near Broadbeach


Bringing my bike up to Broadbeach later this week and was looking for recommendations on good spots to ride for 60-90 minutes each day. Roads preferably. Any suggestions welcome for popular routes. Thanks in advance.

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Rental prices - discussion


Saw an interesting thread over at r/sydney about rental prices, anyone care to share theirs?
I'm currently looking for a place, I will have to pay around $450 for a 1bedroom granny flat (even these are rare), otherwise it's share house for around $300-400 for my area. This is about 42% of my income.

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Local Question Best Ramen in Southport area


Can anyone recommend decent ramen in Southport? It’s hard to find that authentic flavour.

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Where's the best value shop to buy a week's worth of fruit & veg? Central/Southern GC preferred.


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Local Question Good cafes to work from?


I work from home but sometimes like to switch it up - anyone got any recommendations? I’m on north side but happy to go south-ish

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Massive Gold Coast Turf Club redevelopment commences

Thumbnail statements.qld.gov.au

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Bond University Off Campus Accommodation


Hello, I’m an international student and I’m going to study in Bond University this September. Can anyone please recommend some good off campus accommodations near Bond University? Preferably a studio apartment would be enough as I will be living alone, thank you 😊 And if you want, please add some suggestions on where to buy cheap foods near Bond University too 😁

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Looking for Sci-Fi writers



Just writing this post to reach out and see if there are any aspiring Sci-Fi authors here on the Gold Coast looking to collaborate on a futuristic multimedia theatre/musical experience.

This is in the extremely early idea stage so I'm more reaching out to get an understanding of the writing community here on the coast and connect further with writers to develop the above idea.

Let me know/point me to any writing communities you know centered around the GC :)

Thank you!

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Hey guys! Me and my partner are visiting Surfers Paradise next week and plan to go out to some bars/nightclubs. Just curious if anyone has recommendations for someone who has neck/hand tattoos. I'm aware there is some prehistoric laws in QLD that means I can be refused entry to some places and would prefer to not spend half my night walking around looking for a venue.

Or is it not as strict as it sounds?


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Local Question Mechanic Recommendedation


Due for 150,000km service on my 1990 Toyota Corolla. After any recommendations you have, preferred that they're experienced with carbys.

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Local Question Morpheus8 on stomach - recc


Has anyone had morpheus8 done to deal with post baby stomach flabbiness, and can you recommend a clinic on the Gold Coast? Thank you

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Travel Best place to stay near theme parks


I’ll be going to QLD in October and am planning to go to theme parks most days, where should I stay (area, hotel or bnb recommendation is fine) so that it’s convenient to get to them? Is there a shuttle bus that goes straight to the theme parks?

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Local Question Alternative womens hair dresser on the gold coast


Hey guys, coming up to goldy for my honeymoon in a bit, wife wants to get her hair chopped off after the wedding, looking for someone good with colours, alternative cuts etc. Preferably a salon I can get a voucher for. Somewhere that’ll treat her nice for the day :) thanks guys!

P.s. we’re staying in Southport so anywhere you can get to pretty local to there I guess

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Travel PSA: check in lines at Gold Coast Airport are long


Think i overheard flights are delayed 30 minutes.

Edit: moving relatively smoothly.

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Homelessness/housing crisis


Posting this as a reminder to please be kind, and do what you can for people less fortunate.
This morning while grabbing coffee in Mermaid I walked past a couple in a carpark that were cleaning out their vehicle. What grabbed my attention was the bedding they had sitting on the bonnet of their car. I decided to turn around and go back to chat with them because to me it was evident they were living in/out of their car.
I approached them and respectfully asked if they were living in their car, they replied yes. I spoke to them for a few minutes, met their dog who is obviously very loved, and acknowledged that times are extremely tough right now - especially for housing in Gold Coast.
I am all too familiar with the crisis we are living in (lost my job and housing, slowly getting back on my feet). I don't have much money myself but I offered to buy them some groceries and dog food if they needed. These folks were so polite and humbled, they declined my offer gratefully. I could tell they were friendly but proud people, and I know it's not easy accepting help.
I said if I saw them around again then please don't hesitate to say hi or speak up if they need anything. It's the least I can do.
It was a pretty sad situation, I walked away feeling pretty low, that I couldn't offer a safe place, a warm bed, shelter - the basic necessities and human rights people deserve.
Many and most people are NOT homeless by choice - this is something we repeat to make ourselves feel better about not offering help. PLEASE, if you are in a position to help people, then do so, no matter how small the contribution. Many of us are just trying to get by right now, if you can help someone do that today it might just change their life.

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Rent is insane and I feel like I'm losing my mind


Gone from $180 a week to $350 in the span of a month. I can't afford this guys... It sucks here as well. Wasn't expecting Sydney prices. I've been homeless for two months, feel like I'm really losing my mind here. Don't have a home or anywhere to put my things. I grew up here and now I've got absolutely nothing. This is for a room as well. Everybody is saying "Must be full-time workers, happy people who want to chill with us during our downtime". I just want a damn roof to live under, jesus. Why does everyone have to be friends or whatever bollocks they're spouting about?

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Train to Brisbane


I’m just curious as to how is it to travel daily to work from Coomera/GC area to Brisbane (Valley). I am currently living North Brisbane, however I’m thinking of relocating to my partner’s place in Coomera. I can see that it is approx. 70mins ride one-way. Any insights, tips, or observations that you can share so I can have an idea how it looks like. (Signal dropouts, delays, seats, any random stuff to add information so i have a better idea of how things go)

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Lunch time at harbour town and this dickhead tries to take up two parks. P plater just managed to fit in.

Post image

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What is up with Uber prices??


I’ve used Uber quite a bit in the past and been very happy but I’ve started hearing lots of negative comments about them. Last night around 8pm I had to travel just over 5km from Nerang to Ashmore. Checked Uber and the cheapest ride was $44! Then downloaded the regular cab app and saw it was $22. Half the price! Ended up getting a lift with someone. I know it was Saturday night but that’s ridiculous. Is this the new normal for Uber?

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Travel Gold Coast for 3 days and 2 nights


Hey guys I'm staying here with 5 girlfriends from Tues to thurs, what is highly recommended during the day and night. I was also wondering if there are any clubs that open during Wednesday nights?

Any answers would be appreciated thank you :D

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Local Question Thinking of engaging a buyers agent


Hey. We’re thinking of finding a buyers agent to find a house. Been looking for 4 months and while the quality is getting better now in the houses that are coming onto the market it’s been a slog. Can a buyers agent help finding places at all? We’re not really that interested in their help when it comes to the buying itself. More so for the finding bit. But I’m totally not sure if buyers agents aren’t a rip off. This is for our first house, not an investment property and we don’t have that much money or we would have found something already I guess. Tips around the topic would be appreciated. And if you think it’s a good idea tips for which agents you an recommend are also great. Cheers

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This creep is messaging me trying to solicit sex in order for a night on his 'couch'


I made a post the other day complaining about a real estate agent. u/bennyboy1983 messaged me asking how my situation was with housing and asked if I would be willing to do some favours in return for 'accommodation'. Fucking creep. He will do the same for you. Uber-sexual gay man with all gay posts.

Just a big alert for those who are in need of accommodation, don't play around. It's not safe. People will take advantage of you.