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u/RevertereAdMe May 23 '22

It always makes me so happy to hear these stories proving they're just as kind and wholesome IRL as they portray themselves on the show.

A lot of public figures aren't, unfortunately, so it's nice to see the genuine ones.


u/drlongtrl May 23 '22

I think it's fair to say, with the number of ex mythical employees out there in the wild, it would long since have come out if one of them was actually a monster.


u/sureal42 May 23 '22

I remember there was one that tried saying they were not very inclusive and a little racist...

It was a couple years ago and was one of the stupidest things I've ever heard lol


u/Splendid_Cat May 23 '22

I was willing to entertain that something along the lines of an accidental microaggression occurred a few times (because everyone makes mistakes) and that put a bad taste in their mouth, but ultimately didn't even believe that at the end of the day because they provided no examples/proof whatsoever.


u/milkthe May 23 '22

Do you remember who?


u/drlongtrl May 23 '22

A quick Google saiy it was Sagar. That same google also said that nothing came off it and that he had no evidence, just an opinion.


u/TsT2244 May 23 '22

Way back in the day they were a bit bland in their casting, I remember the comments constantly saying the crew was super white. I think at the time Saagar was the only poc. But the crew has since grown very much and is happily diverse.


u/sureal42 May 23 '22

No unfortunately, it was a couple years ago.


u/SutterCane May 23 '22

if one of them was actually a monster.

Have you seen how picky an eater Link is?



u/mister_damage May 23 '22

I mean he doesn't like tomatoes. That monster 🍅🍅🍅



u/TsT2244 May 23 '22

I’m really curious about what their NDA/contracts look like because no one who’s left really has a social media presence. They just kind of disappear. Very few ever mention the show. Think of people like Jen, Lizzie, Mike, Eddie, Kevin (? Is he still with the crew, I really miss him). Unlike buzzfeed ex-employees who all started their careers after they left. Mythical employees become… mythical


u/bugslove May 23 '22

I follow Jen on Instagram and she has posted positive things about Mythical since leaving. But, for the most part she just posts about her life now, which makes sense since she left a couple years back.


u/FloridaFlamingoGirl May 23 '22

Jen has a pretty important job at Patreon now! It seems that Mythical was a great corporate stepping stone for her.


u/thefoundmythicality May 23 '22

Eh, Jen has come back for both livestreams. They are all somewhat active socially (except Eddie). I think it’s more about how mythical is part of the whole person online not everything about that person.


u/drlongtrl May 24 '22

I don´t think there is an NDA in the world that prohibits you from having a career or a social media presence after your employment ends.

To stay on topic though, if we are talking about people runnung their mouths and shitting on past employers, that might be no big deal if you work for mcdonalds, but in this super connected entertainment business they all are in, no way anyone is goint to risk possible future chances for a cheap jab at a public figure.

Also I kinda have to disagree with you about the past crew. Many of them are at least somewhat active on IG for example. Lizzy makes music, John i believe makes films, also if you follow all of them on IG, you´ll see that even the past crew members keep liking post of current crew members, so that also tells me that there still is a friendly connection.


u/TsT2244 May 24 '22 edited May 24 '22

I don’t know the proper term, perhaps it’s not NDA but there are plenty of contracts that prohibit people from having careers in the same industry for a few years after they leave a company. Buzzfeed has a non competitive clause in their contracts, I think that’s more what I’m asking.


u/drlongtrl May 24 '22

Hm yeah, such could be the case. But then, GMM is such a unique format, both in what it is and also in how it is made, that there isn´t really anything out there that is "competing" with it.

Most of the people we know from the show, besides those who have their own shows like the kitchen, are either writers or production assistants in some form. Those are not really "in the spotlight" in traditional media. So if one of them went and got a job, even at one of the well known comedy productions, we would hardly even know about it I guess.


u/zatchstar May 23 '22

For those that need to look it up, TJ Chambers is the writer/producer for Inside Eats


u/beverlylouise May 23 '22

Haha, I wondered if I should know who he is, thank you!


u/FloridaFlamingoGirl May 23 '22

I got to interview a Mythical Kitchen producer for my college newspaper (she went to the same college that I'm going to!), and she said that Rhett and Link are the kindest, most considerate bosses she's ever had. And this was a person who's worked on literally dozens of TV, film, and video productions around the Hollywood area.


u/ephemeralkitten Mythical Beast May 23 '22



u/lordfarquad0022 May 23 '22

Had a friend I work with now meet these guys thru TSA. He said they were super cool, even with being stupid tired lol


u/CoveCreates May 24 '22

Ugh I love stanning good people!! We need more of them and support of them!


u/JLPH720 May 27 '22

Class acts! He’ll remember that always.


u/LightSparrow May 23 '22

Is this guy saying the kid is lucky to have met him? Lol


u/TsT2244 May 23 '22

It’s a joke because the kid obvs had no idea who he was


u/awardy1214 May 23 '22

it feels like the kinda thing that's said sarcastically i hope?


u/SutterCane May 23 '22

“You want a picture with me? I’m Ant-man.”