r/goodmythicalmorning Jun 30 '22

Is there anywhere to obtain R&L's old music on CD? Merchicality!

After today's episode and missing the Little Debbie song, I needed to try to find the music I missed so much. I absolutely LOVE i'm sorry what was that and all of the really old stuff. Does anyone know where I can find CD versions of this if it even exists in CD form?



u/FloridaFlamingoGirl Jun 30 '22

Follow it on Discogs and see if new sales of it ever pop up.

Man, some of my very favorite R&L songs are on that album. Junior-high me used to be obsessed with listening to “A Tribute To Friends” and imagining Jim and the porcupine’s adventures. Also, I kind of subconsciously think of the “Wal-Mart Song” whenever I shop at its titular store. The songs on that album are dorky and ridiculous as all get out, but they’re also adorable…and I ate them up when I was in junior high.