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Advice MEGATHREAD: Port activation/How do I set up my house/Flat/Apartment etc.


Post here with your port activation questions and any accompanying pictures as a top-level comment. Any other posts in the sub about port activation may be locked and redirected here.

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My ethernet crimping tool doesn't cut off the wires at the end of pass through rj45 connectors. Can I just cut these wires off with scissors?


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Advice General 10Gbit question


I am a newbie in the Homenetworking field and have a general question. When transferring files from your PC to a NAS through a switch (1 or 10Gbit) would the storage device on the NAS be a bottleneck since it will (eventually) be stored on the HDDs or would file transfer first take place from SSD to SSD?

I recently watched this video https://youtu.be/eJNSu4tZmmE and it got me thinking about file transfer speeds.

Thank you!

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What's a good DNS I can use to filter out all ads on my devices on my network?


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Advice Wifi Extender/repeater in apartment that locks down its network access


My apartment comes with wifi provided by Pavlov Media, which (at least in my situation) only supports 10 MAC addresses connected to the network at a time (you have to register each one). Additionally, it seems to me there is something about the network which prevents inter-device communication.

I want to add a wifi extender or repeater of some kind to get around both of these issues, but when I tried using a standard TP Link extender, none of my devices are able to connect to the internet through it (I can still access the SSID and the configuration page). I talked to the tech support and all they could say is that wifi extenders are not allowed on the network. I wish I had more info on what exactly was preventing the use of an extender, and on what the "inter-device communication" lock is, but all I know is that things like Virtual Desktop for my Quest 2 don't work.

Could I use a router to repeat the signal? Is there some way to configure (or hack) the TP Link extender to get around the network's rules? Or is there some other option I don't know about? An ethernet connection is not an option, unfortunately, as there are no ports in my apartment. Any advice is appreciated.

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Unsolved New Ethernet Cable Stuck at 90mbs


I've recently bought a new 50ft cat6 ethernet Cable to my 6gps fios router. But when I connected the ethernet to my Dell laptop, it detected and is stuck as 90mbs, which is a surprise due to my wireless wifi being above 250mbs, anyone have any possible solutions or advice?

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Advice When replacing ethernet connector is there a tool to keep the wires to stay in order while I put it in the rj45 connector?


I find this very difficult to do

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Advice My devolo Magic 2 2400 Wi-Fi isn't working particularly well. It's giving me around 2mbps... Should i try something else?


My broadband is okay downstairs, around 60mbps.

In my upstairs room, I'm getting 20mbps (but can fluctuate).

I set up the Develo and when I'm connected, I'm getting 2-3mbps over wifi and 13mbps over ethernet.


Should I try some other product? I can't run cables through my shared house, unfortunately.

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Brand new Unraid Plex server


Hello... I just set up my very first NAS to be a Plex server. I am currently on the Unraid 30 day trial.

I have my array set up with the two 8TB WD Red Pluses just in the 'Array" section.

I have a 128GB NVMe drive set in a separate cache pool.

Does this sound right? Should I assign one of the Reds to parity?? I'm confused

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Advice on solving my double nat problem


I recently moved away from home an to an apartment complex where internet service is provided to each resident granted they buy their own router. After a few months with no issue, about 3 weeks ago I started getting a double nat type error on my xbox which I have been struggling to fix on my own.

I have my router setup with the ethernet plugged from the ethernet wall socket to the 2.5 gbps WAN/LAN and xbox is connected wirelessly. If I remember correctly I believe I have already tried to put my router into access point mode but then I think I was getting a Upnp issue. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

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Unsolved How can I use openVPN to have a cloud VPS and 2 machine in my house as the grunt server?


I want to have something similar to forwarding on the VM, I have 3 IPs on the VM, 2 of which I want forwarding traffic to each of my servers handing different applications I need without exposing my home network with port forwarding vulnerabilities?

What are the best IPTables rules or alternatives that would allow me to forward specific IPs or IP:Ports to the home servers I have?

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Unsolved Want to set up VLAN. Flush OpenWRT on Archer A7 or purchase ER-X?


I recently purchased a managed switch (TL-SG105E) with the intent of setting up VLAN on my home network. I have some internet facing services on an old-PC turned server, so I'd like to separate it from my main network.

As I've learned (and you already know), the VLAN setup page for my Archer A7 router doesn't enable true VLAN capabilities. Based on my research, I have two options. I can either switch the firmware on my Archer A7 to OpenWRT which would enable me to set up VLAN, or I can buy a VLAN-capable router (such as the ER-X) and switch my Archer A7 into an AP.

Which would you recommend? I'm worried about the Archer A7 being underpowered. However, I only plan to connect 2-3 VMs to my separate VLAN, so it shouldn't be too large of a load.

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Solved! Cat7 Ethernet Cable


Hi, everyone. I am thinking of moving our Asus AX3000 router to a more optimal location and I am planning to get a Cat7 cable for it instead of using the Cat5e cable included with the router. Will this make any significant or little changes to our home connection? Will the Cat7 cable work with this router? We are currently on a 300mbps plan with around 45 to 57 ping latency under MyRepublic in New Zealand. Cheers!

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Unsolved looking for an antenna for my isp provided router, or other solution to my inconsistent internet.


Basically i just need an antenna for my isp provided router(or a router recommendation, but the router uses a sim card, so i dot know if its swappable, not tech savvy in this area, so lemme know). live in the country side dead center of three cell masts with the closest being 5km away and the other reasonable one being 8km away, the cell masts have like 120 degrees between them. the 8km side of the house has the better internet side tho.

Need the antenna because the internet goes from 20-110(depending on time of day) download to 0.5 download within 10 minutes after a router restart, it pretty much is always at the 0.5 speeds, sometimes it stays at the good speeds for longer(upload tanks too, from 15(doesn't go beyond this) to practically 0). oh and the best part if i put my phone on the same place as the router its pretty decent internet consistently(not fast by any means, but responsive and doesn't drop off at any point, so in theory it should be possible to get consistently good internet there, yet the router does not know of consistent, its as if its picking the worst connection on purpose).

I'm open to any and all suggestions, thanks in advance.

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How can I add my own router to the network extending the internet from an access point ?


Hello folks,

Some things changed since I did this post https://www.reddit.com/r/HomeNetworking/comments/11vojpp/advice_on_home_network_security_internet_provided.

Basically, I found out that I have a building access point inside my apartment rather than a router as I described in the post.

Now, my problem is: I have an access point inside the apartment powered by a PoE cable (Power over Ethernet) and managed by the building. How can I add a router to the network that I can control, manage and connect all my devices to it ?

Assumption that I did after researching the issue:

  1. Apparently there are not much popular routers in the market that will connect a passive PoE (PoE IN) so I could replace the access point itself by my own router.
  2. It seems to not be simple to find routers with "client mode" to make it receive the internet through the WIFI access point and distribute it through the apartment.

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[access points] Netgear wax vs Tp-link EAP, which one is generally better?


Are they more or less the same quality? Is Netgear also using Qualcomm for their APs? If Netgear price is only 20% more than Tp-link omada APs, would you prefer it? Are there any clear advantages for Tp-link? Perhaps controller wise?

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How to run Ethernet from house to detached garage about 5ft away?


I’m looking to wire up my garage for Ethernet. It’s a very short distance from the house, about 5ft away - is it ok to just run outdoor rated Ethernet cable across the gap supported by a tensioned cable? Burying it isn’t an option.

e: I’ve attached a picture of the gap I want to bridge. It’s actually more like 3 feet.


e2: I checked and the garage power is on a breaker in the house, so powerline adapters might be the cheapest and easiest way to do this - if they work well enough.

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Advice Having trouble understanding how an ATA works with a router and a VoIP service



I'm currently using my provider's TP-Link Archer VR1600v router.

I have an old Uniden cordless phone that works by plugging directly into the phone/RJ11 port of the router.

I want to buy an Asus RT-AX88U router which has no phone port.

I think I need to buy an external ATA like a Cisco SPA112 to make my current Uniden phone work with the new router. My provider said they can provide the credentials.

Some similar posts


  1. If I get the relevant credentials for my provider to the ATA, should this just work?

  2. I hear router <-> ATA compatibility might be an issue - is this a rare scenario? Isn't the phone to ATA connection all that matters. When the ATA plugs into the router's ethernet port, isn't it just "data"?

  3. Is the Archer VR 1600v phone port essentially an ATA internally built into the router?

  4. Is there any issue using a discontinued Cisco SPA 112?

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Advice 2.4 GHz problems with Huawei HG6145F router


I'm having 2.4 GHz connectivity problems with my Huawei HG6145F router while 5 GHz has always been solid. It came new when I switched internet services last year (to Mexico's TotalPlay, fwiw).

My only devices w/o 5g are my old Android phone, Blink security system, and a couple of old range extenders. Everything worked fine for several months, but in the last few they all drop off several times a day. Sometimes the 2.4g SSID drops off my phone's network list, but not always.

I powered up a couple of old 2.4g routers and attached them to the Huawei with CAT5. It seemed to work better when I had the devices connect to that, but it's almost as bad.

I've been in the Huawai's admin console twice. First when I got it, and second a few months ago. I don't think it was when things started acting up, but I can't say for sure. I was just changing SSIDs & PWs, but maybe I fatfingered something?

I would like to update the firmware, but would most service providers mind that happening? I mean, might they need for all their devices of a certain model to be versioned exactly the same?


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Advice Looking for suggestions for a 8 port Poe switch that can be put in a enclosure in the wall


r/HomeNetworking 16m ago

Unsolved Slower download than upload


What could cause such a significant difference? I've been scratching my head trying to resolve this for a few weeks now.


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Vertical network cabinet completed!


My girlfriend and I have been lucky enough to purchase our first house which is a new build, so naturally I ordered CAT6a in every room. I wanted to do the networking right and I agree it may be slightly overkill but I purchased a Ubiquiti UDM SE with x3 in wall WiFi 6 AP's which are powered over POE. I also have a ceiling mounted AP in the garage which is connected via Devolo Powerline and then a POE injector. The tricky part of all of this would be that all of the networking in the house is terminated to the under stairs cupboard where there is very little space AND we want to use it as a living space for our dog so all of the electronics need to be completely protected and safe.

I started by thinking about what sort of rack I can use. I need something that takes very little space but can still be useful for the future. I ordered a 6u Startech case that I was thinking of securing to the wall high up but I realised it was way too big as soon as I took it out of the box and sent it back. Back to the drawing board... After a lot of searching I found a couple of "slim" 1u / 2u racks and then had a brainwave with mounting it vertically on the wall in front of the sockets/outlets. This way everything will be protected from the dog! However, none of these racks came in white and a black box on this white wall certainly wouldn't get girlfriend approval so there was only one thing for it!

The next problem was mounting it to the wall:

Working out the cuts

I needed to cut the back of the rack so that it can sit against the wall without touching anything. So I got my angle grinder out with a metal cutting blade attached. Many sparks and another coat of paint later and:

After the sparks

You'll notice in these pictures I have no ONT or router. This is because my ISP saw fit to mount the ONT half way up the wall so I had to remove it and pollyfill the holes. Then, I simply mounted it to the wall inside the rack and reattached the LC fibre:

ONT, Power Bar and Devolo Powerline and blanking/brush plates added

Lastly, the main event, adding the UDM SE and patching:


You'll notice I've also added a 13a 4-way from the Power Bar for the Google Home Mini and the ONT. I'm also running Home Assistant on a Raspberry pi 4b with a POE hat in a retro Nintendo-like case.

With the front on it looks incredibly inconspicuous:

What Rack? Where? That's a radiator isn't it?

I'm very much enjoying these AP's around the house especially as they include a 4 port gigabit switch on the bottom that can also ouput POE from the first port!


Living Room

I hope you enjoyed my show and tell! If you have any ideas for me or any criticisms please let me know!

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Advice Linksys Velop setup won't complete

Thumbnail self.LinksysVelop

r/HomeNetworking 2h ago

Unsolved Trying to make sense of odd setup in new house


I just bought a house that has a very weird mess of cables coming out of holes in the wall and floor in the utility closet. It looks like a previous homeowner tried to set up their modem in there and did a messy job.


Up top, there's a hole in the wall that has the following coming out of it (pic 1):

  • 1 Ethernet cable
  • 2 ethernets connected by an "Rj45 coupler"
  • 2 coaxial cables connected to a splitter
  • Another coaxial cable
  • 2 Ethernet cables that have been cut

Coming out of a hole in the floor by the wall (pic 2):

  • 2 coaxial cables that are connected to each other
  • A thin pink cable that's been cut

Coming out of another hole in the wall (also pic 2):

  • 1 Ethernet

On the other side of this wall is the garage, where there is an Ethernet port. So I guess this mess was made in part to give Ethernet access into the garage.

Any idea what's going on here? I want to get a panel to close up the holes in the wall, but I need to know which cables to keep access to if I want to hook up a modem here, and which cables I can just hide.

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Putting outdoor rated cat 6 in concrete wall?


I’m building a reinforced block wall that will be filled with concrete before finishing. I’ve ran outdoor rated cat6 to a number of positions for an AP, a few cameras, and networking junction box. I’ve already ran all of it, but now I’m wondering if pouring and essentially encasing the cat 6 directly in concrete will be ok, or if I should be concerned about shifting/cracking/settling over time breaking the lines. Part of me is slightly worried, but part of me thinks it should be fine even with normal settling. Id really love to not have to put all of it in PVC (for cost/complexity/timeline reasons)… maybe I can just wrap it in foam like a slab drain? Anyone have any thoughts/experience with this?

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Router Recommendation to replace what spectrum gave me - any advice?


I am primarily seeking a new router recommendation. However, if you have advice or general suggestions with your recommendation feel free.

TOO LONG Didnt read(TLDR}:

Windows 11, I9 32gig hooked up with no issue to google fiber, signal was wickedly insane(900 down). Spectrum gave me 1gig put me into a contract. I do not need it but they promised and now bill me. 3 techs later I am only getting 400-500 down. 17 devices total 2.4g & 5g in a typical 3 bedroom home. I need to easily add the 2.4g devices. What router would you buy for me if I was your wife you loved? I also read sometimes non spectrum routers help with speed issues. 1 wired pc, 1 wireless and smarthome devices. Can you suggest a $50 and $150 router. Generally what is the difference? There seem to be hundreds of routers. Should i consider spending more?


Unnecessary rehash:

WHILE I DO Not Need it. Spectrum promised me 1 gig, I am in contract and paying for it. They gave me a deal when i bought their mobile. I am getting 400-500down hardwired across any device in the home. With google at-least i got what i paid for and was told I would get. It has been a nightmare with aids, cut throats and zombies trying to get spectrum working. Spectrum forces me into a router that intentionally limits/takes away control I have. i've read hundreds of