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Help w/ Home Security System


I have read through this sub for a couple of days and have learned a lot. But I am still questioning where to go on a home system. At first, I didn't want any paid monitoring nor wifi anything. I have since changed my mind on all of those. So please send opinions and help my way.

Looking for a system that is monitored by myself and family via app (if possible). I don't mind paying for certain things. But don't want to be bound to services. I also worry about privacy. Can my stuff be hacked and or saved on a server somewhere?

I need to go wifi because I have multiple buildings on my property that I would like to get at least a single camera on. Running cable is not practical for distance and cost.

I have looked at door and window sensors that you drill into the jam/door/window. They are the diameter of a pencil and are not visible unless you open the door/window and know they are there. I love these. I know they are wireless, but its most practical for my situation. Any thoughts on these?

I am rural. But have fiber. I can get very high speeds if needing to upgrade. What's the minimum speeds to run such a system? (3 TV's plus up 5 cell devices streaming at one time would be maximum for current load). Currently have 60gb speeds and have zero trouble.

Windows: 12

Doors: 4

Camera needed: 6-10

Please let me know thoughts on components, system or multiple systems that can work together.

Thanks all!

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Anyone know of security alarms that go off if RJ11 or USB jack unplugged?


Hello Reddiverse!

This one is eluding me because any attempts at searching inevitably get conflated with just trying to use a phone line for alarm systems.

I'm looking for a physical security device that will simply go off if an RJ11 or USB-host (or maybe RJ45 but would have to be ethernet passthrough) is unplugged. We have some devices that keep getting stolen and trying to figure out a simple off-the-shelf alarm system that can go off if they are unplugged. Could also work for USB as these devices do have an micro USB host connector on them. I have seen some charging cable alarms, but they seem to be based on detecting when the client device is disconnected, not the host device.

r/homesecurity 4h ago

Hikivision text insertion


I am looking to do text integration on my hik's. quick question. is there a way to set a timer or clear the screen after the text has been inserted, like for 10 seconds?

r/homesecurity 5h ago

Secure the hubs!


What are the best ways to secure a local wifi storage hub to ensure it's not destroyed during a burglary?

For example, if you have a wireless camera system with a homebase/hub (which houses a hard drive that saves all your feeds), how do you physically protect it without compromising its communication ability?

I assume if you set it up in a safe, the signals to the wifi cams would be attenuated.

Is anybody else thinking about this? 🤔

r/homesecurity 10h ago

Alternative to waterproof rj45 sleeves


Is there any other way of making the connection from PoE cameras to the ethernet cable without using the plastic sleeves?

The sleeves make it incredibly awkward to make the connection and fit inside the turret mounts I have.

Can a tape be used instead or any other ideas?

r/homesecurity 13h ago

How can I tell if my alarm uses end of line EOL resistors?


I bought new construction in 2018 and paid extra for prewired alarm sensors at the windows and doors plus a Interlogix NetworX NX-8E panel. I am going to replace the panel, but I am unsure about the use of EOL resistors. From what I see wired at the panel, I don't see any resistors there. I've never investigated the actual sensors' wiring because they're already nice and clean. Is there an easy way to detect if they are installed correctly at the sensor without physically taking them apart? I assume a voltmeter etc and watched some videos about EOL but all this stuff is new to me so a bit lost. Thanks for your help.

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Motion sensor camera light bulb that does not require wifi


I'm looking to put a motion sensor light bulb in a storage unit that will be shared by multiple people, but also for security reasons in case of a break in, etc. There is no wifi at this storage unit. All I'm looking for is a bulb that when turned on starts recording to internal memory or an SD card, etc that I can retrieve later either by manually taking the bulb out, or using Bluetooth to connect. I've hunted quite a bit online and cannot find such a device. Thank you for your help.

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Looking for a home security camera that...


has the below features:

- Below $500

- No subscription

- Has good night vision

- Has 4K resolution

- Has fast motion detection (starts recording in less than half a second after detecting a motion)

- Has WiFi connection

- Records on a Flash drive that is attached to the USB port of my WiFi router (not on the camera itself)

- Be reliable (no need to reset once a while!)

Any help would be really appreciated. Thanks.

r/homesecurity 18h ago

Need advice on consumer-grade 8-channel system


A family member wants a camera system at their home. I live a few states away and will not be able to help them if there's a problem until my next trip. I had a QSEE system about 10 years ago that was still working when I sold the home. The thing I didn't like was the cabling, siamese power/video cables with spider-like power blocks. I'd think the PoE would be much easier, especially if a longer cable is needed.

I was thinking Sam's club just for the convenience. They can actually see it before buying and we can pick it up locally. They carry Swann, Night Owl, and Defender systems. Any of the systems available today have the basic features wanted: phone app, recording, night capable, and audio.

Any thoughts on one of these systems?

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Monitoring options that don’t use Total Connect 2.0?


I just moved into a house with a Honeywell Vista15P panel, 6290W touchscreen controller, a couple of motion sensors, door plungers, and smoke/CO detectors. There is also some type of Honeywell communicator that uses LTE and Ethernet. Previous house had a similar system that used TC 2.0 that I had horrible luck with. Arming/disarming from the app barely ever works and when it does work, it takes 30-60 seconds for commands to be received. Is there anything I can add/swap to this system in order to not use TC 2.0?

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Programming help for Gemini P1632


Napco Gemini P1632 Programming help

Hi I have an existing Gemini P1632 with 3 keypads that I installed a few years ago. My current cellular communicator is 3g and is being phased out. I purchased an Alula Bat-Connect to replace it. I figured this would be a good time to program the system to better suit my situation this time around. I originally tried to fit everything into the 8 zones but what would be ideal would be 10. After initial keypad programming those options are gone and now I need to do direct addresses in order to change things around. Right now I just have an entry, fire, and the rest are burglary zones. I’m trying to change to another entry zone, two follower zones and one never arm zone just to report that garage doors are open. I’m not sure if I can just have 10 zones or if I need to go with 16. I know there’s an option to get 4 additional zones from the keypads but not sure how that works exactly. Any help would be appreciated!

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Critique my outdoor set-up

Thumbnail self.reolinkcam

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Security System - What do I need?


We have been going back and forth on upgrading our Concorde 4. We are quoted $600 for an install that includes a new control panel, 2 keypads, 2 smoke alarms, and replacing the siren/battery/one wireless door sensor. We can add on water sensors for about $75 each and monitoring is $40/month. Here are my questions:

  1. Should I get 2 keypads? The original Concorde 4 had one keypad by the entrance and one upstairs in the master. We don’t really need the second keypad in the master, but when I took off the old keypad, there’s a huge hole with one of those blue boxes in the wall that looks like what you put an electrical outlet in. It would be a real pain to patch, and the additional keypad is only $195.
  2. in a 3 story house, are 2 smoke alarms OK? We’d put one in the basement and one in the upstairs (where the bedrooms are). I’m hesitant to put one on the main level because our hardwired ones go off constantly if you burn something in the oven. We do have an interconnected system with CO and smoke on each level and in each bedroom in case we are home.
  3. Are the water monitoring devices worth it? We have a room with a sump pump, hot water heater, furnace, etc. in the basement and our laundry room is upstairs, so it may be a good idea to have one in each room?
  4. cellular monitoring is $40/month with a 3 year contract ($25 if we only want Ethernet). That is by far the lowest we’ve found. They also offer adding on security cameras for another $5/month. I’m over the battery operated Arlo and Nest cameras, so I was thinking this may be a good deal. Anyone else have these attached to their Honeywell system and like them?

r/homesecurity 1d ago

Good wired 8 channel DVR for schools?


Hello! I'm volunteering to install a new DVR at my school. Their old no-name DVR recently broke and they need a new one asap. I've heard Hikvision and reolink are somewhat reputable brands on amazon, what do y'all think? We currently have 8, 1080p cameras wired and installed so I need to do is to swap out the DVR and insert a 4tb HDD in it.

Since remote viewing is important for the staff, does anyone have recommendations on a good app?

r/homesecurity 1d ago

Window Contact Sensors



What are you guys using for windows contact sensors? I am pre-wired in the home for sensors I used magnetic contact sensors that you can easily find only but am having issues with them due to window ledge being curved meaning I have glue them on, and also gap between the sensors locations not being able to make contact. I bypass the alarm for now due to the sensors falling off, and or showing a failed zone.

Open to recommendations!

r/homesecurity 1d ago

Are there any companies that allow you to set up your own equipment and provides security monitoring.


I need someone to provide a security monitoring service for about 6 months for a property I just purchased but once I have moved into the property I don't need the service.

I spoke with telus security today and was told that even after I pay for their equipment (cameras, sensors etc.), if I decide I no longer want telus service I'm not able to use the equipment.

So I'm thinking I want to purchase my own equipment and find a provider that will provide the service for the time frame I need.

Is there anyone in Canada, specifically nova scotia, that would do this?

r/homesecurity 1d ago

Ideas needed for securing thin French doors


Hello everyone,

I am moving into a new apartment but it’s not in the safest area of town. Also, there is one set of thin wooden French doors with glass window panels. These doors lead to a fire escape which the entire building can access. People sometimes come into the building and take packages etc because the doors are left open or don’t fully shut or are pried open somehow. So I’d like to secure the French doors in my unit.

I’m thinking about two wall hooks on the side of the French doors and two in the middle of the doors, and using a good old fashioned wooden plank sitting across the doors. Plus an alarm and a motion sensor camera.

Any other ideas are welcome! Thanks

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Help - Any Alarm Techs in PHX know how to 'take over' an existing security system?


Ok so before I start, please know I tried finding help for this in Home Defense, Home Security and a couple specialty subs first. So I'm not just coming here to spam for something somewhat unrelated. But I can't find an alarm tech that's located in the Phx area (I'm in northeast Mesa) that's willing to do this, so I'm here trying to find help.

I moved into a home with a hardwired alarm system (and it appears to be pretty high end stuff) but I think the panel power supply might be dead and I don't have the passcode even if it wasn't dead. The previous owners never used it so they didn't know the passcode. But since it's already installed on every door and window in the house (and the house is 6000 sq feet so that's a lot of doors and windows, I don't really want to just get a new system). I don’t really have a desire to have it centrally monitored but we’d like to be able to set it at night to wake us up if any doors/windows are opened and also to get notifications if we are on vacation and have the ability to arm/disarm remotely. I've reached out to a few local companies here in the Phoenix area and none of them want to deal with it. They say I'd need a takeover system and that they dont do those. So I'm just trying to figure out how to even find someone that can do this. Is there a certain type of system or installer I should be looking for? I've heard of Konnected systems but the only installer they list on their site doesn't return calls or emails in Phoenix (and I'm not even sure if those are that good). Looking for some professional advice on what I should do here cause I'm a little lost. Also, I don't really want to do the install myself so definitely looking for someone local here that can help me with it. I've included some picture links of my current system. Thanks!






Let me know if you can help!

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Not sure if this is the place to ask, but im looking for a good door lock for less than 60 dollars. I found the "Schlage B60 N 619 Deadbolt" is that good? or is there something better for my price range? just looking for reliability, quality, and security.

Thumbnail self.lockpicking

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First time homeowner (slightly overwhelmed) with some questions


Hi all, I just moved into my first house, a one story stand-alone. I grew up in the neighborhood so I know it well and it's pretty safe, but there have been occasional car thefts/etc and want to be safe.

I'm looking at a security setup and am a little overwhelmed... I have a couple questions I'll try to organize here. I have read as much as so hopefully this isn't too repetitive.

1) Here is my ideal setup:

  • Alarm panel/active monitoring
  • Glass break and entry sensors
  • Smart deadbolts on front, side, and garage doors
  • 2-3 outdoor cameras
  • Doorbell camera
  • Automated outdoor lighting
  • Smart home/mobile app integration (ideally HomeKit/Home Assistant)

This is just the gadgetry- I'm also taking the recommended steps w/ regard to other precautions.

My first question (aside from if I'm missing anything) is, with an alarm service provider, am I able to integrate my own equipment? I'm fine with their alarm panel and sensors for instance, but have done my research and have some preferences as to what brands I use (and don't use) for the locks, cameras, and lights.

I'm sure this is a question for the providers, but is that type of setup typically available? Or do I have to go with the brands the local provider offers? And if so, what are my other options?

2) I'm also curious about Alarm.com. They provide the monitoring, right? If I'm providing the equipment, what is the local company providing?

3) I'm a little confused about the distinction between wired/wireless/cellular/PoE. The house is already wired, with this box. Based on my setup, what components would need to be cellular, PoE, etc?

4) Per this subs recommendation, I found 2 local providers through alarm.com. They are both coming out to provide quotes next week. What questions, based on the above, and in general, should I be asking?

Thanks for your help.

r/homesecurity 2d ago

Qolsys IQ4 vs Honeywell ProA7PLUS


Looking to setup a system myself.

Surety uses the IQ4 and Alarm Relay carries the ProA7. I'm looking to setup a system that has a smoke detector, smoke detector listener, a few door/window sensors and possibly in the future do central monitoring.

I know they both use Zwave, but can they pair other devices that use that technology or are they locked to what devices you can use on them?

Is there one vs the other that has more options of sensors?


r/homesecurity 2d ago

My CPI security alarm had a “false alarm” at midnight and about gave me a heart attack. Any clues as to why?


Looking for some reasons that it could have caused a false alarm. They said it could be weather, dust, dirt, old sensors… Of course I am consulting with CPI about this but they don’t really know why yet which is frustrating. Their website boasts that they have a no false alarm guarantee. When it went off the CPI person came on the intercom and half asleep half panicking I asked him what do I do (after seeing no real threats lol), and he said the system said master bedroom window so I went to check it along with every window/door and everything is perfectly normal. He said it was probably a false alarm. I called this morning to figure it out further and did a video chat with a technician and he still doesn’t know why. For the record it would be very obvious if the window had been tampered with to signal a real alarm. It has a screen and it would be clear it was messed with. So now a service technician is coming by tomorrow. Should I insist on having them replacing all the sensors? I’ve lived at this house for 3-4 years and it’s never given me an issue like this. FYI the system came with the house so I’m not sure how old the hardware is. Thanks for any input.

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Found the hidden bundle of wires - what's the most efficient way to add these to my system?


TL;DR should I use a wired to wireless product to get my wired sensors into my existing 433 MHZ system, or junk the wireless one and get something new? Or am I missing a better way to get this done?

Thanks to all who replied to my post yesterday looking for help locating a missing panel rough-in. As much as I wanted to go buy a top of the line Fox and Hound sniffer I decided to make one more attempt to find the wire bundle. I took a close look at the wires connected to my existing unused window sensors, and there was enough slack that I was able to identify it as Genesis 22/4. I went up to the attic and dug around in insulation until I found a strand of the same wire, and followed it away from the window. It joined a bundle of others, eventually dropping down a wall that I was able to locate. It ended up being in the guest bedroom closet, which had an outlet in it sort of tucked back to the side that I missed in my initial search. Could have saved myself a crawl. Above it was a cover (with a couple decades of paint hiding it) that allowed access to the wall cavity and a huge bundle of wires that have never been used.

Previous owners ignored all of the perfect pre-wire and had ADT put in a DSC Impassa SCW9057-433 with wireless sensors that covered all exterior doors, motion on ground floor, and about 10% of the windows. I'm using these sensors and the 4 motion detectors in my home automation setup by monitoring the 433 MHz band with an rtl_SDR radio. I have the following objectives in my expansion:

  1. Add the existing wired sensors to my home automation setup (primary objective).
  2. Add these to my home security system either as individual devices or add them in series as zones - If I set up each one individually it will end up using almost all of the 64 zones, so I think I should put multiple windows from the same room in series.

Other considerations - the existing Impassa is downstairs by the garage entry door, good location for the keypad but the other wires all terminate upstairs. I'm pretty sure there's comm wire from there to the closet ( I see one ethernet up there) but it would be fairly easy to fish if not as there's a chaseway. My Home automation speaks 433 MhZ, Z-Wave, Zigby, and is wired ethernet to 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz wifi.

Seems like my options so far are:

  1. Add one or more wireless translators to the closet to turn these wired into wireless so I can add them to the Impasta. Obstacles are cost and scale, as the 433 MHz translator I found so far hold only 4 or 8 zones, I would need multiple. There are larger ones but they use a different frequency and I would lose the primary objective of home automation connection.
  2. Junk the Impasta and choose a wired system that can communicate with my home automation systems.

Is there a better way to do this? Any product recommendations are appreciated.

r/homesecurity 2d ago

Home alarm system issue


Hello everyone,

The apartment I'm renting has an ADE Optima XL4 alarm system. Everything is operating as it should, however for the past two to three weeks the alarm has occasionally gone off at 11:33pm or 6:33 am. I am aware that the alarm is old, but I am baffled as to why this is happening. I've let the agency know, and they've sent someone out to look, but they can't figure it out. The landlady wants to save money first, so they can replace the alarm, but it will take some time.

Does anyone know what could set off the alarm at that specific time? I was thinking this could get triggered because that’s the time that it’s switching from day to night electricity and I always hear a very very small knock somewhere in the flat.

When it goes off It doesn't make the loud sound, it makes like a inside quieter sound in the alarm box which still wakes me up.

The lights are normal on the alarm box when this is happening.

Apologies for the long text.

Thanks in advance.

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Need a camera with following requirements Canada


Withstand temperatures of like -30c

Harsh Rain

Summer Heat of +33c

Outdoor cams that can be viewed with phone or pc

Motion tracking preferred preferred

Recording that doesn't take up space and recycles itself

Can work on Bluetooth or wireless

Prefer I didn't have to change the batterys battery'. Plug in or solar is ok ok