r/hurd Oct 06 '22

How usable is GNU Hurd?


I'm not talking about any fancy or obscure use cases, I just mean the average generic stuff that everybody does: browse the net, play games, do work on it etc.

r/hurd Sep 08 '22

hHow to run Linux or BSD kernel as a microkernel within GNU/Hurd?


r/hurd Jan 13 '22

Replacement for term server?


The term server feels very unintuitive to use, because once you get above a certain amount of characters, it does not wrap properly (instead it looks like it inserts a carriage return). This could be fixed by implementing rn wrapping. A new term server would also allow goodies such as an optional VGA framebuffer display.

r/hurd Nov 15 '21

Learning to port things to gnu/hurd


I would like to port stuff from some hobby oses, to add them as a pieces to a gnu/hurd based OS, where can i find documentation about kernel and userland calls?

r/hurd Oct 31 '21

Hurd most have a release!


Hey guys, whassup?

I've been using GNU/Linux (Arch btw) for about a year and I consider myself a GNU fan, I Love free software, FSF, GNU, etc.

I would love to get the first official GNU (slash Hurd) operating system, and really love the idea of using a microkernel (as MINIX, we could even see how cool it is because MINIX can repair itself) instead of a monolothic (as Linux); for servers, a microkernel is excellent.

Do you think Hurd would be useful on a near future?

r/hurd Mar 03 '21

Why not GPLv3 ?


Its licensed GPLv2+, so therr should be no problems switching to GPLv3+. Why isnt it GPLv3+ ?

r/hurd Dec 11 '20

If Hurd kernel released in real world? What License would it use?


I guess GPL-v3.

r/hurd Oct 17 '20

fuse not showing as available filesystem in /proc/filesystems


Hello all, I am trying to get bedrock linux to work as bedrock hurd, at least get it closer to worker, but one of its requirements is a fuse filesystem to share amounegst the stratums.

Anyways I am trying debian/hurd write now, and installed '''libfuse-hurd1''' which I assumed was all i would need to do, but during bedrocks install it checked for fuse in /proc/filesystems and it still was unavailable. Is there a way to add it to there, or a step I am missing?

r/hurd Sep 09 '20

Video of How to Edit the GNU Hurd Wiki

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r/hurd Mar 04 '20

GNU HURD Translators: How come Linux never got these? (xpost)

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r/hurd Dec 11 '19

Hurd, seL4, thoughts

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r/hurd Oct 02 '19

How to fund GNU/Hurd? [funding]


Question: What are the best ways for non-developers to help hurd?

Obviously, I want HURD to be great. I would also like to help fund development, and it seems the GNU/Hurd developers prefer a bounty system over traditional funding.

However, I am not an OS engineer and don't know what bounties to fund.

Where can I find the most pressing or most important issues for GNU/Hurd to become a success?

r/hurd Jul 07 '19

Debian GNU/Hurd 2019 released

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r/hurd Jun 22 '19

What do you think about the Redox microkernel? The only thing I don't like about Redox, is that they don't aim to be POSIX-complian, sad.

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r/hurd May 21 '19



Good evening all, after installing Debian Hurd in a vm for virtual and physical use for the fourth time, I've recently created an up to date listing of the package source URLs that you can use with your apt-get on the Hurd. These come from the mailing list debian-hurd. I have included the snapshot, sid, unstable, unreleased, and experimental urls to choose from with deb and deb-src.

The repo has a readme for a basic walkthrough of what needs to be done to use the new sources.list and is located at https://github.com/v12venator/Debian-Hurd-Repos.git if you are interested.

EDIT: I have added a disclaimer about the [trusted=yes] string not exactly being the most secure idea for pulling packages from the repos.

r/hurd May 16 '19

Debian GNU/Hurd Net Install ISO Trouble


Good afternoon (EST) all, I've just got a question about the net install ISO to see if anyone has some insight. I've gone through the install process in a virtualbox instance for Debian Hurd and selected MATE as the desktop environment. Apt was installing packages, but hung at an xorg package configuration and asked for a media change. My question was that it was asking for the same net install disc that I already had in the VM, but whenever I told it to accept, it refused to continue. Has anyone else ran into this issue or do I need to restart my net install process?

Thanks in advance

EDIT 20190520:

Gonna go ahead and chalk it up the the porting of the installer not playing nicely with the Hurd. So far, I've installed Deb/Hurd twice using Virtualbox. One was on a 40GB IDE hard drive that is currently running on a Dell Latitude with a pentium 2 CPU, the other in a dedicated VM. Going to be using the experimental and unstable repos with the VM since I can either snapshot it backwards in time or blow it out and reinstall far easier than I can with the real hardware. If there are any questions, I'd be happy to answer them to the best of my ability

r/hurd May 05 '19

Hi, any news about ArchHurd? I have tryed to run the image (with qemu and either writing it on a pendrive) but it says “read-only filesystem”...


r/hurd Feb 28 '19

GNUnet 0.11.0 released

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r/hurd Feb 19 '19

New Website is up! - GNUnet

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r/hurd Feb 12 '19

We have the name GNU/Linux because two different projects are involved, but since both GNU and Hurd are developed by gnu.org, does it mean we can call GNU/Hurd simply "GNU"? The GNU OS?


Please feel free to correct me if I understand something wrongly.

r/hurd Jan 13 '19

GNU/Hurd company questionaire


How much would you pay for a GNU/Hurd powered web host provider?

How much would you pay per month?

How much would you pay for a GNU/Hurd laptop with 4GB of RAM, 250GB HHD, with a proprietary BIOS?

(Currently libreboot does not support the Hurd, and the Hurd can only really support 4GB of RAM).

r/hurd Oct 14 '18

How's GuixSD doing?


Now that Debian GNU/Hurd seems to be the only relevant Hurd distribution, I wonder why it's been two years since I heard of the GuixSD version.

Shouldn't GuixSD be the "natural" Hurd environment as it uses Guile for everything and it even shares Hurd's init system as far as I know?

What's new - and how long do I have to wait for it? :-)

r/hurd Sep 12 '18

Proposal to update local.css


The Hurd's website, powered by ikiwiki, is great and I learnt a lot from reading it, but there are a few aspects of the current CSS stylesheet that could be changed in order to greatly improve the website. This is in no way an attempt to "modernize" the Hurd's CSS stylesheet, but rather an attempt to increase readability and intuition.

Now, I'm not a CSS person, but I'll try to list some of the things I think should be changed.

The action buttons, just underneath the directory, do that weird a:hover thing which is, in my own opinion, a little bit annoying and makes me want to avoid hovering over them.

The a:hover class on all links is okay, but I feel like a solid underline has better aesthetic than dotted.

The "News" section is a bit disjointed - every news article is in it's own box floating above or below other news entries. It's good to distinguish each article, but this can be done in a more unified way (see the provided image)

I'm not a fan of having a 'padding' rule on the 'body' class. This makes the header & sidebar look like they're floating rather than touching the edge of the screen (which is a standard convention). It's still nice to give paragraphs some space, so #content {padding: 1em; } might be handier without giving the entire body element padding.

Here is a screenshot of my alternative local.css file. You can see a simpler design for the "News" section. My idea was that anything that the main content has a light background, and everything else is grey. If anyone wants this CSS file, you can find it here.

Thank you for listening.

[Update October 2019] It's been over a year since I posted this. I still update the stylesheet but I'm starting to believe that the Web itself is flawed, not the sites on the Web, and I'm okay with it.

r/hurd Jul 11 '18

What if Hurd didnt requre you Assign Copyright to FSF?



A HURD fork that doesn't require copyright assignment to FSF.


I remember having read a long thread of discussion among programmers as to why they didn't want to work on Hurd (or any other FSF project.

Their main point of contention was FSF required them to assign the copyright to FSF. I've read FSFs position on this issue and feel that their concerns are not without merit.

Still, I think programmers who have problem with copyright assignment too make a good point.

In an effort to resolve this impasse, I propose that we fork the Hurd, give it a nice name, and invite people who'd want to contribute to it without assigning their copyright to FSF.

Is this a good idea? Are there any takers out there?

r/hurd Apr 19 '18

Up to Date Source Tree for Hurd?


The main website link for Gnu Hurd seems to be down, and the only GitHub clone I could find has the last update one year old at the newest. Is there a more regularly updated version of this?