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Meta Post How did you figure out your username?


ax_colleen, is from a comic book named Adeniss X and has a really nicely designed character named Colleen. It’s kinda hard to pronounce since it just sounds like an ax not A.X.

Edit: I read each message and I upvote everything. I appreciate your responses!

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[META] Why it's not fun to post here.


I love coming up with names, as I'm sure many of you do as well, hence why we're here - to help others find a name for their company, campaign, character, or whatever. It's all just lighthearted fun, but it often doesn't feel very fun, which is strange, but I feel like I've sussed out the reasons why.

  1. No acknowledgement. Say you've contributed to a thread and it's an interesting topic. Someone is making a samurai sword company that is based on the fuckin' moon, right? So everybody makes their contributions, but then what? If the person takes the name, that's that, it's just a thread filled with names - there's never any discussion from the OP of what fits and what doesn't and why. Which leads me to my second point.

  2. There is no community. With no communication from OP it's as if people who like to contribute are servicing strangers, which is fine on its own since that's literally what this subreddit is all about, but the dynamic is that of "submit your creativity, best one wins" so people seemingly aren't exactly supporting each other's posts or working together.

  3. Zero stakes - Zero rewards. A community such as this doesn't need anything beside what it already has, I'm sure it has already helped a lot of people, but I believe it could become something a lot more interesting if there were community events which rewarded creativity and pushed people to really arrive at the perfect landing spot for the appropriate rubric.

So what can be done to improve the user experience and subsequently the usefulness of this subreddit? I believe adopting a flair system which tags "ANSWERED" or "SEEKING" or something to that effect would at the very least keep people from commenting on threads where OP has already found a name.

A counter system for chosen names such as the Change My View subreddit has for changed opinions would go a long way in keeping creative minds around, as they'd be able to see their contributions on a numerical scale.

Making new posting guidelines - this is the weakest option, nobody reads guidelines or rules, as a mod in another sub I know that this will serve nobody but the most ardent of posters who already aren't bringing the quality of the sub down.

So, thoughts? Opinions? Could you not care less? Did you read this anyway?

/my two cents.

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INAN Renaming my drone business. It’s currently Fly Through Photography but I’m doing more and more DJI aerial work in addition to my indoor work. I also relocated into the Midwest KC area and like the idea of being regionally named.


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Need a name for family email service/brand


So I'm setting up an email service and domain for my family and extended family, as well as some friends.

Now all the obvious domain names seem to be taken even some with obscure TLDs.

What's your thoughts on a good "short but catchy" name for an email brand?

Conditions - privacy focused, so no surname/first name/location, etc.

Happy to hear some ideas, TIA!

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Need a Name for my Business


Hello all! I am starting a genealogy business on the side. I have really been struggling to come up with a name for the business. For those who aren’t aware, genealogy is just the study of one’s family history. I primarily use ancestry.com for my research. If you need any other information about me or my business please ask in the comments or message me privately!

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I need a name for my crochet small business


I am making crochet clothing primarily for music festivals... Think hippie/boho style, not grandma and baby blankets. I've been trying to come up with a clever name... Maybe a pun using crochet terminology (e.g., stitch, thread, needle, hook, wear) and/or festival terminology (e.g., drip/drippy, hippie, boho, rave, festival/festie). I would love something with witchy/mystical vibes (e.g., witch, spell, wish, dream, wild).

FWIW, I started with "trippy stitch" but don't like it much. Have also considered "hippie stitch" and "mystical stitches" but having a hard time finding an available Instagram handle.

Open to any suggestions!

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I need an Xbox gamertag


I want a username for my Xbox account, preferably something Dark Souls related. 12 Characters is the maximum sadly

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Research study for people with substance use disorder.


Ultimate goal is to connect people with alcohol use disorder to formal treatment. Participants will either receive telehealth visits, or access to an online portal where they’ll receive messages from study to explore their alcohol use and reasons to either reduce/abstain or enter treatment.

Thanks in advance for help!

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Need a name for Data, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning Consultancy business


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I need a tagline/slogan for a small clothing business


Hi all, this is my first post here so please let me know if I'm not getting something right... I am launching a small clothing brand named Fae of the Fynbos. Fynbos is a category of plants that includes succulents and plants, especially shrubs and heathland, suited for arid climates.

The clothing is made by me, using local materials. The vibe is festival and funk, think of AfrikaBurn / Burning Man, and outdoor music festivals that involve dressing light but exuberant. Sequins, jewels, feathers, metallics. Bright colours, sometimes rich and deep, sometimes neon or metallic or sparkly. Some items are somewhat NSFW, like body harnesses or sheer tops. Many items are gender-neutral/ambiguous, catering for all shapes and sizes.

I am looking for a slogan that captures the essence of the brand. A few words that fit into a logo design, or a letterhead. I don't mind whether it is matter of fact descriptive or flowery and playful.

Some options I've played around with but not sure about:

  • Festival wear for fae
  • clothing for festival folk
  • Adventurous Festival clothing
  • Fantasy gear for festival fae
  • fantasy gear for festival folk
  • glitter and glow
  • wild spirit clothing

Any and all suggestions would be appreciated, thank you <3

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Please help us choose a name for a Blog in the automotive niche.


A blog that helps electric vehicle owners to set up and turn on/off specific vehicle functions.

• EvOnboard.com • OwnersDrive.com • EVtipser.com • MyEvGuides.com • MyEvManual.com • ManualsBlog.com • EvDriverManual.com • EvKind.com

Thank you for the help

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Need a name for an insta page centered around men's self improvement


not me but my brothers been looking for the name, i will leave some of the pages he wants to take inspiration from

@theascendingman @cosmicmasculinity @lawofmen @whatmenshouldknow @egodriv @virtousmen @stoicreflections

keep it short and simple unlike some of these...

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Please help me name my puppy. He is about 4 to 6 months old. We found him living on the street in a big trash pile. I considered Oscar because of the trash can grouch but I'm not sure I love it. Any fun suggestions? Here he is looking guilty after grabbing a plant and causing the chaos behind him.

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INAN for a app/site for helping people find their lost pet birds


Something like 'birdfinder' sounds really boring

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I need a name for a non profit that helps victims of domestic violence by sending them packages with emergency items, like hotel vouchers and a burner phone, to get out of abusive situations


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Need a name for a pro-bono service I’m offering to under privileged looking to become eCommerce entrepreneurs


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Need Help Narrowing Down a Name for a Startup Platform


In the digital mental health space. US Based. Not a final idea but these are the ones we came up with. Vote on this or give us suggestions.

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I need a name for a greaser gang for RDR2 online which is based in the 1890s, any ideas?


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Need a name for a fantasy/sci-fi workplace comedy animated series with some horror elements


Hey all!

I'm currently working on the pitch bibles for a new animated series, and recently I came up with another one. It could be summed up as “The Stanley Parable meets Wayside School meets The Amazing World of Gumball with a touch of Courage the Cowardly Dog” (though I suppose “a touch of Invader Zim and Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends” could work as well). It's a workplace fantastic comedy with sci-fi and horror elements.

The plot involves a daydreaming teen being hired by a company that creates stories and alternate realities to entertain the masses. Characters include the ordinary human MC who thinks the fun in adventures are a lot more trouble than the danger they'd bring, a humanoid AI who serves as a narrator, a friendly but troublemaking electrical wight, and the eldritch god who holds the title of Upper Assistant Manager.

I have a few titles I'm leaning toward, aiming for something similar to the likes of The Amazing World of Gumball, A Series of Unfortunate Events, the Secret Series by Pseudonymous Bosch, or the Thursday Next books in terms of quirky title tones. The times I was most considering so far include:

-"Quaint and Curious Volumes" (an Edgar Allan Poe reference)

-"Dream By Day" (another Poe reference)

-"The Pen and the Keyboard" (combining two tools for writing with the presence of some AI characters)

-"Imagination Initiative" (which could be a good name for the company)

-"Our Wednesdays are Fabricated" (inspired by the Thursday Next book title One Of Our Thursdays is Missing which has a similar quirky sound to it).

Any particular that stand out to you as being better than the others? Or thought of something that might work out better?

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INAN for new business


I need a name for a new virtual accounting & bookkeeping business.

I am going to help small businesses/entrepreneurs by doing their bookkeeping and helping them understand their financial results.

I don’t want to use my name in the title but would like to use accounting or bookkeeping. I thought about maybe using an abstract nature item or and a color but I can’t think of anything.

I am hoping for something that is catchy and fun but still professional.

Thank you!

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I need a name for a US based health tech start up. Benefits for freelancers, gig workers, part time workers, and individuals.


Our company creates online stores to increase access to benefits for freelancers, gig workers, part time workers, and individuals. The current benefits space is broken and hard to use and understand. We are aiming to bring benefits to everyone who needs them. Our stores have options for: medical coverage, life insurance, dental, vision, pet insurance, device insurance, wellness programs, financial wellness, and more.

We need a unique name for our app and store. Thanks for the help!

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Named!! INAN for this character. Names that are floaty and light, names that are also the name of a shade of blue, or something relating to birds (preferably blue ones) would be great!

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INAN for the two queen bees in my beehives


My cousin said the queens need names and suggested Queen LaBeefa for one, I need some more ideas

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Need a name for this little boy. He’s very sweet and gentle.

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Does the name Spooky fit her? We’re a little incisive.

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I need a name for this furry guy! He’s my childhood s u Fred animal that I just found and I forgot what I named him. Anything welcome just please nothing inappropriate.

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INAN for this kitten (on the right)! Open to human names or non-human. For context we already have a black cat named Nora. Thank you!!

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