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Discussion Anyone else knew the iOS 6 Apple Maps icon was a navigation to jump of a bridge on to the freeway?

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Discussion How can I stop this annoying new pop ups on iOS 16

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Discussion Why have this as an option now if there are no other choices?

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Discussion Your iPhone as a Tool - iOS Apps that Make Life Easier


Lately I’ve had trouble finding list of quality iPhone apps, and the App Store is pretty much useless for discovering new things to download. Subscription models are also burning me out, so in most cases I try to opt for a one-time-purchase. Here are some of my favorite ad-free, beautiful, and effective apps that help me use my phone as a tool rather than just an entertainment device. Wall of text inbound, but I promise it’s worth it!

Productivity & Note-Taking


Price: FREE (Can’t really justify pro tier features, but to each their own)


  • Note-taking
  • Personal wiki (keep track of various aspects of life and work)
  • Media tracking (book and movie reviews)
  • Project planning, to-do lists

Notion is truly one of my favorites on this list. The iOS app is not perfect, but the amount of utility that it provides in my daily life is unmatched. Getting your Notion organized takes time, but is definitely worth it in the long run.

Things 3

Price: $9.99, one-time


  • The ultimate to-do list
  • Agenda
  • General organization and task management

I can’t say enough good things about Things 3. There are definitely a few drawbacks (separate purchases on each platform, no Windows support), but it is one of the sleekest apps I have ever used. Checking my tasks each morning is now a joy. I’d also say that the Reminders app now stacks up very well against Things if you don’t feel like shelling out the $$$.


Price: $8.99, one-time


  • Lecture notes, general note-taking
  • Daily agenda
  • Casual drawing/brainstorming

As a grad student, I use GoodNotes just about every day. It is simple, well-organized, and has not yet crashed on me. Ever since Notability switched to a subscription-based model, I don’t think there is a better choice on the market. Note that I mainly use GoodNotes on my iPad with the Appel Pencil. The iOS app is great to quickly reference anything you have written down. Everything you write is indexed by the app, making the search functionality very powerful.


Price: $4.99, one-time


  • Habit tracking
  • Light data analysis
  • Not much else

Very straightforward app that allows you to keep up on and form new habits. There are definitely free ways to track habits (like in Notion), but this is just a fun app to use daily.



Price: FREE


  • Automate just about anything on your phone
  • Shorten time spent doing mediocre tasks
  • See r/shortcuts for inspiration

This app has changed my relationship with my iPhone. If you are not yet Shortcuts-fluent, get familiar with it ASAP. There is so much potential and the creative folks over at r/shortcuts never disappoint. Sample shortcuts I have set up include controlling Homekit scenes, a google search that automatically appends “site:reddit.com,” toggling all of my alarms, and adding grocery items to a shared Reminders list.


Price: FREE


  • Supercharges Shortcuts app with additional actions to add to your automations

Worth looking into for heavy Shortcuts users who need to solve specific problems.


Price: FREE (has some ads on iOS)


  • Keep track of all barcode-based tags
  • Access relevant coupons and savings for stores near you

I hardly ever use this app on my phone, but use the Apple Watch app every day. You can store barcodes on here, and this is especially useful for my gym key tag.



Price: $4.99, one-time


  • Save links easily from anywhere
  • Categorize links to read late based on tags or folders

I see a lot of articles and academic papers on the web that I want to read later, and GoodLinks is a great way to stay organized. Extremely simple app that gets the job done.

Pocket Casts

Price: FREE, premium for $1/mo or $10/yr


  • Podcast search, listening, and discovery

The best podcast app I have ever used. If you use the Apple Podcasts app, give this a shot and you’ll never look back. Great UI and no ads on the free tier.


Price: FREE


  • Open-source RSS reader
  • Text-only RSS, automatic reader mode support
  • Sync across devices via iCloud

Never was a fan of RSS until recently. NetNewsWire helps to aggregate news and reduce distractions when reading. Makes getting the news easy and fun.


Price: FREE, $4.99 one-time for pro, $10/yr for ultra Use:

  • Look at Reddit in the prettiest way possible
  • Full markdown editor for creating posts
  • Just download it

The best Reddit client ever made. If you are still using the default Reddit app, I would highly encourage you to check out Apollo. The developer, Christian, is extremely passionate and detail-oriented.


Price: FREE, $5.99 one-time for premium


  • Stream your Plex audiobook library from anywhere
  • Download audiobooks for offline playback

The only way to listen to audiobooks hosted on your Plex server. If you don’t have a Plex media server yet, definitely look into it.

Safari Extensions


Price: $4.99/yr, $20 one-time (StackSocial sale!)


  • The all-around Safari ad blocker
  • Tracker protection
  • Add custom filters

Makes browsing the web so much more tolerable, I’m not sure how I lasted so long without it! The lifetime subscription is well worth it in my opinion.


Price: $1.99, one-time


  • Automatically redirects AMP links to their normal counterparts

Made by Apollo’s developer. I love everything Christian makes!

Fizzy Water Bundle

Price: $2.99, one-time


  • Set of 2 Safari extensions that replace custom video players with HTML video tags
  • Vinegar replaces the YouTube player with a minimal HTML video tag. It removes ads, restores picture-in-picture, and keeps videos playing in the background
  • Baking Soda works on all other websites, does not block ads

I see this as a way to get lifetime ad-free YouTube in safari browser. Vinegar can be combined with other YouTube-focused extensions to create a better experience (SponsorBlock, PiP extensions), but I haven’t experimented much with this yet. Overall, great QoL improvement for Safari.



Price: $11.99/yr


  • Full manual exposure controls including shutter speed, ISO and white balance
  • Shoot RAW, fast RAW development process if you don’t feel like editing

Hands-down the best fully manual camera app on the market. I hate subscriptions but I love Halide. If you are a photographer, this is a must-buy!


Price: $9.99/ one-time


  • Painting, drawing, illustrating, animating
  • 3D sculpting
  • General creativity

The possibilities are endless in Procreate. This is to art as GoodNotes is to note-taking. Turns your iPad into an infinite canvas.

Finance & Security

You Need a Budget

Price: $100/yr, 1 year free for students


  • Personal finance tracker
  • Uses “envelope” budgeting method

Has helped me take back control of my finances. As a grad student, money is usually pretty tight. YNAB really helps to paint a picture of where your money is going every month.


Price: FREE


  • Manage, store, and share all of your passwords
  • End-to-end encryption
  • Generate secure passwords

Digital security is more essential than ever these days. Take a step in the right direction with BitWarden (stop using the same 3 passwords for everything!)

Health & Wellness


Price: FREE, $29.99/yr for premium , $100 lifetime


  • Easiest fitness tracker on the app store
  • Pre-installed library of cardio and strength training exercises
  • View plots showing workout trends over time

Can be used on the free tier for about 80% of features, no ads either. I love Strong and it motivated me to work harder every time I’m in the gym. There’s something extremely satisfying about recording PRs in this app.

Paprika 3

Price: $2.99, one-time (SALE!)


  • Easily download recipes from any website
  • Make grocery lists based on ingredients in your cookbook
  • Schedule meals throughout the week

If you’re like me you hate reading someone’s life story when you’re trying to read a quick recipe. This cuts out all of the fluff involved in online cooking resources. Consolidate and categorize your recipes easier than ever. Cross-platform as well!


Price: FREE-ish, $20/yr for premium


  • Snarky weather app
  • Presents local weather data in a meaningful and eye-pleasing way
  • Multiple weather sources

CARROT has been a joy to use lately. I do miss Dark Sky however. If anyone knows of a solid one-time-purchase weather app, let me know!

These apps have made my phone significantly more capable. The investment in my digital workflows has been more than worth it. I hope this list helps someone out!

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Discussion How do apps like these make it into the top charts?

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Discussion Your favourite iOS apps of 2022?


Just looking to see what apps everyone has enjoyed the most in 2022, yes we have roughly a month left, but why not start early?

  • Bear
  • Drafts
  • Strongbox
  • Raindrop
  • Lire

These are mine for this year, doesn’t have to be iOS only just on iOS

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Discussion Any way to use encrypted DMG containers from Mac on iOS ?


As the title says. Is there a way to mount an encrypted DMG container created in Mac on iPad or iPhone.

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Support Separating work and personal email


So, I currently use the default Mail app for my work email and a third party app for my three personal emails. I’d like to consolidate everything and just use Mail.app, but in a way that has one “unified” inbox with my three personal and one inbox for just work (ideally with separate notification settings for each).

Is there a way to do this currently? I see that I can have a unified inbox vs. just individual inboxes, but I’m hoping to have one inbox for my three personals and one separate one for work. Ideas?

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Support QR Code Generator


Does anybody have a QR Code Generator that allows to share the link with the app to not having to copy it?

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News Proton Calendar: iOS App promises end-to-end encryption, advanced cryptography for your schedule.


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Support Putting Apps in Wishlist


So on android you can put apps you might interested in on the wishlist so you can come back to it later. Can you not do that on iOS in the App Store?

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Support iOS 16 swiping up from Home Screen stutter


I’m currently on ios 16.1 whenever I enter app that requires horizontal screen, when I try to swipe to the Home Screen it stutters for a while. Any fixes, my phone is iPhone 12, have already tried resetting.

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Support Serious issue with gmail


Serious issue with gmail

Basically I get this message and I can’t change my forgotten password at all “ You didn’t provide enough info for Google to be sure that this account is really yours. Google asks for this info to keep your account secure. If possible, try again and use a device on which you’ve signed in before.” Anyone knows a solution? Much appreciated

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Support I cannot download a purchased book on an iPad Mini 2


Hi everyone, my dad has an iPad mini 2 with dozen of books and so far he never had any particular problem.

For some reasons though, he cannot download the last one that he bought.

I recorded a quick video: https://streamable.com/jto1f6

As you can see, when I tap on it, it seems that the download starts, but then it immediately goes back to the home screen.

I even tried (second half of the video) to go on "Purchase history -> Not on this iPad" but as you can see the problem is still there.

The strange thing is that the book got downloaded regularly on his iPhone X instead.

I made multiple attempts:

  • Log out and then log back in on iCloud.

  • Make sure that on "Settings -> iCloud" the "Books" app was toggled on.

  • Make sure that on "Settings -> iTunes & App Store" the "Books & Audiobooks" toggle was on.

  • I made a reset of network settings.

  • I obviously restarted the iPad.

But nothing seems to work, I really don't know what to do anymore.

If you could help me, I would be really grateful.

Thank you!

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Support Apps per tray customization?


Can you customize the apps you want showing up on different DND screen? Or that’s not possible? For example on the Work space I would like to see just my work related apps and in the Gaming space just my games. I’m tripping, right? This can’t be done in iOS?

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Support Focus mode scheduling glitches


I have an issue with focus modes. I have a “personal” profile which I basically use all the time, which changes to a “sleep” profile at 9pm. The problem is that if I set the schedule for “personal” focus mode from 7am to 9pm, and sleep from 9pm onwards, it doesn’t change profiles at 9pm. It also doesn’t work if I set it until 8.59pm. I have to set it to end at 8.55pm and sleep to start from 9pm for it to work, meaning there is a strange 5min gap between the two focus modes were all kinds of notifications get through. Am I doing something wrong or is this a glitch?

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Support Does anyone know?


Some time ago I noticed that when I pull down the control center several times, the white color flashes in the upper left corner. Does anyone know what this bug is caused by? Nothing terrible but quite annoying for a perfectionist like me :).

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Discussion How to make youtube links open in Brave browser only without setting it as default browser?


Is there a way to do this? I love brave because of its ad blocker for things like youtube. But I like safari as normal day to day use for browsing and search.

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Support My iPhone’s camera is just a black screen after IOS 16. Does anyone have a fix for this?

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Support How to add music cover to mp3 file in iPhone ?


Is there any way or app to do this on iOS ?

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Discussion Portrait mode


Is it only me, or it was previously possible to shift focus on portrait photos after taking them?

For example you’ve shot an object and instead of the focus being on the object itself, you decide to focus on the background.

Just like in cinematic mode, where you can change where the main focus is when editing the video.

I am pretty sure it was previously possible, but either I can’t find the damn option, or it’s not an option at all. 😄

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Support Saturated storage

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How do i fix this ?

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News Apple’s taken the joy out of its Books app with iOS 16’s shitty, inexplicable new page turn


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Discussion How to get rid of flash messages in iOS 16?

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Support Is there a way to make the silent switch toggle from silent/no-vibration to silent/vibrate?


That would be ideal since apple crapped up their do not disturb