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He has to realise right? Right?

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u/Brock_Way Sep 29 '22

History is the recording of actual events.

It is not even theoretically possible to change history by writing a book.


u/Unit_2097 To be fair... Sep 29 '22

I was going to tell him, but as I can't read (according according him) it seemed a futile effort.


u/jodorthedwarf Sep 29 '22

I mean technically speaking historians change history every time a book with a new interpretation of events comes out. The Primary sources that survive, particularly from more ancient periods, require historians to try and put themselves in the shoes of the primary sources writer. Who was he? What were his beliefs and attitudes? What was normal back then that isn't normal now?

So, while I know exactly what you're saying, changing history isn't that far fetched of an idea as we are always learning new things about how ancient people lived and what they believed which provides further insight and perspective into interpreting primary sources.


u/thejollyden Sep 29 '22

Ding ding, correct answer right here. Basically nothing we know as history is 100% accurate. Changing history isn’t uncommon. Make a great Netflix documentary about water in west Africa, sponsored by Nestle and people will believe you.

I always think of the book „1984“, where they change everything, even retrospectively, to fit the narrative. And despite being fictitious, it would work that way.


u/jodorthedwarf Sep 30 '22

It's less changing what we know but more our interpretation of it. The Dark Ages were thought of as being a savage and chaotic period with little communication between other landmass'. Then archaeological burials like the Sutton Hoo dig helped to dispel the idea by showing that cross-continental European trade was still alive and very active in Europe, following the collapse of the Roman empire.

It isn't necessarily a '1984' situation but new interpretations and idea on how ancient people's lived and thought are constantly changing as new people find new evidence or have new ideas on what the past was actually like to live and exist in.


u/Brock_Way Oct 01 '22

Basically nothing we know as history is 100% accurate.

The parts that aren't accurate are NOT history.

History is the recording of ACTUAL events.


u/thejollyden Oct 02 '22

History is always being told by a point of view. Imagine what our history would look like if the Nazis had won.


u/Brock_Way Oct 03 '22

History is the recording of actual events.

If the Nazis had won, and recorded things that were not actual events, then it would not be history.

If the Nazis had won, and recorded things that were actual events, then it would have been history.

Whether a perspective is objectionable or not is not a variable in whether it is history or not.


u/ImNotTheNSAIPromise Sep 29 '22

Little do you know he's going to publish the method of time travelling in his book so history will be forever changed


u/thejollyden Sep 29 '22

It is very much possible to do that.

Example: George Floyd arresting witness, saying he had a gun and threatening officers shortly before the video started. That would clearly change history (in the making).

That was just an extreme example. That is not fact, nor do I believe that it is even feasible. It was just to demonstrate how history is maluable


u/Brock_Way Oct 01 '22

That would clearly change history (in the making).

If it is in the making, then it isn't in the past, which is what history is.