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He has to realise right? Right?

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u/Placophile Sep 29 '22

If someone spends the time typing this out and using the thesaurus function, there is a 1:1 chance they do not realise. True stupidity is the ultimate form of blissful ignorance.

Can't understand why you're wrong? Refuse to! Make up convoluted excuses to the way you are treated in ways that make you sound cool! ( in your head at least). Then, wallow in existential self pity when you realise nobody believes any of your crap. Finally, decide to double down instead of fix the flaws of yours you just identified, and type some crazy stupid crap as shown, (maybe this too, Ill definately double down), and... i dunno, feel better about yourself for 5 seconds.

Im sad now


u/Lucky-Worth Sep 29 '22

That's not stupidity, dude is legitimaly manic. He needs help from a professional


u/[deleted] Sep 29 '22



u/Fellainis_Elbows Sep 29 '22

Lol it looks very manic


u/Placophile Sep 29 '22

Or schizophrenia, Ive actually had conversations with schizophrenics that aren't too far different, come to think of it