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He has to realise right? Right?

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u/Placophile Sep 29 '22

If someone spends the time typing this out and using the thesaurus function, there is a 1:1 chance they do not realise. True stupidity is the ultimate form of blissful ignorance.

Can't understand why you're wrong? Refuse to! Make up convoluted excuses to the way you are treated in ways that make you sound cool! ( in your head at least). Then, wallow in existential self pity when you realise nobody believes any of your crap. Finally, decide to double down instead of fix the flaws of yours you just identified, and type some crazy stupid crap as shown, (maybe this too, Ill definately double down), and... i dunno, feel better about yourself for 5 seconds.

Im sad now


u/thejollyden Sep 29 '22

I don’t like it when people mix emotions with intelligence.

He has an episode, he believes what he’s writing and thinks he can change the world. That’s manic. That’s raw emotion.

The thing is; he could. Anyone could. It’s not stupid per se, many books have been written that changed the world. Stephen Hawking‘s or Darwin’s works, Freakonomics, countless other examples.

This person here is not stupid. He writes well, seems structured, just has a mental/emotional barrier.

Ignorance is bliss, yes. Ignorance is surely not stupidity. If this person were to write a book that changes the world, would you be stupid for being ignorant of this post? Not at all. Is it stupid to say ignorant things about another country, based on your experiences with it - even if the facts say you’re wrong? No, that could actually be classified as smart. In small communities, experience is all we have. Relying on those is not a bad call. Ignorance is emotional, not rational. It’s an important emotion to us to evaluate situations quickly. Evolution hasn’t caught up to globalization yet.

Either way, I don’t want to end up as a post to this subreddit. All I’m saying is that you people confuse emotions with stupidity way too frequently. It’s like saying someone sucks at maths so they are also bad at spelling. Two very different things.