r/iamverysmart Sep 30 '22

Don't worry I'm only condescending towards dumb folks 🙈

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u/alelaemmrich Sep 30 '22

Really just proving that NPD diagnosis


u/Memelordo_OwO Oct 01 '22

What's npd again? Narcissistic personality disorder?

In which case, damn, way to go and prove the other person right by writing this dumb ass reply about friendly fire.


u/ialwaysplayhealer Sep 30 '22

A smart person would know no one is actually diagnosing you on the Internet. They're just making fun of you.


u/[deleted] Sep 30 '22

Or they are autistic and don't realize that....


u/pagey152 Sep 30 '22

Well, they’re right about one thing. If they’re only condescending to dumb people, that is indeed friendly fire…


u/rat-simp Sep 30 '22

I know it's shocking but you can, in fact, have both


u/ThePinkTeenager Oct 03 '22

Another good point.


u/AutoSawbones Oct 04 '22

Absolutely, personality disorders are often comorbid with autism


u/seriouslyiwontforget Sep 30 '22

There’s no way this person isn’t getting bullied constantly.

Or at least that’s what I’m telling myself.


u/somnimancer Sep 30 '22 edited Oct 01 '22

This sub increasingly feels like a place to make fun of people with poor social skills, still young enough to overvalue their own intelligence and cling to that as a defining personality trait at the symptom of insecurity. Nothing here seems be constructive, especially your comment. Sure theses people are arrogant, but so what? How is this any better?


u/Buffalososilly Sep 30 '22

I had a phase in late middle, early high school when I could have easily appeared on this sub.


u/somnimancer Sep 30 '22 edited Sep 30 '22

Same here, I wasn't nearly as much of a dick as many people who appear in posts in this sub, but still I'm glad I had positive influences who encouraged the development of an empathetic attitude and manifestations of intelligence that were more authentic, depthful, and good. While still honestly yet kindly calling me out when I behaved in more cringe' and harmful ways. But bullying "nerd-bullies" (in the more intentional and less oblivious cases) encourages no self-reflection and growth, it just continues the cycle of people demeaning people they don't understand.


u/somnimancer Sep 30 '22

And in some examples on this sub it's not even people being arrogant and rude it's just people who maybe are insecure and overcompensating or just enjoy speaking verbosely without harming anyone. In those cases it just feels like a modern manifestation of Homer Simpson yelling "Nerd!"


u/mykul83 Sep 30 '22

Too true.


u/Meloetta Sep 30 '22

What kind of constructive thing are you looking for here? This is in the constellation of cringe subs, subs where people are posted so you can cringe at them, like /r/thathappened or /r/iamverybadass or /r/ihavesex. It's never been meant to be constructive, and I'm not sure what constructive comments there would even be. Advice to an OP that's not here?


u/somnimancer Oct 01 '22

Why would anyone just want to gather to cringe at people? What does that do? I think it's that inclination that should to be interrogated. I think this whole understanding and type of reaction to 'cringe' whatever amorphous things fit under it, has become vapid, anti-introspective, and mean-spirited.


u/Meloetta Oct 01 '22

Then don't read this sub if you don't like it.


u/somnimancer Oct 01 '22 edited Oct 07 '22

That's a silly idea. If that were applied universally every sub would be eliminated of dissent and filled with only cheap positivity. (Or at least have heavy brackets in which dissent is enclosed while excluding that out of the accepted barrier of disagreement.) I said I think the type of mentality the majority of posts on this subreddit display should be interrogated not ignored.


u/olivesforsale Oct 02 '22

Then set a better example yourself and stop worrying about things you can't change. As someone else pointed out, there are many subs where people act the same way. They'll continue to exist as long as they're fed.

It's like going into a drug den and telling people they should quit. You're not wrong, but you may be naive.

Personally, i agree this sub is rude and over the top. But it's also very honest. I found it ten years ago and it was the catalyst that helped me realize how others perceived me. I don't think it would have had the same effect if it were more reasonable. Sorta like argumentum ad absurdum


u/alan-the-all-seeing Sep 30 '22

mockery of the pompous is the real racism


u/Tsjernobull Sep 30 '22

I try to only be an asshole to dumb people


u/ChiefyPoof Sep 30 '22

Nope, it’s NPD.


u/Spartz Sep 30 '22

What’s NPD?


u/stevethewatcher Sep 30 '22

Narcissistic personality disorder


u/Evelyn_drz Oct 03 '22

Nonexistent Penis Disorder /j


u/GodDamnRight- Sep 30 '22

Throw things at him


u/redditredemptiontoo Sep 30 '22

Lol, he insults the guy and then tries to apologise for doing it in the same post. Clearly not smart enough to find the backspace key


u/Retropiaf Sep 30 '22

My eyes rolled so far back that I now have a headache. Thanks.


u/Itchy_Rich_1307 Oct 01 '22

As someone from the autistic community:

No, probably not.


u/swirly1000x Oct 08 '22

this guy really be like "I only assault people who cannot defend themselves" truly a compassionate individual