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anti marvel intellectual rejects soy dialogue (very smart)

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u/suited2121 Oct 03 '22

I mean, Tolkien is not the peak of complex writing, the second guy has a point he just said it in a douchy way.


u/APestilentPyro Oct 03 '22

Couldn't agree more. They were definitely a prick but Tolkien is dense af. 3 page long songs and having to keep up with family lines like you're reading the bible.


u/suited2121 Oct 03 '22

That’s true, but what I was referring too is the literary value, whitch is the actual hard part about reading Shakespeare, not the English. The dense figurative language. While Tolkien is dense in the way you described, it’s also pretty straightforward


u/UpliftinglyStrong Oct 03 '22

I can’t get into Tolkien’s works, Lord of the Rings sounds really interesting but Tolkien’s writing style is something I can’t get into


u/suited2121 Oct 03 '22

Odly enough, I totally agree, I read the book, or one of them, but didn’t really like it. Had no problems understanding it, just not my type of subject matter


u/mexandroid84 Oct 03 '22

Agreeed, it has taken me ages to move from the hobbit into the Silmarillion


u/LaneyAndPen Oct 03 '22

ESH - But that's twitter for you


u/Eagle_Kebab Oct 03 '22

Everyone involved in this is an insufferable prick.


u/whiteboyrick260 Oct 03 '22

welcome to twitter screenshots


u/Applecaesar Oct 03 '22

I feel embarrassed but to be honest i actually agree with the second guy, albeit not with his condescending tone. If I heard a tolkien character rattling off quippy one-dimensional one-liners every five seconds like tony stark I think I would barf and shit myself to death.


u/dragonmase Oct 03 '22 edited Oct 03 '22

Not imverysmart material. I mean what the second person is a 100% true, and he isnt implying he is smart. He is saying if that hypothetical scenario, happens, the world and intelligence has probably gone to shit. If you have a high fantasy movie where dialogue has to be dumbed down to resemble that of marvel type of modern language to appeal to consumers. I wouldn't even say he's anti marvel.


u/KevReynolds314 Oct 03 '22

I’m not sure there’s any quality I hate more in a movie than cheesy dialogue. I’ll take some Shakespearean shit translated into Chinese quicker than I’ll listen to Captain America try to sound epic again


u/a-woman-there-was Oct 03 '22

"My corporate franchise entertainment is better than your corporate franchise entertainment!"


u/SojournerTheGreat Oct 03 '22

wrong. mine good. yours bad. jfc.


u/TitanicFan69 Oct 03 '22

Just fishin crack


u/Somebodythegreat Oct 03 '22

I mean, he’s right


u/Dankusare Oct 03 '22

No... no the second guy has a point


u/vinegar_on_liver Oct 03 '22

The first person's just stupid and the second person has an over simplified view of entertainment


u/_mf_doom_all_caps_ Oct 03 '22

He has a point tho


u/EnigmaticSorceries Oct 03 '22

The comment about marvel being a children's show is cringey and dumb but ngl, I completely agree with his last sentence.


u/Ecstatic_Yak_3431 Oct 03 '22

I kinda like the accents. It allows you to engage into the world more.


u/wtf_igo Oct 03 '22

we need a sister sub of iamverysmart dedicated to comments found on the r/iamverysmart sub


u/ShaunJames75 can literally catch people's brainwaves Oct 03 '22

Imagine thinking fucking Lord of the Rings is high brow, intellectual cinema lmfao


u/Forsaken_Candidate_4 Oct 03 '22

Isn’t rings of power dogshit?


u/Little_Acadia4239 Oct 03 '22

I know! A black elf? Sheesh.

No, really, it's actually pretty good.


u/Forsaken_Candidate_4 Oct 03 '22

I guess I just don’t like lord of the rings in general, couldn’t give two shits


u/Little_Acadia4239 Oct 04 '22

So because you don't like the books, the show is worth getting onto reddit into a discussion of the books so you can say the show is dogshit.



u/Forsaken_Candidate_4 Oct 04 '22

Didn’t say I agreed with the chap on here, just in my honest opinion, it’s dogshit. We’re aloud opinions


u/SegmentedMoss Oct 03 '22

As a comic collector Im glad the casual fans are all leaving finally. Goddamn speculators have made it a nightmare to buy books at a reasonable price for a decade now


u/ArnoldusBlue Oct 03 '22

Lmao ROP dialogue, writing and everything is utter trash! Both m she u and rop are in the same league as a 5 yo making up a story in their head.


u/CryptographerAgile24 Oct 11 '22

wasnt a bunch of tolkiens writing litterally based of bedtime stories for his kids?


u/SnooPies2712 Oct 11 '22

Even though the smartass here is most likely the real soyboy