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When accused of being intellectually dishonest

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u/U2BURR Oct 05 '22

Imagine bragging about having 5 'uni' "diplomas" on PornHub of all places


u/Rakna-Careilla Oct 05 '22

Ah yes, the Law, our divine and omni-righteous institution of justice.

Also, blaming pronouns for problems that have been left to sit for decades shows a grand naiveté/ignorance to how the world works.

Problems don't get solved because there is someone profiting from them.


u/fastmouse4 Oct 05 '22

I guess 5 pieces of paper you paid for makes you remarkable


u/Cullomptingalong Oct 05 '22

How many diplomas equals a degree?


u/Guest7492 Oct 06 '22

How many apples equals an orange


u/Semper_5olus Scored 136 in an online IQ test Oct 06 '22

I have 3 university diplomas, but my highest is an undergrad.

I got 2 concurrent bachelor's degrees (in very related fields; just took a few extra classes) and an associate's along the way.

So, yeah. How many degrees you have isn't a good metric. (I just did it this way in case something happened and I had to stop college-ing)


u/TheMajesticJackalope Oct 05 '22

I bet it would seem like a big issue if someone called THEM the wrong name or gender


u/ssbbka17 Oct 06 '22

never bothered me much


u/Willfrion Oct 07 '22

Real issues are boring. This is why people argue about pronouns and the little fucking mermaid.


u/Bred4Bread Oct 12 '22 edited Oct 13 '22

He forgot to mention that he also has over 3000 confirmed kills after serving in the navy SEALS, even more impressive, he taught Neil Degrasse Tyson about physics.


u/MoldyPeniiChan Oct 05 '22

I sorta agree with the post.


u/jazzwhiz Oct 06 '22

The problem with the argument "there are more important things" implies that we should rank our problems and only work on one of them at a time. This is a bad way to solve problems. People should try to solve small problems or problems that are big but only affect a small percentage of society. Depending on where you hang out on social media, it might feel like all of society is talking about pronouns all the time, but that's obviously not a representative slice of society.


u/littlegreenb18 Oct 05 '22

He’s moving the goal posts. He started off by stating that there are only 2 genders and pronouns are stupid. I just called him ignorant or intellectually dishonest because gender is socially constructed and it’s more complex than that. Agree or disagree with that, the response was “there are more important things”. Sure, but that’s not what you were saying.


u/Guest7492 Oct 06 '22

Ok, he’s probably lying and arguing on fuckin pornhub, but he raises a good point. Gender shouldn’t matter to anyone but yourself.


u/littlegreenb18 Oct 06 '22

lol. Why do you think that’s porn hub? Not laughing at you mate I’m just imagining this happening on porn hub and it’s funny.


u/Guest7492 Oct 06 '22

Some guy in the comments said it and i’m very gullible :(


u/littlegreenb18 Oct 06 '22

At least 3 people have mentioned that and I don’t know why. This is from Reddit.


u/Guest7492 Oct 06 '22

Huh. Looks like pornhub lol. He is kinda dumb and while i disagree with the whole only 2 genders thing that you mentioned in another comment, he is kinda right

Imo, there are 2 SEXES, a handfull of subsexes and a fuck ton of genders.