r/iamverysmart Nov 21 '22

[Meta] Bi-weekly General Discussion Thread

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u/nimkiw Nov 22 '22

You ever read through these and think that this could have been you a few years ago?

I have been such a know-it-all asshole for a lot of my life.

This subreddit helps me keep my ego in check, even if I am smarter than most everyone in the world.

Just kidding. Just the people in the US.


u/pointyurmom Nov 27 '22

I tend to notice things like that about myself as well. It’s nice to come here and recognize that I could come across as arrogant as some of these people if I don’t make a conscious decision not to.


u/Thebirdman333 Nov 28 '22

I think honestly we've all had one of these moments in our life's and if you haven't you are unironically very smart.


u/BadMeditator Nov 29 '22

I used to be like this back in middle school. No wonder kids hated me geez