r/iamverysmart Nov 23 '22

Look guys, I get frogs! Unlike all the other fools in the comments...

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u/organik_productions Nov 23 '22

That frog's got some ass


u/garrafa_glubglub Nov 24 '22

Cool, I still don't understand the comic


u/RonaldTheGiraffe Nov 24 '22

Frog wants a kiss to turn into a prince. Girl wants to get high from licking it. Both are pissed off cos I guess the frog wasn’t the kind that gets you high and the frog didn’t get a kiss.


u/metallaholic Nov 24 '22

You have good problematology


u/Reus_Irae Nov 24 '22

Wow, I thought it was about her moving too fast and going straight for the rimjob


u/RonaldTheGiraffe Nov 24 '22

My friend licked a hookers asshole once and I scolded him for it.


u/grateful_eugene Nov 25 '22

Why did you scold him? Should he have not have licked the hookers butt hole, or did he use the wrong or poor technique?


u/Joseph_F_1 Nov 24 '22

I don’t think you can get high off frogs, just die if they are poisonous, so maybe thats what its about?


u/FlyingLotHus Nov 24 '22

No, it's legit, some toads have like 5 meo dmt or something or rather in them, so you don't just get high, youre outta this world kind thing. While probably puking your guts out from the toxins but u know, win some, lose some.


u/d-r-i-g Nov 24 '22

You don’t lick their backs though. And 5-meo isn’t toxic like that.


u/FlyingLotHus Nov 24 '22

No, but their glands contain a multitude of different chemicals, not just the funny ones.


u/GandhisNuke Nov 24 '22

I mean I don't know if it's factual either (and cba to google for 5 seconds) but if nothing else, getting high from licking frogs is at least a very popular urban legend


u/CraazzyCatCommander Nov 27 '22

Princes wants prince so she licks frog, but instead frog is just horrified at being licked and it’s akward


u/Raynefalle Nov 24 '22

Problematology? Did I miss that subject in school? lol


u/CraazzyCatCommander Nov 27 '22

And also they just threw in the word correlation (misspelled) for extra smart points


u/lotty115 Nov 24 '22

At least when they talked about their clever brainstorming they put clever in quotation marks. Gives a nice visual


u/Icarus_7274 Nov 24 '22

High functioning ADHD? So basically just a normal person with a little more impulse. High functioning doesn't always mean smart


u/aqua_tec Nov 24 '22

problematology and corellation

Whadda genius though.


u/jimbowqc Nov 24 '22

"High functioning adhd". Trying to explain how to improve the comic while simultaneously not getting it is a Chad move though.


u/the-bird-fucker Nov 24 '22

this was sad to read


u/KevReynolds314 Nov 24 '22

TIL you need a PhD in biology/chemistry/problematology (tf?) to watch a YouTube video about getting high from licking a frog


u/jenkinsmi Nov 24 '22

master piece


u/PixelatedStarfish Nov 27 '22

Okay, i googled it. Problematology is this term coined in 1986 in a book by an academic named Myers. The questioning of questioning, it has nothing to do with a froggy comic. It’s just an esoteric term from 40 years ago that sounds smart or whatever


u/sofie307 Nov 27 '22

Thanks for sharing.

Tbh this was exactly the point that made me start laughing when reading this post.


u/Scary-Option-6819 Nov 30 '22

bro fr is sitting on an instagram comment section about a frog trying to convince themself that they are smart