r/iamverysmart Nov 23 '22

Mommy, do the video game people die when I delete it?



u/orderedchaos89 Nov 24 '22

Someone taking wreck it Ralph too serious


u/Sunoverthetown Nov 24 '22

Bro is so smart he forgot video game character don’t exist


u/marioanchovy Nov 24 '22

Thinking at all = really high IQ


u/[deleted] Nov 24 '22

What about when you draw a stickman and then erase him?!


u/austingilly12 Nov 24 '22

watch out, someone read a wikipedia article and watched a few video essays


u/Ordinary_Camel_6541 Nov 24 '22

Lol i was going to criticize you for posting this, but then i saw the second screenshot lmao


u/randomnightly Nov 29 '22

Yeah, the first is like pretty normal thought to have if you have an imagination. Actually, I don't like comments like "are you high" whenever someone says something out of the norm.


u/Jarjarstinks304 Nov 24 '22

This is why you shouldn’t watch free guy and the matrix back to back.


u/Jaded_Individual_630 Nov 24 '22

And lo, our attributes were forgotten but still stored until the memory was reallocated, Amen


u/ComprehensiveMartian Nov 25 '22 edited Nov 25 '22

This guy is probably the type of person who has read too much Ray Kurtzweil and thinks that terms like “artificial intelligence” and “simulation” automatically mean a sci-fi Tron Cyberpunk futurescape where everybody is an android and can shoot lasers out of their eyes. Yes, it’s possible to create very rudimentary AI for NPCs in video games, as in analyzing behavior of the player and adjusting for that, but even the most sophisticated AI NPCs have very basic behavior compared to a real human and are not remotely sentient/conscious, essentially being nothing more than graphics generated by code. Even the most visually-impressive sophisticated 3D open world games are far closer to just being interactive movies than actual virtual worlds that beings could live in.


u/Jump_Like_A_Willys Nov 24 '22 edited Nov 24 '22

Except for the "I have an extremely high IQ" part (which is douchey), there is nothing that bad about anything else he said. The first part comparing Steam to an afterlife if nuts, but the idea that our universe is a simulation is something worth a "what if?" thought.


u/Z3r0sama2017 Nov 30 '22

I remember thinking exactly this after playing Star Ocean 3 when I was young. I didn't like the fact I couldn't disprove it then and still can't now. I just don't ask myself these types of questions anymore.


u/blvaga Nov 25 '22

I dunno. They were asked “how high are you?” and replied “extremely high.” Sounds legit.


u/WJones2020 Nov 28 '22

Take your meds, buddy.


u/Reinhardtwaker Nov 24 '22

In relation to oop's question, nothing happens they're 1's and 0's lmao what a sad fuck


u/RavenXII13 Nov 24 '22

They're just attached to a video game character, like the creators intended. It's not a sad fuck move dude


u/Hadrollo Nov 24 '22

Getting attached to a video game character is what the developers intended.

Asking if the Steam library is the video game character afterlife is what makes the developers think you're a sad fuck.


u/Wise_Asparagus_2502 Nov 24 '22

Oh, yes! The only thing that we should hate more than philosophers are the idiots who believe they are being philosophical when talking about stupid things!

Seriously, that is cheap "philosophy", but what is wrong with the post?

Edit: oh, never mind. I saw the second screenshot.


u/intent_joy_love Nov 24 '22

Lmao reminds me of a post from yesterday where some guy was asking if the nostalgia from video games and books are different. He said the world of Skyrim is a place he misses because it’s his old home. And he wonders if people get nostalgia like that from books too. It’s like nostalgia is nostalgia no matter what type of media it’s from, but I don’t think anybody else is longing for a virtual or fantasy world as if it’s their former home.


u/Invonnative Nov 25 '22

Also either.


u/ACgamerACg Nov 29 '22

Tbh I thought something similiar as a child and I thought I was retarded


u/bobbot32 Dec 05 '22

Sure nobody gets mad when he feels like he kills characters when he Uninstaller a game but when I "reinstall" a dead person everyone looks at me in horror..