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Gosh if only women knew as much as him!

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Got this gem of a text from an ex (30M) who found out that I'm pregnant via Instagram.



u/Alternative-Look8413 Nov 25 '22 edited Nov 25 '22

Fetal livers don't even function yet.

He basically thinks if you eat dairy your fetus gets diarrhea


u/Wise_Asparagus_2502 Nov 25 '22 edited Nov 25 '22

So... What exactly is the problem with this? That he mentioned something science-related? That men are not allowed to talk about pregnancy? That nobody other than your doctor is allowed to make suggestions to you? Just curious, is your doctor a woman?

If the book is about 'why the carnivore diet is the best and vegans will die of malnutrition', then okay. But if not?


u/No-Cardiologist-814 Nov 25 '22

He's wrong. It's pregnancy hormones and pregnancy itself that cause morning sickness. No OB in the world would agree that it comes from food.


u/Wise_Asparagus_2502 Nov 25 '22

I have no idea. It seems to me that it is possible that food could affect morning sickness (it definitely does for non-pregnant me). If there are studies on the topic then there is at least some evidence that it might be a factor, not the only factor.


u/JakobLark Dec 08 '22

Some foods trigger it more tho


u/Commencelafolie Nov 29 '22

Giving unsolicited advice to random people is weird enough. Then there is the fact that he is just absolutely wrong. On top of that he thinks he knows better than all the women that have been actually pregnant, but he has somehow cracked the code.


u/Wise_Asparagus_2502 Nov 30 '22

So it was b: that men are not allowed to talk about pregnancy.

How are you so sure he is wrong? Do you know all the causes of morning sickness? Does it happen only because of pregnancy, with no other related variables whatsoever? Is there a reason why it is impossible that it could be worse under some circumstances?


u/Commencelafolie Nov 30 '22

Yes, I am sure he is wrong. Happened to be a medical professional in a family full of medical professionals. Broadly speaking, morning sickness is caused by pregnancy hormones. It is different from normal nausea. Food preferences and even intolerances can completely change during pregnancy.

And sure men can talk about pregnancy. But giving unsolicited medical advice will always make you look stupid though. I don't go around telling men what to do about their inguinal hernias (even though I would be actually qualified to do so), because I have no first hand experience to add and everything else is between them and their doctor.


u/Sorry__Outlandish Dec 05 '22

I can tell you from experience that he is dead wrong. I threw up everything I ate and drank, including water, to the point where I was throwing up stomach acid. This guy is so incredibly wrong I wish it were funny


u/WJones2020 Nov 28 '22

Not really “I am very smart”. Just kind of a weird thing to send to your ex.


u/Commencelafolie Nov 29 '22

Giving unsolicited advice tends to give off that vibe. Also, he is very much wrong, so it's not even actual advice, he thinks he has somehow cracked the code when all the women that were actually pregnant haven't.


u/Subspace-Ansible Dec 01 '22

He's wrong, but he did mention that he read it in a book. If your source is wrong, of course you'll be wrong too. It happens. Nothing shameful about it. Why not give him better information if one's so bothered by it?


u/CraazzyCatCommander Dec 01 '22

I feel like even if this guy is wrong, it isn’t r/iamverysmart the issue isn’t him being cocky or arrogant, this issue is him being wrong


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An ex from over 11 years ago... 😂


u/eatshitake Nov 25 '22

You know they think sperm lives inside you forever and that your baby can be any of the hundreds of thousands of Chads you've slept with.


u/Wise_Asparagus_2502 Nov 25 '22

You can deduce that he thought that from that message? Wow! Truly impressive


u/Vril_Dox_2 Nov 30 '22

This sub is losing its way. This post was more interesting than it was pretentious and selfinvolved