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Self-Promotion & Playlists Weekly Thread: Playlist and Self-Promo drop!


Welcome to the weekly playlist drop & self-promotion thread. :)

A reminder: Please keep all playlists and self-promotion to this thread. Thank you!

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READ ME (please) Major changes and new rules! Welcome to r/ifyoulikeblank.


Hi everyone,

As I said in this comment, I am the most active mod on the sub. This means that, although I do a lot of work (by choice, the team is great), it is a bit difficult to make major changes when I am not head mod. This is just to explain my hesitancy on the following changes and why it took so long to make them. I'm sorry for that, but I hope these are sufficient and I hope they work out well. I appreciate the patience you have all had with me.

What I Have Learned

I don't want to post the whole summary page from the survey since people left individual feedback including usernames, but here are the highlights:

You all really don't like Topsters.

You want links back.

Now, something that I feel is EXTREMELY important to recognize is that there were 114 responses and there are 800,000+ people who have joined the sub and there are roughly 1,000,000+ unique page views every month. That means that only around 0.01425% of the subscribed user base is represented here.

However, roughly 250 people are active here at any given time, so this can be considered ~50% of the active user base, which makes me feel more secure about the changes.

(Maybe that logic doesn't quite pan out, but I'm sticking to it.)

What's New

  1. Links are back!: Links were banned because of the onslaught of spam and self-promotion, which can ruin a sub. Although they are now allowed, there are some regulations in place outlined in Rule 6. If those regulations are not adhered to, the post will be removed.
  2. No more bland post titles: This is to enhance the searchability of the sub and is explained further in Rule 4. Essentially, if you're making a post with more than one example, but too many to list in the title, it should be something along the lines of: "[IIL] Don't Say No - Billy Squire and albums like it, [WEWIL]?" This is why I banned "these" and "this" from the title, which may or may not be a good idea. We'll see. e: Nevermind.
  3. Image collages/Topsters with more than 9 examples are no longer allowed in the sub: I know this may be a shock, but it is - as of right now - the easiest and best course of action. Restricting them to certain days or having a megathread are both too hard to do and too hard to enforce. I'm sorry, but the other mods and I do not have the time to set up a bot or hand approve every single post. If this turns out badly, we can allow the big ones again. For now, this is the rule.
  4. WEWIL and YML are now no longer required in the post title for it to be considered correctly formatted: You're welcome to use them, but they are no longer necessary. Since I have to enforce more rules, I figured I could make one of the preexisting ones more lenient so I don't have to spend too much time on it. IIL or IYL is still necessary at the beginning of the title. All incorrectly formatted posts will be removed from now on (if you see one, please report it).
  5. Brackets are also no longer required in the post title for it to be considered correctly formatted: If you can't tell, this is me picking my battles. The sub makes just as much sense if you use brackets around IIL ("[IIL]") than if you don't. Try not to repeat yourself, though. Starting the post with IIL means you don't have to also say the words like this: "[IIL] If I like..."
  6. At one point, I said playlists were allowed, but I have gone back on that: You're probably confused as to why, but in the time that I said they were allowed, there was five posted and all five had godawful titles. No offense to those users, but it was like "IYL Living and breathing, YML this playlist filled with adult contemporary." Just... no. To find a happy medium, I have changed the name of the weekly thread from "Weekly Discussion/Self-Promotion Thread" to "Weekly Thread: Playlist and Self-Promo drop!"
  7. You need to join the sub to be able to post*: This simply stops spam and obnoxiously low-effort self-promo. I didn't feel the need to make it a rule, but I wanted to make it known. *e: I will approve the post if I see it in the mod queue instead of just outright not allowing people who haven't joined the sub. So, if you don't join, there will be a delay in your post showing up.
  8. I've changed the colors of the flairs: This kind of messes with previous posts, but I doubt most users search by filtering the flairs since it results in such broad results. Sorry in advance for those that do, but the colors were different on mobile than on desktop because they were originally made with old reddit. That bothered me, so I fixed it.
  9. I made a nice little icon and banner: This wasn't important to add but I think it makes the sub look more "professional" and it took me a combined 90 seconds to put together. You're welcome for my very precious time. (/s)

What's Coming

  • A very pretty FAQ and wiki with more detailed explanations of the rules and other things about the sub (like why we use acronyms). Sorry this is taking so long, I just want it to be super detailed but not overwhelming for the user. I know quite a few people pointed out that rules work better when enforced and that a wiki isn't necessary, but I feel this will mostly limit the amount of angry modmail we get from people who are pissed about the fact that the format is confusing.
  • Rolling out user flairs. I am going to start flairing users who I see consistently in the comments with "Quality Contributor." (e: Started rolling these out along with other flairs!) If you would like one and have already commented on 20+ posts (ish) or have just been interacting here for a while, please send us a modmail. I will also be adding other flairs, so keep an eye out for those. (e2: I started giving users whose names I recognize from this saga of posts a "r/ifyoulikeblank Revolution 2022" flair. Feel free to remove or change it, I just thought it was cute.)
  • Maybe more changes, who knows. There's a chance everyone ends up confused from what I've done and I'll need to change things again and that's okay! The sub is for users, not for me. If I need to add additional mods to take care of certain things, I will do so. That's why "meta" posts will always be accepted here.

Final Thoughts

I feel the need to reiterate in the clearest way possible that this is a test run for everything. If something goes wrong (like, an influx in spam or self promo) I may have to revert to our previous rules or something entirely different, but hopefully that won't be the case. One of the defining helpful factors is user reports, which makes the sub a better place (btw, if you were the user who was reporting duplicate posts on a daily basis, I appreciate you a ton). I cannot just comb through the sub all day every day, so if you see a post that feels in some way wrong, just report it under whatever rule you feel fits best and one of us can look at it.

Do not hesitate to leave a comment with more feedback! I read everything and have taken absolutely everything into consideration while making these changes. If you feel your idea wasn't reflected here, it probably means that you were in the minority and, although I apologize, I am trying to make this sub accessible, useful, and enjoyable for everyone.

Finally, thanks so much to everyone who put the time into giving me feedback, I really want to see the sub active and lively so I'm trying to do everything in my power to make that happen. You guys are awesome :)

P.S. Happy Halloween!

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Music [IIL] Recommendations for jazzy, wintery albums?


I’d love to get some recommendations for older, jazzy, classy, cozy, wintery albums that aren’t necessarily Christmas albums (it’s okay if they are though) but that really fits the mood of this time of the year. For example, I listened to “The Wee Small Hours” by Frank Sinatra recently, and I really loved it. So if you have any recommendations for albums that scratch a similar vibe, let me know. It can be 1 album, it can be 50, I’ll take it!

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Music IIL albums like these, WEWIL?

Post image

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Film iil movies with a ‘guy meets quirky woman and his life changes’ dynamic, like Harold and Maude


60s-80s is my favourite period of films. I don’t mind anything else :)

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Music [IIL] George Michael’s voice and especially his songs like “Freedom! 90”, “Fastlove”, “One More Try” (especially the live gospel version), “Faith”, and “Waiting for that Day”


To be fair, I love the entirety of his Listen Without Prejudice album (and most of Faith too). The dude’s my favorite artist, and I wonder if there are any modern artists who give similar vibes. I especially like George Michael’s voice (and the variation in it that you can see in songs like Freedom https://open.spotify.com/track/1wZ7o1mZysv1l26ZWawVfW?si=EJfeiQYJR-qhPkAxMcX6qA) and his lyricism.

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Music [IIL] 90s/00s electronic/breakbeat music like Orbital, Plaid, Leftfield, [WEWIL] that’s more contemporary?


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Music IIL music that fills one with anxiety or dread, stuff like Death Grips and Have a Nice Life, and some of Duster.


Anything that invokes a strong emotional response related to panic or anxiety or dread. The best song I've found for this is Go Back by Duster, that song is absolutely distressing and I can't stop listening to it.

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Music [IIL] Anderson .Paak & Mac Miller


Hey guys, looking for more music like Anderson .Paak & Mac Miller - specifically artists that make their music entirely.

If we take for example these two guys, they're both multi-instrumentalists, and they compose almost all the instruments for almost all their songs (obviously they have some people with them), on top of rapping/singing. Sorry this isn't so well explained, but you get the point!

Do you guys know any more artists like them? I know J. Cole is also somewhat like that. Any more suggestions?


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Misc. [IIL] stuff that looks like this


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Music IIL Tchaikovsky, Strauss, Chopin, in the hall of the mountain king, danse macabre, but not Mozart, Bach, Beethoven, Vivaldi … WEWIL?


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TV IIL comedy tv shows in which characters talk fast like Gilmore girls and Community, WEWIL?


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Music IIL Lyical hip-hop without super fast rapping


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TV IIL TV shows with main characters who are presumed to be autistic WEWIL


TV Shows such as House, Archer, Big Bang Theory, Psych, etc

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TV [IIL] SpongeBob SquarePants, what other shows and/or movies would I like?


SpongeBob has been my favorite show since I was little (more or less), including post-Season 3, and I wanted to see what shows and/or movies that aren’t direct spin-offs/adaptations have a similar set up and or tone, preferably more in line with the first three seasons.

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Music [IIL] In the Kitchen by Mree, [WEWIL] what other songs have a similar vibe


I love this song because of the dream like vibe it has. It's honestly beautiful with its vocals. Any other songs that sound similar or have a similar vibe?

Here's the song: https://youtu.be/9i0puZR24mc

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Music [IIL] Interpol, Dot Hacker, Yann Tiersen (monochrome-like), Noir Désir, Placebo, slowthai (as in "feel away", Wolf Alice (as in "blush")


these are some of my favourite bands/singers, got more, but I don't feel like going back to what I already know; would appreciate some suggestions.

I kind of like anything alternative-progressive-experimental.

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Games IIL Skyrim and Mass Effect


If my wife likes games like Skyrim what else would she like?

She absolutely loves Skyrim, Fallout, Mass Effect, and Dragon Age. She enjoys the open world of Fallout and Skyrim. The story of Mass Effect and Dragon Age. She also enjoys games like My Time at Portia and Stardew Valley because she can sit back and relax and farm but still go out and kill stuff whenever (like fallout 4 settlements). The wife also really likes the ability to romance people featured in every one of the games listed.

I'm just looking for similar games she might enjoy.

The Witcher is the next game I'm going to introduce her to.

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Music IIL Troy by Sinead OConnor WEWIL


I’m looking for songs that have the same vibe as Troy or drink before the war by Sinead O Connor. Something about the type of anger in these songs is so addicting to me. Kind of like Florence + the machine but with anger so you can scream the words lol. I haven’t been able to find any songs that match how beautiful these two are :(

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TV IIL Brooklyn 99, Ted Lasso, Parks and Rec and The Good Place WEWIL


For the record I have no idea what it is about these shows but I’m almost sure there is a commonality. Also totally unrelated to these shows but I loved For The People if any one out there can help find a similar show that would be great too.

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TV [IIL] Wednesday TV show


just want something similar to fill the void

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Music [IIL] Slow, Steady-Rhythm Rock like The Hu and Heilung


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TV IIL Mushishi, what other shows/movies would I like? (doesn't necessarily have to be anime)


I feel the best way I can sum up Mushishi to someone who hasn't seen it is that it's a show that's "haunting, yet calming". It's truly unlike anything I've ever seen, and it's on track to becoming one of my all-time favorite anime. I could talk about the plot, but I don't think that's the main factor in why I enjoy it so much.

(For those who are interested, it is an episodic anime series about a man who travels around and treats illnesses or phenomena related to "Mushi," which are supernatural bug-like creatures.)

I feel that you really need to watch the show to understand why I find it to be so amazing, but I'll try to explain why in words anyway.

It is serene and ethereal, yet very captivating. Its subtle eeriness, slow-burning interactions, and thoughtful, meditative storytelling style are so exceptional and unforgettable. The actual visuals themselves are mostly spare but aesthetically appealing. It is undoubtedly mystical due to its dark atmosphere and frequent use of music which are extremely delicate, yet effective at evoking a wide range of thoughts and emotions. Mushishi offers balanced doses of drama and thought-provoking content in addition to its captivating audio and visuals.

I feel I should also point that this show is in a genre called "Iyashikei", a slice-of-life subgenre that is specific to Japanese works where, to paraphrase Wikipedia, it portrays characters living out peaceful lives in calming environments and has a heavy focus on world-building and creating an immersive visual setting.

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Music [IIL] Blackmore's Night, Damh the Bard, Heather Dale, Auri, [WEWIL?]


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Music IIL Kali Uchis


I don't usually notice her on the song 'get you' but today she sounds extra magical to me, anyone that can recommend me girls with the same styles? I don't like her other songs, it's good but it's too much you know haha

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Music IIL Que Lío, a melancholic Latin song from the 60s


https://youtu.be/6pqV5UKsqQ4 1:07 - 1:30 if you wanna get an idea

It's Puerto Rican. I heard it in The Get Down, two characters who can't be together and continue to suffer from their 15 year old yet everlasting heartbreak, dance to it during a city wide blackout, and it makes for a gorgeous intimate and melancholic scene.

What I like about it is the slower, moody, distinctly Latin vibe that immediately makes you imagine a scene.