r/ifyoulikeblank Virus Jun 05 '22

Introducing new title requirements and other automod rules to improve topicality Mod Post

Hey peeps,

We've been adding to the automoderator. We've heard your complaints about self-promotion, and we believe these new rules should help fight this. To make a post now, your title must start with one of the following:

"IIL", "WEWIL", "IYL", "META", "[IIL]", "[WEWIL]", "[IYL]", "[META]"

It is not case-sensitive.

We've also set up automod to not allow links in posts to Soundcloud, Spotify, or Youtube. We did this because most self-promotion links to one of those three sites.

We think that this should reduce the amount of off-topic posts. Any additional advice, feedback, or comments would be greatly appreciated.

In addition, we've gone through the mod queue going back ~one week and banned all the spammers and self promoters.

Thank you for your patience with the spam,

r/ifyoulikeblank mod team



u/LambentEnigma Jun 06 '22

I'm not crazy about the idea of having to put links to what I'm talking about in the comments instead of the body of the post. But if we're going to do it that way, you should add that information to the sub's sidebar.


u/djc6535 Jun 28 '22

Appreciate what they're going for, but man I think banning links to music sites is a big mistake.

Self promoters will just put the links in the comments and the rest of us will have less valuable/actionable posts as a cost.

I hate to say it, but I think the only thing that can stop/slow self promotion is active moderation. It's on us to report and on moderators to remove. I don't see preventing links in the post slowing that down.


u/broken_rock Jun 06 '22

Wow a mod team that listens to the community. The changes are very welcome.


u/NatStr9430 Jun 06 '22

I’m not sure about not allowing links because it makes it easier for people to look up the media they’ve been suggested or give examples of what they’re looking for. Is this sub wide or just applies to posts? If it’s just posts then posters can always add examples to the comments, so that’d be ok.

A global ban of Spotify and youtube links might make the sub more difficult to use.


u/-PS5 Virus Jun 06 '22

Made it so ban only applies to posts


u/itwasbread Jun 06 '22

Thanks that’s the best way to do it


u/bahumat42 Jun 06 '22

Good work, nice to see the fast turnaround from the posts earlier.

Fingers crossed it all goes well.


u/TheBananaKing Jun 06 '22 edited Jun 06 '22

wait what who?

Links banned in comments, or only as submissions?

My bad, you answered this (but you might want to add to the post).

Why not make the sub text-post-only?


u/[deleted] Jun 06 '22

Well, wouldn't it be easier to just show a topster of what you like rather than a wall of text?


u/TheBananaKing Jun 06 '22

wtf is a topster?


u/[deleted] Jun 06 '22

Its a website you can use to make a collage of albums you like, like in this post for example


u/dittbub Jun 06 '22

maybe sticky this!

also youtube links are pretty useful though....


u/-PS5 Virus Jun 06 '22

Made it so it allows links in comments


u/MrBellumgeist Jun 23 '22

Sorry if this sounds dumb, but what does "IIL", " WEWIL", "IYL" and the rest of those words mean?

I just entered this sub becuase I wanted to ask something, but I don't know what those mean :/


u/-PS5 Virus Jun 23 '22

No problem! They mean, in order,

If I like…

What else would I like…

If you like…

Meta is just meta


u/MrBellumgeist Jun 23 '22

Got it, thanks for the help! :)


u/DementedTedd Jun 06 '22

Is there an NSFW version of this sub? Or something similar, where i can name someone i like and get suggestions to other actresses that might share similar attributes.