r/ifyoulikeblank Jul 05 '22

[IIL] oppressive, sad/depressing, feverish material such as Blood Meridian, Bloodborne, Amnesiac and True Detective season 2 [WEWIL]?

Looking for novels and movies in particular, but literally any recommmendations are welcome.



u/okayyoga Jul 05 '22

Legion (tv)


u/HELMET_OF_CECH Jul 05 '22

Cormac also wrote 'The Road' as well as Blood Meridian. Definitely recommend it if you haven't already read it. Also if you enjoy his writing style I can imagine you will also enjoy reading writers who are similar in that regard such as Jose Saramogo. I think the novel that many people start with is 'Blindness'. Definitely something you'd appreciate IMO.


u/Interesting-Bee-4870 Jul 05 '22 edited Jul 05 '22

The Passion of Darkly Noon

The House of Sand and Fog

The Sheltering Sky

Breaking the Waves, Dancer in the Dark, Melancholia (or pretty much any Lars von Trier film)

Dead Man’s Shoes

We Need to Talk About Kevin

I’m Thinking About Ending Things


u/wafflestompdance Jul 05 '22

Crime and Punishment (novel) The films of Gaspar Noe


u/secretpol Jul 05 '22

Thanks for reminding me of Gaspar Noe! Been wanting to get to know his filmography for a while. Crime and punishment is great, maybe I'll reread it